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NCAA Football iPhone 4 Wallpapers


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I was looking for Syracuse wallpaper for my iPhone's lock screen, but wasn't finding anything I was crazy about. After a couple of attempts, I'm happy with the results.

Syracuse%252520Orange%252520Blue%2525203.jpg Syracuse%252520Orange%252520Orange%2525203.jpg Syracuse%252520Orange%252520Grass%2525203b.jpg

I plan on making a series out of these. Let me know what you think.

Looks good. I love the simplicity.

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Here's the rest of the Big East in three posts. My wife already put in a request for her Iowa Hawkeyes, so the Big 10 will be up shortly. I'll try to get to the Vols, Sooners and Tigers today also.

Cincinnati Bearcats

Cincinnati%252520Bearcats%252520Black.jpg Cincinnati%252520Bearcats%252520Red.jpg Cincinnati%252520Bearcats%252520Grass.jpg

Connecticut Huskies

Connecticut%252520Huskies%252520Navy.jpg Connecticut%252520Huskies%252520Gray.jpg Connecticut%252520Huskies%252520Grass.jpg

Louisville Cardinals

Louisville%252520Cardinals%252520Red.jpg Louisville%252520Cardinals%252520Black.jpg Louisville%252520Cardinals%252520Grass.jpg

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