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New Contest: Winter League make-over


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This is a just-for-fun contest. As of right now, there's no prize, unless someone else wants to provide a signature.

The MLB has finally come to its senses about the winter leagues- they're unoriginal! In an effort to keep them interesting, all existing winter leagues have been disbanded, & a new one is forming, with one team for each MLB team. No more AZL-Rays, though. These teams will be entirely original. Your job is to pick an team and design their winter league team. They must have a name that is original, but related to their parent team, a new color scheme, primary & secondary logos, home/road unis, and as many alternates as you want.

Athletics- oakllandhusker- San Diego Elephants

Dodgers- oakllandhusker- Brooklyn Trolley

Indians- panthers_2012- Bowling Green Racers Snakes

Red Sox- lightning25

Marlins- Griffinmarlins- Okeefenokee Swampers

Rangers- Griffinmarlins- Broward County(FL)Officers

Twins- bosoxlover12

Rockies- skier14

Yankees- exaccardi- New Jersey Militia (Newark)

Giants- exaccardi- San Jose Titans

Diamondbacks- MC2

Angels- vicfurth

Astros- RAIDERNATION- Merritt Mercury

Cardinals- Heitert

Blue Jays- Heitert

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i'm new here, but i'll take the Twins

when are these due?

I'm new here also, that's why I'm doing this, to give myself & other new members some exposure.

Start working on your concepts as soon as you have an idea. It should make sense with the location and the parent team.

You're welcome to finish as early as you'd like. I'll figure out a due date when the teams are taken, & Start another thread for voting, which will basically be a bracket-style thing.

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Okay. I am a highly impatient person, & we're taking a very long time to fill up. So I'm going to pick up the pace by taking note of something a different contest once did. Everyone is welcome to take up to one team from the AL & one team from the NL, and create a winter league team with a name related to the parent club and the location, with a primary logo, a secondary logo, a wordmark, a home uni set, a road uni set, a bp uniform, and at least one alternate set...

Bolded items are new.

I'm going to start us off once again by taking the Dodgers.

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Just to clarify for everyone, an entry consists of:

a primary logo

a secondary logo

a wordmark

a home uniform package

a road uniform package

a bp uniform package

at least one alternate uni

a brief explanation of your team name and logo...

I know it's a lot, but there's no due date (yet), so...

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Has this contest been approved by the CCSLC Competition Council?

I actually contacted them, & they said that the Council hasn't approved contests for some time now. It was instituted because at one point there were four or five new contests a week, but that's no longer true.

So they guy said I could basically do what I want...

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A quick change in how a winner will be chosen:

After all of the concepts are posted (more details will follow... who knows when), there will be two sets of winners, picked in different ways. There will be the "Husker's Pick" winners, which will be the concepts I like the most (my concepts are not eligible for this prize), & the "Public's Pick" winners. People will list their top three in order, & I will add the votes up to establish the winner.

This is a change from my original plan. I just wanted to clear things up.

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