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AFC North Hockey Concepts

The Imperfect

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I found this template and fell in love, so put Microsoft's new Paint program to use and made my first hockey concept with my favorite football team. I wanted to give the home and away jerseys more flare rather than just having the basic striping I used in the alternate. Therefore I took their striping and put it under the arms instead of on the sleeves. C&C is welcome.






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as much as i like the brownie elf logo and it does make for a great hockey jersey logo, i think you are better off with the bulldog logo. the elf holding a 'football' in a logo for a 'hockey' jersey just looks funny.

i also don't like how the uniforms mimic football jerseys. I hate that the stars do that with their jerseys. but i give them a pass because they play like they belong on the college level, might as well look like a college level team. i still hate it though. The alternate i like and really should be the basis of the primaries.



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The stripes look great on the alt, but I can't help but wonder if they would look better on the home, with the brown and orange reversed. That striping up the midsection looks fantastic, but would probably look much better on an alternate jersey.

The stripes on the helmet are pretty unique. I must try something like that on my latest project.

Also, speaking of helmets, the Browns use a football helmet as their logo. It's ultimately your call, but I think that an orange hockey helmet would be cool.

"takes deep, long breath"

Finally, thanks for using my template. It's nice to see my stuff helping other aspiring artists here.

This. Looks. Great.

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