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Florida Panthers Concept


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the florida panthers have a nice uniform set, unfortunately in the eastern conference it seems like every team has blue or red. They would have been fairly unique in their conference, but Atlanta chose a very similar scheme, although the recent light blue jerseys were different enough.

I think golden yellow jerseys could work for Florida... the panthers are gold in color, and the color of sunshine...

I also used the Push font for new numbers/letter for florida which i think worked out nicely. Please tell me what you think.

PS, i tried a shoulder logo, it makes the jersey too cluttered...



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A little too cookie cutter for my taste. The Panthers are relatively unique in most other aspects, I'd go for a more unique alternate.

...and yes, the road's trim reminds me of Deutschland.

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Gold? I see that as more of a third jersey. Try it in navy as a home color.

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I like the idea, and appreciate the effort. I would add some more red, maybe in thin stripes above and below the blue. Or rather, thinner blue around the red.

However, I dont think they are the best application for the "goldinization" of jerseys. I think the Thrasher's jerseys have more prominent yellow, and could easily swap out colors to become yellow based.

I may try that, and post in a separate thread.

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Wow that is bright I need some sunglasses. IM not fan of the concept but then again I dont like the color yello so I guess im not a good judge in this matter.



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