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Documenting Goon - Tim E.


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Take a look in the trailer in the interview footage. It's a little tricky because the pennants keep jumping around between shots (guess they didn't hire someone for continuity on the set), but at one point in the trailer at about the :03 mark while he's being introduced, the pennant over Glatt's shoulder looks like it says "CRAN..*..TON BULLETS" there's a glare on it so I cannot be sure. It looks like it might say CRANSTON (perhaps as in Cranston, Rhode Island which would fit in geographically with the rest of the teams). I'm not crystal clear if that is indeed the city, but after blowing the image up it, I'm fairly confident the lower and larger name does say BULLETS. There's another shot of it on the other side of the set later but nothing concrete.

The team might not have been featured in the movie on ice or have been evolved, but it is there nonetheless. Maybe it can be a "lost" team feature.

That might say Bullets, but I don't see Cranston and since those pennants are from three different leagues (Corsairs and Blackjacks are in the big league, the Highlanders are in the EMHL and the Assassins are in the NCHL) clearly they didn't care too much about continuity (they :censored: up quite a few times in the movie about who is in what league and at one point put a logo that's already been used on a new jersey template and trot it out saying it's a third - completely different - team which we already saw play in a different league... sigh, continuity errors).

but something interesting I can confirm from Goon's Merch website, it is team Canada:

Xavier Laflamme - Drafted 2nd overall by Montreal. Missed most of his rookie year with a concussion. Played for Team Canada. May have fathered multiple illegitimate children (claims unsubstantiated).
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Montreal Corsairs:

This is the first team I have done from the unnamed "big league". This team was the original home of badboy Xavier LaFlamme (Marc-Andre Grondin) before he got sent down. Only the road uni is shown in the film but the design is heavily based on the mid 90s Edmonton Oilers redesign so I was able to make a solid guess on the home uni.


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Concorde Minutemen:

This is a team in the EMHL. Only the road uni appears in the film but since it's just a knockoff of the original Atlanta Thrashers' unis, I was able to come up with the home.

The logo when displayed by itself in the film differs from the crest seen on the jerseys, I have no idea why, so I included both versions and had to slightly edit the crest on the home uni so it would remain visible.

I think "CONCORDE" on the crest is in blue, but I can't tell. My photos aren't super clear but all I know is it is some color that makes it near-illegible.


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If I had to guess, I'd say the filmmakers were trying to cover up a boo-boo. In the movie, it is spelled "Concorde" with and "e" on the end which is the French spelling. The English spelling, which pretty much includes most every other town dubbed with the name and more importantly the town in Massachusetts where the Minutemen got their fame is spelled "Concord"...without an "e".

Someone might have only noticed the mistake after the uniforms were made and since it would have cost too much money to redo, the name was probably blotted out with a marker, figuring the mistake would be covered up or at least far less obvious to all but the more attentive observer. Only the team pennant still seen briefly in the TV clips is still present.

Okay, it's just speculation, but it does make plausible sense.

We all have our little faults. Mine's in California.

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