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Georgia Tech Football


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For this concept I tried to go back somewhat to a more traditional look for GT, with one major twist - honeycomb!

I decided to go with more of an old gold (metallic, not matte), as it fits the name much better, and it makes them stand out more. For the uniforms, I basically went with traditional striping, but replaced the middle stripe with a honeycomb/wasp nest pattern. The gold helmet also has a faint honeycomb pattern.


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I really like the idea of the honeycomb pattern (looks great!), but I'm not feelin' the switch to old gold. I prefer their current color. But whatever, it's your concept! Overall nice job, but does anyone else think that the navy looks a wee bit purple-ish?

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As a Tech guy, I like it. The color looks right, metallic gold is very traditional for Tech.

The honeycomb is cool. I do think the spacing could be reduced between the cells, to make it a little lighter/more faint.

I'm not crazy about the tone of navy you used. Black trim is a little more historic for them.

I also think textured helmets are awesome. Though, with the tradition of the school being so storied, its tough to think about changing the helmet. But, the unis have looked like garbage in real life the past 5 years, so I suppose the helmet is fair game.

Love the Alts with white helmet.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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