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Buffalo Braves logo - Update


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I have been working on this Buffalo Braves logo on the last few days. I took the classic Braves logo and angled it upward. I also added basketball arrow to the word mark. In some ways, this is inspired by the Anaheim Arsenal logo. This may become a team in

my League if it is any good. I have had a team in Buffalo since 2002, but that team has been dormant since 2008 because it has not had a name. I have been trying to find an original name but I also love the "classic" name and I have several "classic" team names (San Diego Conquistadors, Seattle Supersonics, Louisville (Kentucky) Colonels, and Cincinnati Royals).

I love the idea of this logo, but it feels a little of to me and I don't if I am on the right track. I was hoping I would get some comments to help improve it. Here are 3 different versions with 2 color schemes. If I can get this to look as good as I think it can I will add unifoms.

Let me know if you think I'm on the right track here or if I should find a path to go down. Would this make a a good team for my league or should I find an original name? I appreciate any help.

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Good start and I like the idea of updating an old logo.

I'd say add a feather or two to what I think is an arrow, just to make it absolutely clear it is an arrow.

The words BUFFALO and BRAVES are tilted backwards while the rest of the logo tilts forward, which is making the whole thing seem a little off. Try making thoese words tilt forward equally with the bigger B.

There is also a big empty space to the right of the O in BUFFALO. I would fill that up (either by adding some feathers there or extending the word Buffalo farther to the right by adding more space between each letter).

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Thanks for the comments.

Jaha, I know what you mean about the angle of the font not matching the angles of the "B". I hate putting in the time editing fonts, but I guess I should just do and make it look right. In regards to the wordmarking, I know what you mean about the offset of "Buffalo". I moved it around a bite, but decided on the offset because the original was offset as well, I'm not a big fan of it either, I just wanted to keep than connection. I guess I never thought of spacing out the letters, thats a great idea, I think I will do that (why didn't I think of that?). I am trying to understand what exactly you mean about adding a feather or two to the arrow, can you explain a little more please?

Thanks again for the comments, if anyone else has anything to say, please speak up.

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I like it it's a good idea, but I have to ask why did you compress the feather on the arrow? It's ended up looking more like a paint bruch than a feather on the arrow. Enlongate it so it matches the one in the B and it'll look much better.

I'm really not feeling the font at all I'm afraid. It's pretty dull and the way it's cut feels to light and digital for what is a pretty bold name. I mean Brave is a bold statement it should have a font that reflects that. The font you've chosen might be ok if you just used it for Buffalo, although I have my concerns about it holding up at smaller sizes but be "braver" if you'll pardon the terrible pun when it comes to choosing a font for the name part of the logotype.

Good start but keep pushing and you can make it even better!


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Here's my update. I've changed the font so that its bolder and angled forward.

I also elongated the feather on the arrow, I still like to make it look more arrow-like but not sure how to do so.

This is not necessarily the color scheme I am going to use, I still need to decide what I am going to do there.

Thanks for the comments. I would love some more imput, I know there is more I can do to improve.

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