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Nitro's Ntl! (04-20-04)


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Sorry there was no NTL yesterday. I was out of town and taking a much needed break from my computer environment to do some other things. I'm back now, though, rested and ready to torment you with another logo mystery! So, here's the rundown:


Mark Type: Primary or Secondary

Era: Any

Color has been removed, as always.

As a little adjustment, I'll put up another clue every few hours or so, so this won't get drawn out. Anyway, here is your first clue! Good luck! :D




Roger Clemente - 1

SyPhi - 1

STL Fanatic - 1

Brian in Boston - 1

Everyone else - Nada!

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Hey, I spent some good minutes browsing logoserver for that... it wasn't too easy, just SyPhi having too much time on his hands... strange, seeing as I'm supposed to write an exam in 2.5 hours.

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it looked like seahawks, eye, but tilted.

That's what I was more or less looking for, but when the Argos logo came up, it popped out at me.

Interestingly, my vector image of the Argos logo from TheSLE shows that area as being significantly different.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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