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MiLB Re-Brands: Tennessee Smokies


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The T logo looks much better. This is really coming along!

However, on the primary logo, I think the placement of Tennesee looked better the way it was before...I don't like it in the underline.

Gotta agree on each point.


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First off, regarding the logos, I will revisit the placement of "TENNESSEE" in the primary, and I am open to suggestions on the matter. I developed some cap styles, with some options for the trucker-style, which the team currently wears, and I also worked on a combination of the T and S logos. The uniforms feature a contrasting placket style that is subtle, allowing the type to appear uninterrupted. The alternates are simplified, as the burgundy doesn't have a similar shade to achieve the same effect as the primaries. CJ, this is why I had two versions of each script. They were for the uniforms. C&C is always appreciated, and I hope to get an updated primary logo up by tomorrow night, but I need to watch football for my blog.




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I really like these uniforms...except for the contrasting plackets. I'm just not really a fan of that look. Otherwise I love the simple design and the colors.

For the hats, I would use the third one on the first and second row. I really like the trucker look.

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I finalized the logo set and caps. I also darkened the darker of the blues, for more contrast. The uniforms no longer have the contrasting plackets, and the pants use a simple piping. Alternates 3 uses a trucker-style cap, with contrasting raglan-cut sleeves. Alternate 4 uses a blue cap and jersey with the TS logo. C&C please.






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