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A while back I got to thinking that the Big Sky Conference logo could be done differently. I like the one they currently use, but I decided to make some adjustments and see what I could come up with. Simple concept, with a more modern feel. I'm not finished with it by any means, I just wanted to show what I have so far. C&C appreciated.



My version


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I like the top part but not feeling the text. I don't think the box-thing works are all. I would just put the text and move it up. The font isn't great either. It looks close to impact to me but something seems different? I think you could do much better. Also gradients are fine for one version but you may want to post a solid color version to, to give a better idea of how it works. And you may want to give examples on how it would work on different color backgrounds and not just white

Overall-great start. looks great

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The problem with this, is that everything is enclosed. You've taken away the freedom of the concept behind Big Sky and that is "the sky is the limit." It feels closterphobic as opposed to being free. It's good, it just doesn't fit the idea of the name.

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