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Its been bothering me for a while that I use a number of different variations on my brand for the different aspects of what I do. Primarily I am a motion graphics designer and animator, but secondarily I have become more involved doing sport design stuff. Until now, the two identities I have used have been quite disparate and unrelated. With that in mind I wanted a simple update that used a single brand but had two different aspects to it that could be used for the two discreet purposes.

So here below is the design I have decided upon. The straight version used for MoGraph and the outlined version used for the Sports Identity.


And so far I have implemented it on my Sports Logo portfolio page on cargo collective: Fraser Davidson Sports Identity

And here in my Concept Motion portfolio.

Let me know what you reckon.


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I love the new look, Davidson, your work is always incredible. Well done.

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Hmm....I hate to dissent here but when I look at the logo I see a backwards e and lowercase b. What I liked about the previous logo is that it read as an F D. As far as style and craft goes, its great.

I unfortunately have to agree.

I do see the F, but rather than seeing a D I see a b.

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