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Iowa Hawkeyes Concept


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I wanted to make an Iowa Hawkeyes concept that seperates them from the Steelers. I do like their current unis but I dont like how similar they are to Pittsburgh.

I used a more modern looking design, but nothing outlandish. I decided to keep the cuffs and jersey stripe the same colors on all three jerseys. C&C appreciated





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Bronco template = outdated and overused.

+1. The whole time I was looking at them I was thinking, great, got away from looking like the Steelers to now looking like the Broncos, sans the orange and blue.

+2. Ditto. Although I will say that the black and gold looks more sharp than the blue and orange that Denver has.

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you changed them from the Steelers to Kent State...not sure which is worse


I bet you had no idea, but your homes are almost exactly like Kent, except swapping blue and black

But I agree that Iowa needs to change their uniforms, the steelers look it terrible

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I would say that the Hawkeyes are better off staying with the Steelers-like template, which is classic. In contrast, Kent State's uniforms are just another example of modern-unis. If Iowa were to go with this concept, I think it would be bad for the NCAA. Aestetically speaking, of course.

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