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I'm guessing that the SD on the crest means South Dakota, which in turn means that you spelled ther name of the state incorrectly. Which is okay, because everyone's fingers/brain stop working at some point or another.

I think the jerseys are very bare. They leave a lot to be desired on the top half, around the shoulders and sleeves. Your drawing is very choppy, too, but that'll get better in time. Keep at it.

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the choppiness is because when i switch formats it gets all messed up...i cant think of what i can do to it

if you're using paint, don't bother using it to save it to a .gif or .jpeg.

it's better to use anyother program that you can get your hands on. MGI

Photosuite, photoshop, stuff like that will get rid of the blurriness

(assuming you are using only paint)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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