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Documenting Goon - Tim E.


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Ok, so I just finished watching the upcoming hockey-themed movie Goon (it was pretty good, I enjoyed it. Not the best film ever but entertaining with lots of hockey and unis and logos.) I took some pictures and have decided to see if I can't replicate all the unis and teams featured from the fictional leagues in the movie: The EMHL and the NCHL (although there is a Big Show type league and apparently an international league too, but I didn't catch their names)



Now, none of these logos, teams or unis give up anything you can't decipher from one 30 second trailer of Goon so don't be worried about spoilers, this is just an exercise in a new template, new unis and new logos.

I'll keep track of my updates here in this post (as always):

Halifax Highlanders

Orange Town Assassins

St. John's Shamrocks

Team Canada

Team Russia

Montreal Corsairs

Concorde Minutemen

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Halifax Highlanders:

Not to be confused with the Halifax Highlanders. This is the EMHL team that the protagonist Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) plays for. The Third jersey is based on an old jersey framed behind the Halifax announcer when at home (though the front, socks and breezers are my guestimation).


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Orange Town Assassins:

This is the NCHL team where the protagonist Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) starts his career. The road jersey is based on the alternate crest seen on a practice jersey, but isn't shown in the film, so it's a bit of an educated guess.

These are basically Flyers unis with minor differences. The shoulder patch is only on the right shoulder (since every jersey in the movie has a KOBE hockey logo tattooed on the left shoulder) and is near impossible to make out exactly, but it is two crossed pistols with silencers.


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St. John's Shamrocks:

This is the EMHL team that the antagonist Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber) plays for. Personally, this set is a bit ugly (BFBS, the socks don't match the unis at all, the striping is meh...) but maybe since I'm not supposed to like Rhea, they didn't want me to like the unis. Great crest, though (but the actual shamrock is a bit weird in it's design).

I'm pretty sure the breezers are a dark shade of green, but I can't, for the life of me, figure it out from my photos.


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Team Canada:

This is the Canadian national team that the badboy Xavier LaFlamme (Marc-Andre Grondin) plays for.

Now, we only see the home uni briefly but from what I could tell, these are a combo of these Canadian unis and your standard Red Wings unis.

For the road unis (which I have hypothesized here), instead of going with a modern version of a Red Wings road uni, I went with an old one.


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Lookin' good so far.

I haven't seen the movie, but the movie's website clips from the movie's pseudo-sports show that has a whole bunch of pennants of fictitious hockey teams.

I'm surprised of the number of teams they created for this. I don't know if you have everything, but I went over the trailers and clips like the Zapruder Film trying to find details. I imagine you already have pictures of most if not all, but it might have details otherwise missed.

Halifax Highlanders (Blue & Orange)

St. John's Shamrocks (Black, Green, Yellow)

Orange Town Assassins (Orange & Black)


Lovell Kings (Indigo & Yellow)

Oshawa Iroquois (Pine Green, Scarlet, Gold & Black)

Concorde (SP) Minutemen (Cardinal Red & Navy Blue) Looks like they doctored a UMASS logo.

Canton-Akron Union (Black & Burgundy)

Cranston? Bullets (Purple, Silver & Black)

Windsor? Wheelers (Red, Grey & Black)

? Patriots (Red & Blue)

? Corsairs (Navy, Copper & Red)

Quebec? Victoire (Royal Blue & Yellow Gold)

? Blackjacks (Black, Gold & Red)

? (Black & Gold)

? (Royal Blue & Kelly Green)

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I'll help fill in some of the blanks:

Hamilton Steelers Cranston? Bullets (Purple, Silver & Black)

WINDSOR Wheelers (Red, Grey & Black)

ALBANY Patriots (Red & Blue)

MONTREAL Corsairs (Navy, Copper & Red)

Quebec Victoires (Royal Blue & Yellow Gold)

BOSTON Blackjacks (Black, Gold & Red)


MONCTON LORDS (Royal Blue & Kelly Green)

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Take a look in the trailer in the interview footage. It's a little tricky because the pennants keep jumping around between shots (guess they didn't hire someone for continuity on the set), but at one point in the trailer at about the :03 mark while he's being introduced, the pennant over Glatt's shoulder looks like it says "CRAN..*..TON BULLETS" there's a glare on it so I cannot be sure. It looks like it might say CRANSTON (perhaps as in Cranston, Rhode Island which would fit in geographically with the rest of the teams). I'm not crystal clear if that is indeed the city, but after blowing the image up it, I'm fairly confident the lower and larger name does say BULLETS. There's another shot of it on the other side of the set later but nothing concrete.

The team might not have been featured in the movie on ice or have been evolved, but it is there nonetheless. Maybe it can be a "lost" team feature.

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