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Knicks Uniform Concept


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Hey guys, I was playing around with the new Knicks logo on inkscape a few days ago, and I had an idea for this concept. It's a little throwback-y but I think that it's pretty decent. Maybe this has been done before but in my time here I've never seen it. And yes, I understand that this is very simple, but it's just a start. I would really like some good feedback on this, because with work I think it could turn out to be pretty good.

So here they are....



As always C&C is welcome, as I'd like to improve this as much as possible.

And sorry for the size.

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Alright thanks for the feedback guys, I'll work on improving the shade of blue, and I'll see how it looks with outlines instead.

And phillyphan63- I know they changed their logo, I just couldn't find a version of it in .svg format.

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Yeah so did I, alright I'm gonna work on updating the blue right now. Thanks for the feedback once again.

And because the orange alt was already done by someone else, I guess I won't be making one.

Go ahead and make the orange alt. if you doing a whole uniform concept. It's not like your two designs are the same.

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Other than the suggestions that have been made here, I'm also not sold on the piping you're using on the shorts. I'm not really sure where you got that design, but doesn't seem to fit well with the rest of the uniform.

I was trying to incorporate the striping used on the throwbacks they wore this year:(But using only 2)


And I just thought it would look better if I crossed the two stripes at the bottom.

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I love the cross pattern on the side panels, I don't think I've ever seen that before. But I'm not feeling the drop shadow.

Thanks, it seems like that has been a real hit. I've been getting mixed reactions with the drop shadows though. Some said they liked it because it ties them in with fellow NY teams (Mets, Rangers). Others have said they don't like it as much. I'm really unsure what to do with them. The only thing is I really don't like how it looks with an outline.

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