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Who's Hart-worthy?


Who should win the Hart Trophy  

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...and is this the first time two guys with the same first name have been up for the Hart?

Some stats to assist in your decision:


Played 75 games, accumulating a 38-26-11 record with 11 shutouts. Played 4554.55 mins, had a 2.03 GAA, and save% of .917.


Played 81 games, scoring 41 goals, 32 assists for a total of 73 pts. Had 10 GWGs, 1 GTG, 4 SHGs and 8 PPGs. Had a +/- of +21 on a +24 team and was hit with 84 PIM.

St. Louis:

Played in 82 games, scoring 38 goals, with 56 assists and a 94 points total. Had a +/- of +35 on a +53 team. Scored 7 GWGs and 8 PPGs and 8 SHGs and was responsible for 24 PIM.

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Why you'd vote Brodeur I do not know. He didn't even tak the team that far. They finished 6th afterall. I mean when you are defending Cup Champs you should be above 6th. And he certainly did miracles for him in the playoffs. St. Louis took a mediocre team and put them to #1 in the east! I mean come on! Led the league in scoring and he's a small guy too! Iggy isn't a bad choice but he's still no St. Louis.

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Well Jarome Iginla hasn't had a season like he's capable of, since 2001-02, and Brodeur faces an average of like 15 shots a game. St. Louis, on the other hand, as helped change a team from luaghing stock the NHL, to Cup Contenders. St. Louis SHOULD get, if not, biggest rob of the NHL Awards.

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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I think that St. Louis was a greater asset to the Lightnings success than Iginla was to the Flames. I do think that Iginla deserves alot of consideration this year, but St. Louis was just that little bit better.

Side note: I really don't agree with Goalies being up for the Hart trophie. Goalies are recognized with the Vezena, and the Hart goes to Forwards and defensemen. (Just the way I always looked at it)

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