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MiLB Re-Brands: Tennessee Smokies


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First off, the updated wordmark looks spot on.

As far as color goes, I really think you could justify using any of these, depending on what your goal for the scheme is. I still feel that the middle option on the bottom row is the best if you are going for "authenticity": the various shades of soft blue give that Smoky Mountains feeling, and the red fits the Tennessee flag and the baseball stitches. But the grays and yellow/orange also look really nice, and would be a pretty distinctive look. I guess it all depends on your personal preference. But they all look pretty dang good.

I would add my vote to those who want to see the thin highlight back on the text. It added tons of depth.


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I guess I should explain my rationale for the color schemes in a bit more detail.

Top Left: Probably my least favorite of the group.

Top Middle: One of my favorites. I like the idea of using orange and grey, and the subtle difference between the greys helps enhance the smoky aspect. It's unique, especially within the Southern League, and yes, the orange is a nod to the Vols.

Top Right: I also really like this one. The dark red/burgundy pairing with the light blue is also unique, and the subtle mountains help too.

Bottom Right: I like this one, but it isn't exactly getting popular reviews.

Bottom Middle: This one is very popular, like the top middle. The issue I have with it is that the navy/light blue and navy/red color combinations are already well-represented within the Southern League.

Bottom Right: Sorry, eRay, but I'm just not feeling this one as much. I think the white sky competes with the type too much.

I also think I will add the bevel back in and possibly add an outline the the entire logo.

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I decided to go with burgundy and two light blues, as I think the burgundy and light blue hint at the feel of the navy/light blue/red but without cliche of being another navy/red or navy/light blue team. The Tennesee wordmark uses the shape of the state of Tennessee as the top bar of the T. The secondary logos are monograms of the team's initials, and will appear as cap logos. C&C please.


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The Tennessee shape in the T is absolutely brilliant. You did a perfect job incorporating the state and its "properties" into the logo set: the 3 stars, the mountain, the state shape, etc.

The T does look like a J, though. Straighten out the curve and I think it'll look much nicer.

Very good concept, overall. Another success for bohob.

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I fixed up the T. I was worried it might look like a J, but now I believe it's fixed. Thoughts?


A couple of things (sorry if these had already been mentioned)


1) I like the triple-star thing.

2)Overall nice color and flow to the identity.

3) I like the font.


1) The Tenessee looks WAY too small to me, especially in comparison to the team nickname. I mean the "Smokies" literally looks like 15-20 times bigger than the Tennessee, I think thats too big of a difference. I would consider typing it in the red arch at the top of the baseball - Even if you kept the same font size, it would be more noticeable.

2) Again, sorry if this was already discussed, but why does the T look like a J? Why not just give it a straighter bottom?

3) The Tennessee state topped-T looks a little forced to me. Not necessarily bad, but forced. I would consider scrapping that (key word "consider").

EDIT: 4) What color are their road unis gonna be? The Tennessee script would look wierd on a road gray (which is what i am imagining). The light shade of blue you are using would probably clash with gray.


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That wouldn't have been my first color choice, but it still looks very good. My only comment would be that the bottom of the T is still a bit too stylized and is still looking like a J. It's not really an issue in the full wordmark because the ENNESSEE helps the eye resolve the T. But alone, it's still too similar to a J. I'd just make the bottom left mirror the bottom right. That way, it could still be stylish without the confusion.


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