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Blue Jackets Rebrand

hockey week

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I kept looking at the Blue Jackets and figured that they've never really gotten their image together.

So, with Remembrance Day and Veterans Day just passing us by, I had some thoughts.

I used the Kitchener Rangers' alternate logo (the doughboy) as a model and I hope mine isn't too similar (if it is, please say so, I'll go back and redraw it without the model this time)

Anyways, I wanted to fully embrace the Blue Jackets' Civil War theme, soldiers and all, and try to make a cross between it and hockey. Your thoughts?




Again, Kitchener's logo was a major influence on this, and if it's too much of an influence, say so. CC?

I'll respect any opinion that you can defend.

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Good concept, but needs a few fixes:

-The red/blue double-line thing below the collar and on the nameplate should go.

-Use just one shade of blue; with both they look like the Jets because of the red and silver

-The shadow on his face by the nose needs some tinkering.


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i would either ditch the red or one of the shades of blue. otherwise, this is a solid start. i would also change the chevrons to white on the home and blue on the road. heres an example i made a while ago:


keep up the good work!

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Made an update to the face. Thoughts? I can't do much about the sunglasses look. I'm definitely not adding eyes, no good can come of that with my skill level.


I'm torn on what color to eliminate.

I wanted to keep the red in because of the America theme and an attachment to the Jackets' current look, but that's the easiest to remove.

Either blue is difficult to remove because it's necessary to the logo, though I see the problem with the Jets. I'd rather keep the lighter blue because it will be more unique to the league, but I'm very open to thoughts.

Gray would be rather easy to remove, except for in the logo.

So which would be best to remove? How might I do that most effectively?

I'll respect any opinion that you can defend.

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When I see that logo I see Isaac Hayes.

I just don't think that's a Jersey logo. It's good, but just not meant for a jersey IMO. As for the jerseys themselves, I don't like how some colors are featured on one jersey, but virtually absent on another (union blue and red). I like cohesiveness between the uniforms. It's by no means a bad concept, though


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The the Blackhawks as an example... just because a colour occurs it the logo doesn't mean it has to occur anywhere else in the set. As long as it is completely absent on all jerseys, it shouldn't be a problem. Basically, just use the navy for shadowing on the logo, call it artistic licence, and go with the sky blue, red and white for the jerseys.

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