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2011 MLS AllStar Game Logo


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big jpg version here

Tiny/small details on the outside of logos such as these buildings/towers in this case will look weird and not be very visible on the jerseys (not to mention easily peal off) unless they basically put the logo on top of another layer with a diffrent colored background.

I'm not a fan of the design to be honest.

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I never realized how dated the current MLS logo looks.

How so? I still consider it a fine logo.

It may just be me, but with each passing season, the line thickness and the multi-shaded patches on the soccer ball seem unnecessary.

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Since the MLS patch is meant to show the league identity I think it makes sense to retain the original colors. The MLB logo is small and doesn't need to stand out on then uniforms. It is always shown in it's standard colors when placed anywhere else on the fields or stadiums. It's also keeping in line with other leagues as well that use one standard patch for the whole league. Though it would be cool to see the reigning champ have a special sleeve patch they wear all year, it's not needed since they wear an MLS designed scudetto badge on the front of the shirts.





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