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Logo Concept for one of the local high schools

Mister Vicious

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are they using each one? i dont like the bottom left, its much too complicated. the bottom right a bit much as well. top left is my favorite, but id like to see the top right with Frontier replacing Titans. maybe thats not an option though?

the grey outer key stroke is useless. its so thin that it makes teh whole logo look cheap or badly cut out of something. either thicken it up considerably or lose it.

i agree with Sain on color, and i dont like it very much anyway. and im a big blue guy. if thats what you have to work with then, it will have to do but make sure you can match a Pantone or CMYK value to it




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Boy, that is nice. I take it you are connected to the school? If you aren't, I often find that I have the ideas to fix Arizona high school sports logos but not the skills...

Im loosely connected, I coach wrestling in the same league as them. But I'm a Graphic Artist by profession. I saw the current logo that was just a rip off of Tennessee. Figured a proper Logo was needed.

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