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NHL Uniform Rundown- 2011 edition!


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It's been a few years since the Reebok Edge system took over the NHL, so here I go again, and let's see what we like about each of the NHL uniforms.



ANAHEIM DUCKS: Nothing's changed much. All I can say is 'feh'.

DALLAS STARS: Unique, but they could've adapted the previous style onto the Edge system.

LOS ANGELES KINGS: Just fine. And nice job harking back to the Gretzky years with the third jersey. :)

PHOENIX COYOTES: Just fine, again.

SAN JOSE SHARKS: Nice update, to say the least.


CALGARY FLAMES: My biggest gripe is the inclusion of the Alberta flag. Isn't that a slight against the people of Edmonton?

COLORADO AVALANCHE: They had an opportunity to make it nice, and they messed it up.

EDMONTON OILERS: Good job on bringing back the Gretzky-era colors on the home uniform.

MINNESOTA WILD: I hate it when the home and away sweaters don't match each other.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS: What can I say? Nice to bring back the old-school colors.


CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: Hate them, but I can't argue with the fact that they have a classic logo.

COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS: Nothing is wrong with them.

DETROIT RED WINGS: See the Blackhawks.

NASHVILLE PREDATORS: Not much to say here....

ST. LOUIS BLUES: Works in my book, in fact, the navy blue accents things nicely.



NEW JERSEY DEVILS: Nothing is wrong here.

NEW YORK ISLANDERS: They are sad sacks, what more can I say? But bringing back the classic colors is a step in the right direction.

NEW YORK RANGERS: Nothing much to say, except, I wouldn't change a thing here.

PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: The 70s-era look is back, and it looks nice!

PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: Please, please, bring back the athletic gold!


BOSTON BRUINS: *thumbs up*

BUFFALO SABRES: Thank god the Buffaslug is gone! Nice to bring back an old classic.

MONTREAL CANADIENS: Change a stitch on this logo = pay a heavy price.

OTTAWA SENATORS: Nice job on the logo refresh.

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: Well, order has been restored here, with the restoration of the leafs on the shoulders and the tail stripes.


ATLANTA THRASHERS: Really bugs me to see the home and away jerseys being mismatched.

CAROLINA HURRICANES: The addition of the shoulder striping really makes things a bit nicer.


TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: Well, they updated the logo, and it looks much better. :)

WASHINGTON CAPITALS: I am smiling at the modernization of the old logo. Fits the team nicely.

So, to summarize: The Reebok Edge uniforms instituted in the NHL have been largely hit-or-miss, IMO.


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I'm hoping you're soliciting opinions from people, because here's my thoughts. Keep in mind I'm an ardent traditionalist.



ANAHEIM DUCKS: tweaks from being perfect. Make the D the logo, finish the stripes

DALLAS STARS: Lame, collegiate. Put logos on all of them, and maybe hemline stripes, and i'll accept them

LOS ANGELES KINGS: needs the hemline stripes back. third is awesome

PHOENIX COYOTES: could use the return of hemline stripes. Ditch the third

SAN JOSE SHARKS: Remove the front numbers, they clutter too much. otherwise superb (though I like the concepts with gray replacing orange)


CALGARY FLAMES: too many stripes in too many directions. the Sea of Red original was perfect

COLORADO AVALANCHE: They're one white stripe separating the blue shoulder stripes away from being good enough

EDMONTON OILERS: I wish they'd figure out their color scheme, and that it's the throwback one

MINNESOTA WILD: I miss the old green jerseys, but I like all three of their jerseys, no matter how different they look.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS: could use a new logo, but even the VANCOUVER has grown on me


CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: rounded hemlines are their enemy, but the jerseys are perfect

COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS: Nothing is wrong with them.

DETROIT RED WINGS: See the Blackhawks.

NASHVILLE PREDATORS: freaking terrible. adopt the third full-time or find a decent look

ST. LOUIS BLUES: best edgified uniforms, but that third is awesome. Adopt it full-time



NEW JERSEY DEVILS: Nothing is wrong here.

NEW YORK ISLANDERS: I wouldn't mind seeing navy blue again, but are they sealing their fate with four stripes? is that an omen against future cups?


PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: could use a less-bright orange, and drop the black nameplate, but otherwise perfect



BOSTON BRUINS: perfection. especially if they keep rotating the winter classic jerseys in

BUFFALO SABRES: the third is lame-ish, but the whole look works really well

MONTREAL CANADIENS: perfection. would love to see the throwbacks show up now and then


TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: perfect, even though a 67 throwback third would be nice


ATLANTA THRASHERS: start over. freaking terrible

CAROLINA HURRICANES: Too cluttered, but it could be soooo much worse. acceptable

FLORIDA PANTHERS: can they figure their look out? the red-for-baby-blue replacement concepts are great


WASHINGTON CAPITALS: I still want some tweaks to their red, but it works out rather well

the backlash against the edgified futuristic uniforms has been fantastic. Make it complete and I will be a very happy man.

I'll respect any opinion that you can defend.

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It's been a few years since the Reebok Edge system took over the NHL, so here I go again, and let's see what we like about each of the NHL uniforms.



CALGARY FLAMES: My biggest gripe is the inclusion of the Alberta flag. Isn't that a slight against the people of Edmonton?

That's the best reason to have the Alberta flag on the Flames' jerseys! :lol:

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The flags aren't a big deal and I don't think too many Oiler fans care. My problem with the Flames jerseys is the inconsistent piping and the darker red used for the nameplates on the Road uni.




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Is it true that Mario Lemieux hates the yellow gold on the Penguins jerseys? I've heard a ton of rumors, like he hates the 93 jerseys, hates the yellow, etc. It is pretty blatant that the Winter Classic 2011 jerseys are carbon copies of the jerseys his son Austin wears, only with blue instead of black,

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Here is who needs to fix their :censored::

Thrashers- those alts are so bad it's almost comical. they are the laughing stock of the league

Sabres- please, just ditch those alts. at least the numbers, for the love of god

Blue Jackets- nice try at a third, lol

Ducks- just make an away version of the new third and we will be cool

Capitals- that WC jersey is soooo sexy. make an alt, por favor

Predators- refer to Anaheim, and make the current third the new home

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DUCKS: Hated the tiny wordmark on the initial edge set. Addition of orange to the collar was much needed. Growing tired of the wordmark in general. Am very happy with the third jersey.

STARS: Their look has really grown on me. Just throw in a green jersey with the Stars logo on front and this set as a whole will be perfect.

KINGS: Not too bad. Third jersey could be better. Still hate their primary logo.

COYOTES: They look fine to me.

SHARKS: Great logo update. Uniforms have grown on me, but they'd look much better without the orange.

FLAMES: They took their perfectly good pre-edge era uniform and made a horrible mess of it. The flags don't help. Throwback jersey makes up for it.

AVALANCHE: Click-and-fill template is meh. Making the third blue was a good move.

OILERS: By far the most boring jerseys in the league. Throwback is awesome.

WILD: Love everything about Minnesota's set, despite the mismatching home and road jerseys. Maybe a new road jersey is in order.

CANUCKS: Love that third jersey, but please make your minds up.

BLACKHAWKS: The addition of the throwback third makes this set perfect.

BLUE JACKETS: Perfect regular set. Third jersey could be better.

RED WINGS: To be fair, they haven't done much if anything to their uniforms. WC Throwback was nice.

PREDATORS: Click-and-fill template is meh. Third jersey is sweeeet.

BLUES: They look OK. No complaints.

DEVILS: Same with the Wings.

ISLANDERS: Didn't mind the initial set at all. New throwback set is perfect.

RANGERS: Again, not much change, which is good for them. Heritage jersey is nice.

FLYERS: Didn't mind the initial set, and an orange version of that would have been perfect. Do not like the 70's throwbacks at all.

PENGUINS: Click-and-fill template is meh. Vegas Gold is still meh. Don't like the blue throwbacks either.

BRUINS: Perfection.

SABRES: Didn't mind the Slug jerseys too much, but the new set is far better. Am on the fence regarding the 40th anniversary uniform.

CANADIENS: Was nice to see them in a few different jerseys for once. Any changes to the regular set will have the fans grabbing their torches and pitchforks.

SENATORS: Despite using the same template as the Pens, the looks works for them. Third jersey would be so much better without the goofy looking SENS wordmark on the front.

MAPLE LEAFS: Kudos for finally bringing back the hemstripes. The Leafs look like the Leafs again.

THRASHERS: I think I can live with the mismatching regular set. Third jersey is a mess.

HURRICANES: They didn't have to fill in the piping around the shoulder yoke, but for some reason I like that. Black third is nice

PANTHERS: Click-and-fill template is meh. Third jersey is a dodgy knockoff of the Pens throwback.

LIGHTNING: Logo update is sweet. Blue blends in too much with black on the regular set. Third jersey is great with the exception of the BOLTS wordmark.

CAPITALS: Click-and-fill template actually works for them. A great, modernised update of their original set.


PotD: 24/08/2017

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It's been a few years since the Reebok Edge system took over the NHL, so here I go again, and let's see what we like about each of the NHL uniforms.



CALGARY FLAMES: My biggest gripe is the inclusion of the Alberta flag. Isn't that a slight against the people of Edmonton?

That's the best reason to have the Alberta flag on the Flames' jerseys! :lol:

The Alberta patch is stupid. It looks ugly as hell on the jersey; it is a rectangular patch on a jersey with goofy ass piping and striping. It would still suck if the Flames had "traditional" stripes, but wouldn't suck as bad.

To me, it also shows the Flames are insecure about their place as a team in Alberta.

"No, we really are Alberta's team; don't believe us! Look at our shoulders!"

The Canada flag patch. is just as stupid looking too, by the way.

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The flags aren't a big deal and I don't think too many Oiler fans care. My problem with the Flames jerseys is the inconsistent piping and the darker red used for the nameplates on the Road uni.

Whether Oilers fans care or not the flags are the laziest, tackiest most half assed excuses for secondary logos since Pucky the Whale. The Flames need to ditch their current jerseys permanently and either go the throwback route or bring back the pre-edge jerseys.

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ANAHEIM DUCKS: Not bad, I'm not a fan of the wordmark on the chest, I actually prefer their new alts.

DALLAS STARS: ugly. i hate the home jersey, the white away is far superior but still one of the worst jerseys in the league IMO.

LOS ANGELES KINGS: a fantastic look, everything about them is great. the alt is great too.

PHOENIX COYOTES: i love them, simple yet effective. i love the alt too.

SAN JOSE SHARKS: a classic looking jersey IMO.


CALGARY FLAMES: not really a fan, i thought their previous set was top notch though.

COLORADO AVALANCHE: again i'm not a fan, even though the stripes on their last set was corny looking i was always a big fan of the look.

EDMONTON OILERS: i love the throw back style jersey, the other two IMO are pretty bad.

MINNESOTA WILD: i'm a big fan of the white, i don't mind the alt, the home has got to go.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS: take off the word vancouver and you have a great looking set.


CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: one of the top sets in the league IMO. purely classic

COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS: another great set. they're a little modern looking for my taste but i think it works perfect. i even like the alt.

DETROIT RED WINGS: pure classic, best looking jersey in the nhl. no need to ever change it. i'd love to see them bring back the D alt however.

NASHVILLE PREDATORS: i actually really like the design of the jersey but the logo is awful and the numbers look just as bad. slap a nice logo on that jersey though and you have a good looking uniform.

ST. LOUIS BLUES: the alt is great, the home and away are ok, i really wish the blues would have stuck with a classic design though.



NEW JERSEY DEVILS: classic design, i hope they never change it. i'd like to see a black alt added. the away white is one of the nicest in the league.

NEW YORK ISLANDERS: i love the redesign, again one of the top jerseys in the league.

NEW YORK RANGERS: no reason to ever change, a pure classic.

PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: not a fan of the black nameplate on the white jerseys, but IMO the second best set the flyers have had. so glad to see orange back as the primary.

PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: the jerseys are a mess, i wish they would go back to the late 80's/early 90's look or the last look they had before the redesign. love the alt though. even though the jerseys are a mess however i still think they're one of the nicer sets in the league.



BUFFALO SABRES: so happy they went back to an old school look, i hope they stop trying to change what is borderline classic

MONTREAL CANADIENS: i was never actually a fan of the red, but i love the white. still a classic

OTTAWA SENATORS: they're ok. the set they had in the 90s was a clasic however and they should have never have changed it

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: now that they're done playing around with them i hope they never change them again. purely classic


ATLANTA THRASHERS: beyond terrible.

CAROLINA HURRICANES: i was always a huge fan of their look, a modern day classic IMO.

FLORIDA PANTHERS: i was never a big fan of their look, but their previous set was so much better. the alt has got to go.

TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: they had a classic looking jersey and now it looks awful.

WASHINGTON CAPITALS: i'm glad they went back to the red/blue but i never liked their look, i love their atl eagle in the form of a W logo though.. you put that on a simple looking jersey and you'd have a great design.


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ANAHEIM DUCKS: I don't mind this look. Obviously they are nothing as awesome as the old Mighty Ducks look but the home and away are cool.

DALLAS STARS: I like the idea, but I think the jersey is a little minimalist.

LOS ANGELES KINGS: Love the 3rd, love the home and away. Purple, black and, silver are awesome together.

PHOENIX COYOTES: Like the colours, otherwise it's just "meh".

SAN JOSE SHARKS: Nice update, drop the tv numbers on the front and it's amazing.


CALGARY FLAMES: I like it, the stripes down the side are different. I like it.

COLORADO AVALANCHE: They dropped the ball huge time.

EDMONTON OILERS: Good job on bringing back the old school look on the homes. Need to do that for the roads.

MINNESOTA WILD: Love em. Unique.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS: Don't like them that much. I think the re-colour made the newest logo look bland.


CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: I don't like em. I respect they are a classic look though.


DETROIT RED WINGS: Classic. Simple. Not my fave but they are nice.


ST. LOUIS BLUES: The pre-lockout look was so great, this is just boring.




NEW YORK ISLANDERS: I like the classics, but to be honest I like the look before alot.

NEW YORK RANGERS: Classic. No need to change, glad they didn't.

PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: I like this somewhat throwback look.

PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: They are fine. I don't love them, I don't hate them.


BOSTON BRUINS: Awesome! just drop the black 3rd and use the winter classic instead.

BUFFALO SABRES: So close. But that stupid silver stripe on front is a deal breaker.



TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: They've fixed it up to awesome status.


ATLANTA THRASHERS: I actually really like them. I like when newer teams experiment with new looks, no heritage to :censored: up. I love the 3rd!

CAROLINA HURRICANES: shoulder striping steps it up to an awesome notch.


TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: I like it, don't love it.

WASHINGTON CAPITALS: This has grown on me but it's a great modernization on the classic look.

GTA United(USA) 2015 + 2016 USA Champions/Toronto Maroons (ULL)2014, 2015 + 2022 Gait Cup Champions/Toronto Northmen (TNFF)

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Pacific Division.

Overall this division toke a huge hit during the transition to Edge. Before all teams had distinctive colour colour schemes, now theres simply too much black.

DUCKS: The Home and Away look bland and corporate while the third is a complete mess. Back to the drawing board (F)

STARS: Hate their entire set. The collegiate script and lack of hem stripes really hurt what once was a classy look. Bring back their inaugural look with Kelly green. (F)

KINGS: Home and away look pretty decent though the loss of hem stripes hurt. Third looks hideous though. (C )

COYOTES: These jerseys look decent enough but were better when they had hem stripes. Third looks like crap (C )

SHARKS: Best update in the division. Nice and classy though the front numbers need to go. (A)

Northwest Division.

This division is an absolute trainwreck. With the exception of the Canucks, every team looked far superior before the Edge Switch.

FLAMES: Main set is easily the worst in hockey right now. The flags look tacky and lazy... like something you'd see in a European league. Too many intersecting stripes and pipes with no purpose. Throwback is alright but I wouldnt want to see it used full time (F)

AVALANCHE: All three jerseys look hideous. The bib template with the front piping needs to go. The Third toke a previously nice jersey and butchered it with pit stains and the gaudy aqua colour. (F)

EDMONTON: The Away and Third jerseys are the second worst in the league after Calgary. They look like rejected practice jerseys. Get rid of them and lets never talk of about them again. Throwback is nice though im not sure why its the home when theres no matching white. (F)

WILD: The Wild used to be at the Pinnacle of logo and jersey design before the switch. Now they're entire identity is a mismatched mess. They butchered the Red jersey when they deleted the hem stripes and the third contributes nothing to the overall look. Road was nice until they switched the shoulder logos with that ininspired wordmark. (F)

VANCOUVER CANUCKS: Perfection. The colours look absolutely spectacular and the arched "Vancouver" script doesnt bother me one bit. Third might be the best jersey in the NHL period. (A+)

Central Division.

Overall this division did pretty well during the changeover. Though its far from perfect.

BLACKHAWKS: Perfect set. No complaints what so ever (A+)

BLUE JACKETS: Very nice set though the Home jersey could use a little less Navy. (A)

RED WINGS: Perfection. (A+)

PREDATORS: Home and away look terrible. The Bib template has got to go. Third is not much better. (F)

BLUES: Hate the Home and away jerseys. The shoulder yolks look like theyre melting and I hate the front piping. Third looks really nice though (D)

Atlantic Division

Another good looking division overall. Only the Penguins prevent it from being perfect.

DEVILS: Perfection. These jerseys didnt need to change and im glad management refused to give into Reebok's trendy futuristic vision. (A+)

ISLANDERS: Perfection yet again. Love the classic colours. (A+)

RANGERS: Perfection once more. Though the Heritage jersey should be a one year thing (A+)

FLYERS: Jerseys would be perfect if it werent for the inclusion of the hideous nameplates. Still far better than their first Edge jerseys (B+)

PENGUINS: Garbage. Hate the Click and fill template and the Vegas Gold. The powder blue looks like crap too and is solely responsable for the circle logo/two tone blue fad. (F)

Northeast Division

BRUINS: Home and Away jerseys look spectacular! Third needs to be replaced with the Yellow winter classic fauxback, then it'd be perfect (B+)

SABRES: Terrible. Im glad the Buffaslug is gone but the home and away jerseys still look awful with their pit stains and piping to nowhere. Numbering and nameplates on the third look ridiculous too (F)

CANADIENS: Perfection. Would love to see that white jersey with the blue chest stripe make its glorious return as a permanent alternate. (A+)

SENATORS: Awful. All three jerseys look hideous, especially the third with "SENS" on the front (F)

MAPLE LEAFS: Perfect. The new home and away are huge improvement over their first edge jerseys (A+)

Southeast Division

THRASHERS: Absolutely hideous. All three of their mismatched jerseys need to be mothballed and never heard from again. In fact this team needs a full rebrand. (F)

HURRICANES: Glad they kept their jerseys more or less untouched. They could stand to lose the piping on the shoulders though. Black third is really nice. (A)

PANTHERS: Entire set is a hideous mess. Home and away are awful with their shoulder yolks that intersect into the sleeve stripes. Third is a half assed attempt to cash in on the two-tone blue fad. Besides that it looks like it belongs to a different team.(F)

TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: Good colour scheme gone to waste with terrible paint by numbers jerseys. The template is the same as Ottawa's and Pittburgh's and somehow they managed to make it look worse. The Blue third would look alright without the laughable "BOLTS" crest and piping to nowhere but as it stands it looks terrible. (F)

WASHINGTON CAPITALS: A rare example of a modern edge design looking good. (A)

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ANAHEIM DUCKS: I hate everything about it. The logo, the template, the colors. Blow it up.

DALLAS STARS: Very bland.

LOS ANGELES KINGS: Very nice color combo with the black/purple and I like their third. I would enjoy seeing their purple & gold uni a few times every season as well.

PHOENIX COYOTES: Solid set that matches their identity very well.

SAN JOSE SHARKS: Not crazy about the addition of orange, but still nice. I think blue/black/silver works the best for them.


CALGARY FLAMES: Nice set. A little piping-crazy tho. I love the 80's throwback. I wouldn't be opposed to making a full set out of it.

COLORADO AVALANCHE: Fix the layout, lose the piping.

EDMONTON OILERS: Make a road version of the home and thats it. No more messing with colors or templates. If they must make a third, make it orange.

MINNESOTA WILD: Nice set, nice colors, but some consistency would be nice.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS: Excellent set. Not crazy about the 'Vancouver' script, I dont think its needed.


CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: Classic. Even their third is untouchable, which is rare for a black jersey.

COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS: Nice set, but I wish they would have created their third before Florida, so Floria may have gone with something else.



ST. LOUIS BLUES: Solid classic set that I think would be much better without the piping, but I'm hoping they'll fix that soon. Nice third too.



NEW JERSEY DEVILS: Classic and untouchable.

NEW YORK ISLANDERS: Beautiful uniforms, IMO one of the best to look at.

NEW YORK RANGERS: Classic again.

PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: Classic again. Wow this division has nice unis.

PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: Never liked their edge template. Go back to the 2000-07s, or even better the 80's. Anything but this, and make it athletic gold


BOSTON BRUINS: My personal favorite in the league, and I'm a Habs fan. Just beautiful.

BUFFALO SABRES: No more Buffaslug = win. Sad that it look them so long, but hey, beggers can't be choosers. Nice set now.


OTTAWA SENATORS:I would take the updated 2d Senator over the current. Lose the thirds, they're disgusting.

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: Much better. Nice set.


ATLANTA THRASHERS: Start over. They're all over the map. Just take your original uni, modify it a bit, and bam! And Stop with the baby blue!!!

CAROLINA HURRICANES: Always had nice unis.

FLORIDA PANTHERS: Had one of the best and most unique sets in the league when they first started up until 07. Now one of the worst.

TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: Lose the third.

WASHINGTON CAPITALS: Very nice modernization. Solid set. A blue alt with the eagle head would look nice.

MY TOP 10:

10. Los Angeles

9. Vancouver

8. Buffalo

7. Philadelphia

6. NY Rangers

5. NY Islanders

4. Montreal

3. Detroit

2. Chicago

1. Boston

If Edmonton made their Gretzky-era's into a full set, they'd be in my top 5; same with Calgary switching to the retro full time.


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DUCKS: Primary jerseys are pretty decent, but the logo... no. The alt is horrid. ©

STARS: Boring. Failure. Needs to be green, then gold, and little to no black, and white with little green and gold. Even just hem stripes could make it alittle better. (D)

KINGS: Primaries are alright, and the black and grey alt is pretty good, although the logo could be better. (B)

COYOTES: Painfully boring. Once again, even hem stripes could go a long way. Alt is a failrue. Their 90's jerseys, though garish, reflected the southwest desert area well. These jerseys could fit any team, any area. (F)

SHARKS: Great updated version of an already pretty decent logo, colors are good, too, though the addition of orange wasn't needed. Decent jerseys. (B+)

FLAMES: A mess. The logo and classic alt saves it. (D)

AVALANCHE: Their original jerseys were near perfect. Never liked the blue alt, and the diagonal COLORADO looks odd. Probably because of the font. Good colors, though. (D)

OILERS: Terrible, terrible jerseys. Gretzky-era throwbacks are good, though. (F+)

WILD: If they scrapped the current home and kept the green version of the road version, it'd be perfect, albeit a green version of Columbus. Nonetheless, currently it isn't bad, though having two faux-vintage jerseys is kindof boring. The new alt is solid, though. I like the wordmark. (B)

CANUCKS: They are so close to perfection. So close. Just make the alternate the primary. You don't even need the stick-in-rink logo. In fact, a blue-and-green version of the whale logo without the dumb VANCOUVER across the top would look great, and then the Johnny Canuck logo on the shoulders. Until they do that, which they never will, simply (B+)

BLACKHAWKS: Perfection. The black alt and the Winter Classic alt are both nice, though I prefer the winter classic one as the regular black one is nothing more than a recolor. The other has historical meaning. (A)

BLUE JACKETS: For god sakes, make the pants blue. This is the ONLY thing keeping them from having, IMO, the best set in the NHL. Great logos, and they make the cliche colors of red-white-and-blue look new somehow. The alt is pretty decent, but I don't like the off-white and the uninspired colors of Blue-Blue-Silver. Ignoring that, (A), including it, then (B+)

RED WINGS: Same uniforms they've had for decades. The home is pretty boring, but classic. (B+)

PREDATORS: Third jersey is okay, despite the now-cliche colors of blue and blue. The primaries suck, as they always have in Nashville. (D+)

BLUES: Third is nice. Primaries are alright, though they could stand to lose the piping. Hem stripes could help. Their sets before the edgeification were pure class. These, are decent. (B)

DEVILS: Same as they've been forever. Kindof boring, but not bad. (A)

ISLANDERS: I was the only one that kindof liked the initial edge set. The current throwback, however, is pure class. If only they'd have kept with the darker blue and orange... Nonetheless, (A+)

RANGERS: Heritage jersey is better than the primaries. It shows exactly what is wrong with the primaries. The colors are too bright, and they need to get rid of the goddam drop shadow. (B+)

FLYERS: Make the nameplate non-contrasting, and it's perfect for them. (A)

PENGUINS: Terrible. The blue throwback was alright at first, but it's boring now. Pittsburgh has always had decent-at-worst uniforms, but these are horrible. My hatred of the vegas gold isn't what it once was, but it needs to go. Unfortunately, Consol Energy Center has that color all throughout it, so it aint going anywhere for a long, long time. (F)

BRUINS: Perfect. The alt could be done away with and is pretty boring, though. (A+)

SABRES: Thank god the slug and it's jerseys are gone. The new primaries are almost perfect updates, though the silver is unnecessary. The alt is iffy. (A)

CANADIENS: Like most original six teams, they've never changed. They aren't the best designs, but not the worst. Classic quintessential hockey jerseys, though. Like the Yankees to baseball. Their legacy alone gives them an (A)

SENATORS: The exact template of the Pens and Bolts, but on them it actually looks pretty good for some reason. Still a horrible template. The alts are also pretty bad. They have alot of potential with their theme, and have had decent jerseys before. Great logos (the 2D is way better than the 3D one), but for lack of creativity, they get a ©

MAPLE LEAFS: Perfect also. Bring back the old leaf, though. (A+)

THRASHERS: I, for some reason, kindof like the third. The home is alright. I like the unique idea of the city name on the arm. With alot of tweaks, they could be an awesome-looking team. Right now, it's meh all around. (C+)

HURRICANES: The alt is kindof a failure, but the primaries are still pretty decent. I, for some reason, like the piping on the shoulders. Would like to see the hem pattern continued on the sleeves, though. (B+)

PANTHERS: Epic fail. Third jersey is boring and uninspired. Their original jerseys were perfect and said "Florida" to me with their bright colors. Right now, ugh. (F)

LIGHTNING: Logo update is great. The jerseys are horrible, though. Their original ones weren't much better, however. (D-)

CAPITALS: Though I hated their jerseys at first, it fits them. Dare I say, it's the best color-within-the-lines teamplated jersey i've seen. The move to primarily red, though ironically somewhat soviet, works for them. The move to red white and blue was obvious, though the old blue-and-gold wasn't bad. Not their best jerseys, and the wordmark logo, though a good update, is kindof weak for a primary. In places their set is amazing, and in others it's disappointing, and brings down the whole set in the end. Kindof like every is season for them. (B+)


1. Toronto

2. Chicago

3. Columbus

4. Boston

5. Vancouver


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my top 10.

10. Islanders

9. Hurricanes

8. Rangers

7. Flyers

6. Kings

5. Bruins

4. Mapleleafs

3. Blackhawks

2. Devils

1. Red Wings


I wouldnt have picked those two but after seeing that photo I think you're right. Spectacular jersey matchup!

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New Jersey Perfect. Bringing back the red and green throwbacks once a year is a nice touch.

New York Islanders I'm not a fan of the classic Islanders logo, but it's not going anywhere. They've at least decided on a single shade of blue and a single shade of orange. Could be worse.

New York Rangers Dump the fauxback alternate after the 85th Anniversary. The primary home/road set is classic enough.

Philadelphia The throwbacks they've gone with full time are growing on me.

Pittsburgh Go back to the 1988-92 Stanley Cup set. The fascination with double blue and Vegas gold needs to end.

Boston All three sweaters are perfect. Resist the urge to bring back the Winter Classic fauxback sweaters.

Buffalo The home/road set is a nice combination of old and new. The alternate is average. It seems way to gimicky though.

Montréal The home sweater is classic. They really need a white version of it (like their throwbacks from a few years ago) to wear on the road as their current white road sweaters just seem bland.

Ottawa If any team gets to keep the generic template shared by the Sens, Pens, and Lightning, it's the Senators. The 3-D logo just doesn't work though.

Toronto They finally look like the Leafs again!

Atlanta They have a good idea for a uniform in there. It's way to jumbled as is though.

Carolina The black alternate, if coloured properly, would look nice. The home and road sweaters are very nice, shoulder piping aside.

Florida Every change this team has been to their uniforms has been a downgrade. The current primary set uses a generic template and the double blue alternate is a joke.

Tampa Bay They finally unveil a nice blue sweater, and ruin it by tacking the fan nickname for the team on the front Rangers style.

Washington Eh. They're fine.


Anaheim All in all I like what the Ducks have now. The home and road look nice, and the alternates works for what it is. I don't like the use of the Disney logo, but that's a minor complaint about an otherwise suitable look.

Dallas A team named the Stars shouldn't have the blandest look in their league. Yet they do.

Los Angeles The home and road purple, black, and silver look is played out. The alternate could be nice with a better primary logo.

Phoenix They've been ruined by the EDGE changeover. The loss of the waist stripes sinks the look.

San Jose I love the new Sharks look. The home/road sweaters are a little redundant though, using the full body shark on the shoulders.

Calgary The vertical striping is terrible. The piping to nowhere is pointless. The flags are laughable. Worst all-around look in the league.

Colorado Their current generic sweaters are terrible.

Edmonton Why they still insist on keeping the practice uniforms around baffles me.

Minnesota Three templates for three sweaters is never good. The identity has to many components to work at the moment.

Vancouver The orca and arched "VANCOUVER" is terrible. They have a lot of good elements in their current identity package, but as it is now there's a lot of unnecessary stuff too.

Chicago An Original 6 classic. The 'Hawks always look good. I do miss the old black alternate though. The awesome throwback alternate makes up for that, however. The pants they wear with their throwback? Best pants design in hockey.

Columbus Why this team insists on sticking with Copperplate numbers is beyond me. Other then that font and the uninspired third, however, they have a very solid look.

Nashville They have all the right elements of an interesting identity, it's just ruined by the generic template. The alternate is very nice as well.

St. Louis They had a true modern classic before the EDGE changeover. Now they wear clown suits. The alternate is ok, but not good.

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New Jersey: I love the jerseys. Simple designs are my favorite. The greens are nice too.

New York Islanders: Meh. I liked the navy better. Not a huge fan of the throwback fad. Love the pants though

New York Rangers: Classic design. The alternate is nice, but I would've rather seen the Statue of Liberty make a return

Philadelphia: Looks so much better now that they changed the jersey. Would love for a black alt in the near future.

Pittsburgh: I still hate these. Go back to black and yellow, ditch the blues, and i'll be happy.


Boston: The home & away are perfect. I miss the yellow alts though, especially the bear. the bear was my favorite.

Buffalo: Pick a blue and stay with it. The stitching on the numbers of the alts is ugly. and the grey isn't really needed on the primaries. Improved from last year.

Montréal: Can't mess with the home. They need to adopt a white version as the away too. Thankfully the throwback jerseys are done too.

Ottawa: Primaries look decent. the alt is still terrible.

Toronto: The stripes at the bottom did a lot for them. Alt is their best, though.


Atlanta: Keep the home jersey, but get rid of the two tones of blue. the aways and alt are bad.

Carolina: I like them all, but the piping on the whites can be removed. It doesn't look bad though

Florida: Go back to red. Until then the jerseys will be bad.

Tampa Bay: They finally unveil a nice blue sweater, and ruin it by tacking the fan nickname for the team on the front Rangers style.

Washington: Eh. They're fine.



Anaheim: I've never had an issue with the script as the logo. The alt is fine, except for the orange socks. that's where my attention goes.

Dallas: I love the jersey. It's incredibly boring, however. I also miss the uterus logo. It was unique

Los Angeles: The purple and black looks great. I'm one of the few who hates the alt though.

Phoenix: Very simple. It looks nice. Alt logo is bad though. just reminds me of a dog jumping for a Frisbee.

San Jose: I hate the teal, though that has nothing to do with the jerseys. the jerseys themselves are fantastic.


Calgary: I don't care for them, but I don't hate them. The throwback is nice

Colorado: Alt is a good look for them. the primary striping looks atrocious.

Edmonton: The fact that I still don't know which jersey is the home one is awful. The away needs to match the royal and orange jersey.

Minnesota: Adopt a green jersey for the home, but not the current alt. Never liked it. Too many different jersey styles.

Vancouver: The orca should stay around in my opinion. the alt is too much like the home as it is.


Chicago: Solid jerseys all around. the logo is my only issue.

Columbus: Vintage white for a team that's been around 10 years is stupid. The alts are boring, the primaries are pretty nice.

Nashville: Their jerseys are some of my favorites in the league. Good look

St. Louis: Royal or Navy. not both.


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New Jersey: A simple but solid look. They really need to make the red/green jerseys a permanant part of their set. Even if it's only a few times a year.

New York Islanders: I love their throwback look. I'd love too see them with this as an alt. I made it myself, but it would be great.

New York Rangers: Classic design, but I wish they would update their font somehow and have an updated shield logo. They updated it so many times in the past and now would be a good time for another one. The alt is great!

Philadelphia: The throwbacks are nice but what was so bad about their edge jerseys? I don't considered their former jersey design a failure.

Pittsburgh: I got used to the edge designs. I just hope they don't trash their baby blue throwback next year.


Boston: The home & away are perfect. Their overall set is not. Bring back the yellow winter classic and you have a perfect set! Their current alt is garbage.

Buffalo: Dump the front numbers, the pit stains and the piping from the home and away. Keep the alt permanently.

Montréal: The jerseys are untouchable. I'd love too see one of their throwbacks used for a permanent alt but I know realistically that it cannot be done.

Ottawa: Bring back some barberpole!!

Toronto: Over the summer, the Leafs got it right.


Atlanta: Keep the home jersey, get a new road and dump the motorcross jerseys. Either that or start from scratch, as long as they leave the home jersey alone. I really like it.

Carolina: Keep the jerseys as they are. Change the shoulder logo to actual Hurricane warning flags.

Florida: Update the logo and go back to a red 90s-ish look.

Tampa Bay: Fix the sleeves a little on the home and road. No piping on the alt.

Washington: Adopt the upcomming winter classic as a permanent alt.



Anaheim: The jerseys need to evolve with more orange but the alt design as it is now doesn't cut it.

Dallas: Use this for the home and road and use this as a throwback alternate.

Los Angeles: 3rd becomes the home with white away version and this year's purple throwback as the alt.

Phoenix: Add hemstripes. Use the paw circle more. Add a beige jersey.

San Jose: Keep'em as they are.


Calgary: Don't...and I repeat DON'T go vintage full time. The current black C on red look is beautiful. Go with more traditional stripes like the pre-edge ones and get rid of the stupid flags.

Colorado: Bring back the mountain pattern.

Edmonton: Make a road white to match the royal and orange home. It's been said so many times and people won't stop until it's done.

Minnesota: A cream version of the red home jersey for the road with cream helmets. That would be too sweet. Let them be the first to show the world that they have the courage to pull this off. Keep the alt.

Vancouver: Alt becomes home with matching white...again. This year's throwback becomes the alt. Use full body Johnny Canuck more. No Orca at all.


Chicago: Don't change a thing.

Columbus: The alt isn't strong enough to be the home. Keep the jerseys the way they are for now.

Detroit: Use the winter classic jersey again.

Nashville: This.

St. Louis: A thowbackish royal, yellow and white jersey for the home with a matching road. Keep the current crest and put the arch circle logo on the shoulders.

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Top 10:

10. Panthers Blue Home (Not the Faux-throwback) (Since this was introduced, I liked it, however I wish my team would go to a Red Jersey)

9. Red Wings Red (Classic/Needs to be trimmed at bottom though)

8. Maple Leafs ALT (the traditional logo looks great, as does the shoulder blue. Wish they used it full time with a Matchign Blue Jersey)

7. Kings Purple ALT (The old Purple Alt was better, but this still rules http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=0h2goofhm984dg3nesu3cpz2n

6. Sharks Black (Just looks pimp---gangsta----fly----any other ghetto term.)

5. Chicago Red (Just a classic, gotta love the flurry of colors on the indian headdress)

4. Bruins Winter Classic (This jersey was just awesome)

3.Flyers Orange Jersey (Like how this harkens back to the Broadstreet Bullies Days and the Orange Pops)

2.Sharks Teal Jersey (I like the way they blended this jersey together, but what I really love is the Logo on their Pants)

1.Flames Red Jersey (IMO the Black/Red/Yellow is blended perfectly. As a Cuban in Miami, I want a Kiprusoff jersey)

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