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Kansas City Chiefs logo


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I didn't notice this until I saw a concept on these boards, but there seems to be a difference in the logo the Chiefs use everywhere and the logo on their helmets.

This logo is from a radio station site that broadcasts their games and matches the one on the Chiefs website:


The logo on their helmets:

1. The bottom of the C does not level off, but is angled.

2. There is no white space between the leg of the K and the inside of the C.

3. Arrowhead is not as bumpy.

4. Helmet logo looks like a smaller version of the vintage Chiefs logo.


This is a current photo. If the "press" logo is used because it reads better, why not just put it on the helmet? Does any other team do this?

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I knew the arrowhead was different but I never knew the KC was too, good find. It must just be that it was harder to standardize before the computer age and some teams just never changed NYY, STL, KC

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I always wondered what the Chief logo would look like on a helmet if they dropped the black and replaced it with yellow. It's more their colors, but would the white/yellow be too close of a color?

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