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WHEN Nike Takes Over the NFL...


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nice series man, I like the bucs, titans, broncos, and bills concepts. It just seems like you are cutting nike too much slack, if their takeover turned out this good I would be very impressed.

Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment.

But honestly, I don't think Nike is gonna ruin the NFL. The teams have a lot of say in the uniforms, so the classic teams (Steelers, Bears, Packers, Colts, etc.) will likely keep their classic design, IMO.

I think the Redskins design miiiiight be getting to the untouchable phase. Although I would love to see some updates, they have had the same design (with a facemask change) since 1972.

Agreed, it's become a modern classic. They've been to 5 Super Bowls with that look, it's become tradition.

Now if they want to add a spear to a moved up stripe, move the lettering to the shoulder, advance the gold pants, and say have a feather helmet, they would be godly.

concepts: washington football (2017) ... nfl (2013) ... yikes

potd 10/20/12
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