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NFL Authentic jersey number advice?


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Sorry if this has been posted in the past, just looking for some advice. Like most people here, I have a ton of jerseys...mostly NHL authentics, MLB, and NFL replicas. I only have one NFL authentic, which is a Torry Holt Rams jersey that I bought at the Rams team store, so I know that it's 110% legit. The problem is, the numbers have started wrinkling and 'bubbling'. Not quite as bad as the Asian knock-offs, but you can imagine what I mean. Also, and this may be a Rams-specific issue, but the collar looks pretty bad now too. Maybe because the 'dazzle' like material (don't know the actual name). I've never dried it, and only wash it when absolutely necessary. I think the problem started when I put it in the washer one night and fell asleep...so it stayed in there crumpled up all night.

My question is, what, if anything can be done to make the numbers look better at this point? I know that I can't take an iron to it, but any other advice? This sounds stupid, because I know it's authentic, but I don't want to look like I'm wearing a Taiwan special when I paid $250 for it.

I can post photos if it would be helpful

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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