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NHL Uniform Rundown- 2011 edition!


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Here is what I'd like to see for uniforms for each of the 30 NHL teams:


  • Bring back the original mask logo, lettering and numbering fonts last used in the 2005-2006 season.
  • Modernize striping from the 1990s style. Use their current new colors, NOT the original. Orange stays as an accent color.
  • Eliminate the current wordmark. At most, the D-footprint logo would be regulated to web site and team stationery status.
  • Don't use any other past secondary or alternate logos as well as wordmarks. That means new ones should be created.


  • They progressively downgraded their uniform designs, among the worst in the NHL. Start with getting rid of the "ATLANTA" on their one home jersey sleeve already!
  • After this season, don't ever wear that HIDEOUS alternate jersey again!
  • While their primary logo is decent as is their numbering font, a more conservative nameplate lettering font should be used.


  • They have very solid vintage style home and away jerseys. The only change I'd call for is changing nameplate font to a standard block version.
  • Elevate their 2010 Winter Classic jersey to alternate status, replacing current (and unnecessary) one.


  • One of the biggest upgrades in the entire league was made last season with introduction of their navy blue alternate jersey (now promoted as the new home one).
  • They now have an excellent road jersey to complement the new home one with the modernized original primary logo.
  • BUT, the new alternate jersey should be replaced with the retro one last worn full time in the 1995-1996 season and in its reappearance during the 2006-2007 season.


  • Go back to previous pre-2007 home and away uniforms, except simplify striping.
  • The "flaming C" crest logo should remain on both jerseys (black on home red jersey and red on away white jersey).
  • Change their ugly nameplate font to one used by the Carolina Hurricanes with a single color (white on the home jersey and red on the away jersey).
  • Introduce a new black alternate jersey for 15 games per season. Have a white version of the "flaming C" logo trimmed in orange, red or yellow. Same for white numbers.
  • On the home, away and alternate jersey, have a new "symmetrical" fire secondary logo on shoulders. It looks like a much bigger and raging realistic version of candlelight flame. NO HORSEHEAD!
  • Retain the retro red jersey for 10 games per season.


  • This team should never have added the shoulder panel outlining when they went to the Reebook Edge jerseys. Remove it and you got a better overall look.
  • Overall, it is a good design with a clever hem stripe pattern plus black hem color. Well used nameplate and numbering fonts.
  • On their current black alternate jersey, they should eliminate the black primary logo on the shoulders as they're not needed. Everything else with it should remain as is.


  • Their current home and away jerseys are perfect. Its classic look should never be changed. One of the best uniforms in the NHL.
  • Bring back their previous complementary black jersey as the alternate and while using Winter Classic style retro jersey for 10 games per season.


  • They need an overall re-design, but should keep current team colors. This includes a new set of logos, wordmark and numbering font. Lettering font should stay the same.
  • Make the home jersey a maroon (otherwise known as burgandy) color, the away jersey stays white and the alternate jersey with the current royal blue base color.


  • They need a complete overhaul like the Colorado Avalanche, but should keep current navy blue, red and white colors.
  • Eliminate the current alternate jersey altogether. Use the cannon as the basis for a new primary logo.


  • They have horrible (but not ugly) jerseys given it's completely uncreative.
  • Try the former Iowa Stars' look but with the primary Dallas Stars logo on the front of the jersey EXCEPT remove the "Dallas" from atop that logo.
  • Simplify the nameplate lettering to a single color (green or black on the white jersey, white on black jersey).
  • They should consider a matching green alternate jersey with same primary logo.


  • As is the case with Chicago, Detroit's current home and away jerseys should never be changed.


  • It was a great choice to bring back their retro blue jersey and it should become the new primary home jersey. Add a complementary white retro jersey for away games.
  • Demote what has been their home jersey for the last 3 years to alternate status, but remove the trim outline on nameplate letters, unneeded piping on the front plus fix the sleeve stripes to go completely around it.


  • Simply put, like Atlanta, Florida has progressively downgraded in their overall look since the introduction of the Reebok Edge uniforms.
  • Solution? Simply bring back their uniform set last worn in the 2006-2007 season, including the nice original red jersey. Keep the numbering font and nameplate fonts.
  • ONLY IF there is a popular desire to use just the panther head, use it on an alternate jersey.
  • More importantly, scrap the ugly current alternate jersey and crest logo!


  • I have hated their uniform designs dating back to its debut in the 1998-1999 season. They look like pajamas!
  • Go back to their original jersey and logo from 1967 (as seen in this season's opener) or 1997-1998 (NOT 1987-1988 one) Wayne Gretzky era jersey.
  • For either jersey idea, try pure purple and (yellow) gold OR current black and purple pairings.
  • Number and lettering fonts should be for all jerseys in 1997-1998 style.
  • If Gretzky era "Chervolet" logo isn't desired, consider either original crown or famous "Burger King" logo as a crest logo (option for minor adjustments).


  • Simply bring back their original uniform set and original red alternate jersey. Maybe they should make primary logo very slightly bigger on home and away jerseys.
  • ONLY IF change is needed, remove the green shoulder and sleeve paneling, make original alternate turned home jersey numbering font for all jerseys, but rounded edges.
  • Remove the new wordmark on the current road jersey and regulate it to web site and team stationery status. The new shoulder logo should be a similar look to the primary logo, but within a circle.


  • No changes should be made to their all-time classic home and away jerseys.
  • They should consider bringing back a vintage white jersey as an alternate, specifically the one worn in the 2006-2007 season.


  • Promote their current new alternate jersey to be worn for all home games. Add a complementary white one as the new away jersey.
  • Consider making the 3D crest logo from their original alternate jersey in franchise history for all new Nashville jerseys and place skull logo on shoulders for each.


  • This uniform set should stay as is. The only element I might want changed is the numbering font to the 1997-1998 Los Angeles Kings' Gretzky era style.
  • If the Devils ever get an alternate jersey, it should be a black one with red stripes trimmed in thinner white stripes. Consider the primary logo or a devil head as the crest logo.
  • Consider keeping retro red jersey accented in green for up to 5 games each season.


  • It is a very welcomed change back to original jersey style!
  • Remove outline trim color on nameplates to both their home and away jerseys. Consider the trim style on the numbers as last used in the 2006-2007 season.
  • Replace white outline around primary logo on away jersey to their royal blue color instead.
  • Bring back the four-stripe patch on one of the shoulders for each jersey to represent their four Stanley Cup titles.
  • They should consider a navy blue version of their new home jersey as a new alternate jersey.


  • Bring back their home and away jersey set last worn in the 2006-2007 season (pre-Reebok Edge), but change the sleeve and hem striping to 1994 style ONLY on the away jersey.
  • Eliminate new heritage jersey and bring back navy "Lady Liberty" jersey as returning alternate, but without the ugly "jazzed up" logo on the shoulders.
  • Make a very small change to numbers on the back of all jerseys where #2 and #7 match the sleeve font.


  • Despite many opinions to the contrary, their current home and away jersey INCLUDING the 3D primary logo should remain completely as is.
  • Eliminate the ugly alternate jersey currently worn given it has that out of place "SENS" wordmark across the front. Replace with rumored vintage logo with the "O" on the front.


  • It is overall a solid vintage look, but PLEASE widen the stripes running down from each collar to end of the sleeves. That way the numbers always fit within those stripes. Ugly as is now.
  • Consider a completely new black alternate with the primary logo on the front. Have orange color FULLY cover the shoulders AND sleeves like 2006-2007 Boston Bruins had with theirs.
  • On the proposed new alternate jersey, use primary lettering and numbering fonts with thin black outlining.


  • Almost perfect as is! Only add hem striping to the home and away jerseys as long as they aren't too thin.
  • Re-design the current alternate jersey by replacing the full body "leaping fox" logo with the primary logo or a newly designed realistic looking moon logo.
  • Consider using a stand alone paw logo for either a re-done alternate or as a secondary logo on home and away jerseys.
  • IF the team is re-named the Arizona Coyotes after the upcoming ownership change, make a subtle change to state outline secondary logo without "PHX" in it.


  • They have a very solid uniform set all around even in the Reebok Edge style. Current vintage powder blue alternate jersey should be kept.
  • Their 2011 Winter Classic uniform should be only worn for just that event.


  • This is a major upgrade from their previous UGLY uniform set! This includes 3D shark body logos and new team colors.
  • Consider a subtle change to a simpler block nameplate font with a single color (white on both the home teal and alternate black jerseys).
  • ONLY IF orange doesn't stay, replace it with black on the away jersey and silver on the home and alternate jerseys.


  • Their current uniform set is overall good for all aspects of the jerseys, including numbering and lettering fonts.
  • Consider the primary "blue note" logo on the dark navy blue alternate as well.


  • Keep the current home and away jerseys. IF there is to be any change, consider removing "TAMPA BAY" on the primary logo.
  • The new alternate jersey introduced two years ago is quite nice, but is ruined by the hideous "BOLTS" wordmark across the front. Replace it with the primary logo. Shoulders should be logo free.


  • Currently one the best upgrades in the NHL with their new vintage style home and away jerseys. Quite pleased with switch away from ugly nameplate font.
  • No changes necessary to their current white alternate jersey, including the retro crest logo.


  • Promote the current modernized alternate jersey to new home jersey. Have a complementary white version as new home jersey. The key is the updated rink logo being used, NOT the original one.
  • Consider bringing back their 1994 black jersey for 10 retro night home games.
  • The "VANCOUVER" wordmark on the current home jersey should only appear on web site and team stationery as well as graphic presentations.


  • While it is an overall upgrade from the previous uniform set, the ugly striping under the sleeves ruins the design. Eliminate all of those stripes and colored panels!
  • Change the primary logo on the front to the original as to be seen at the 2011 Winter Classic. Consider hem striping similar to retro jersey.
  • Keep very solid looking numbering and nameplate lettering fonts.

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Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division total - B

New Jersey: Like the colors, Modernize the logo and bring on a new template and it could be one the best in the league. B

NY Rangers : Simple, Typical Original Six team. Bring back Lady Liberty as a third B+

NY Islanders: Going along with the fad that why go away from what you had in the first place, The best thing the Isles did was drop the number from the chest. C+

Philadelphia: Don't like the retro, Needs more Black, Turn this old primary that they had when the Edge jerseys came aboard just change the black orange. B+

Pittsburgh: Not a fan of the Vegas Gold, Big advocate of bringing the Yellow & Black back, Minus the RoboPenguin B-

Northeast Division total - B+

Buffalo: Worst thing Buffalo did was venture into the black and red for 10 years. Brighten the blue to what it was in the 70's and 80's, Get rid of the dumb numbers on the chest, the Alternate is one of the best in the league. B+

Boston: Solid, Just like the Rangers another Original Six that doesn't need a change. B+

Montreal: I'd like to see a third jersey, Detroit is the only other O6 team that hasn't done it, Try a modernization on the classic. A-

Toronto: With the classic leaf patch and the stripes on the bottom we have a winner. A

Ottawa: Great Home and Away but the third is what's holding them back. Use the modern 2D Senator and keep it on the Black jersey. B+

Southeast Division total - C-

Atlanta: This entire organization needs a makeover not just the uniforms. Colors are fine (Only team in professional sports that uses those colors) New logo I don't think a little minor league flair would hurt also a new template is needed. D-

Carolina: Nothing interesting outside of the 3rd jersey which isn't all that bad. But the primary still speaks mid 90's to me, Little updated template wouldn't hurt. C

Florida: NEW LOGO is needed badly, They've kept the same basic look for their entire history, I want to be scared when I look at a logo, Yes I know the on-ice product isn't the best but you might as well look good when your losing, the color choice/template for the third is unnecessary. D

Tampa Bay: Throw the primary logo on Blue, Get rid of the "BOLTS" on the third and they'll look really nice. C+

Washington: Too much red, Bring some blue in and make a third featuring the W Eagle. B-

Western Conference

Central Division total - B+

Chicago: I hate the logo, Modernize it and it'll be one of the better ones in the league, even for being an Original Six franchise. B-

Columbus: The third jersey is a failure, Florida/Pittsburgh copy. The one brightside is the font. Use it on the primary and away. B

Detroit: The Winged Wheel is one of the most iconic logos in all of Sports, The one mistake they did was switch the side of the captaincy for some stupid reason. That's the one thing holding it back from an A. B+

Nashville: Fine looking template and colors but the logo is holding it back. Get a new one and the score would improve greatly. C

St Louis: Love the logo, Not a single thing I would change in this set. A

Northwest Division total: B-

Calgary: Quite a bit wrong but it can be fixed. Edgeify the pre edge jersey, Bring back a nice secondary patch (Not Flaming Horse), Keep the retro third. C+

Colorado: This team will always be known for it's Maroon and Blue. Minus the third one of the best sets in the NHL, Use a 3rd but drop the script and use the St Bernard in some fashion. B

Edmonton: The Copper & Blue era has ended in disappointment. The Home & Away may have been the worse in the entire league, The 80's unis were the best and no needed to go away from them. Adopt a Blue, Orange away and we have a winner. D

Minnesota: Getting rid of the Forest Green was the worst, This team doesn't look good in red, The primary can be fixed if you sub the red in for the Green. But love the retro look for a 10 year old team. B+

Vancouver: The team of many identity's seems to have finally made the right choice, I love the orca. Really nothing needs to change. A

Pacific Division total - C

Anaheim: Terrible logo (It's not a primary, it's a secondary) Bring back the Green and Eggplant with Wildwing and boom best looking set. I'm very partial to the third though. B-

Dallas: Worst home uniform in the entire NHL, Bring the green back with the Star logo. With this jersey you can go back from going Black. D

Los Angeles: Going back to purple and gold wouldn't hurt, Purple and Black is just so boring. C+

Phoenix: Best looking set out of the relocated teams, Nothing to change.... maybe the third's template. B+

San Jose: A new template is needed, Dropping the number patches is another thing, The logo is way to cartoony. C-




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Am I the only person who thinks the Blackhawks' thirds are pretty crappy? Maybe it's because I'm a fan of the team and as such actually have to watch them play games in them rather than just acknowledge that the design exists, but I dunno; I sort of like it when the numbers on a black sweater aren't black. The old black thirds weren't great, but I could tell who was who without pressing my nose against the glass like a Dickensian street urchin.

♫ oh yeah, board goes on, long after the thrill of postin' is gone ♫

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I agree that the Flames have some work to do with their jersey set. Here is what I would like to see.

Main Home: Keep the black " Flaming C" and red base on a more traditional template, such as New Jersey or San Jose, but without the black shoulders. Keep black pants, gloves and helmets. They should drop the flags, although I wouldn't mind if the just used the shield from the Alberta flag on each shoulder, otherwise, bring back the horsehead as a shoulder patch only.

Main away: White version of above, with red "Flaming C"

Regular 3rd: Current 3rd, use a maximum 10 times a year at home. The Flames should never have a black third jersey, ever.

As well, once a year I would have the Flames bust out the "Heritage Classic" jerseys, either on Hockey Day in Canada or the New Year's Eve game.

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The Flames just need to apply the pre-EDGE design (the ones they wore against Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup Finals) to the EDGE template, minus that stupid horse head logo. The idea of a fire horse for the Flames is pretty brilliant, but the one they went with is terrible.

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