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Stadium/Arena drawings


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Over at Deviantart.com, I started posted my seating charts for stadiums/arenas that I created. I'm not that great of drawing, so these designs are reall rough.

Here's my first stadium:


My desciption:

It's a college football stadium, a very large stadium. (The sport is American football, not soccer.) It's very similar to the proposed new stadium of Liverpool FC of the Premier League, or Invesco Field at Mile High, home of the NFL's Denver Broncos. The space between the three levels in the horseshoe portion of the stadium are luxury boxes/suites/skyboxes. Even though I didn't draw any indication on the sheet, the club seats are on the 2nd level of the horseshoe, but don't go all the way around The top parallelogram on one side is supposed to be a press box. There's a tunnel for soccer on one sideline, even though it's on the wrong side. And for the record, there will be no roof on this venue.

Here's the actual page with a description of what I was looking for fo this picture:

DeviantArt Page

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I like seeing stadium/arenas on here. I have designed many basketball arenas over the years. I'm working on a basketball leauge and at some point I hope create arenas for my teams. As far as your stadium, its hard to give much feedback when its so rough. Maybe use a ruler and add some color.

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But what if it's built and no one comes?

Shouldn't mods be above piling on and general asshattery?

Just sayin'.

Yes; slappy was in the wrong. You should also be past trying to be a back-seat mod after all these years.

If everyone could try talking about the designs rather than things you don't like about the original poster, that would be just spiffy.

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When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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[Mod edit: Off-topic taunting.]

Okay, so, the drawing is sloppy, try using a ruler otherwise the structural integrity of the building is shot. There's no detail, there's no way to tell where seats are, aisle ways, mezzanines, etc. Without your description there is no way to tell what sport this is for, or even that it's a sporting venue. Looks like it could be some sort of stylized C logo. Clean up your work, pay attention to detail.

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