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Minnesota Swarm "Black Out Cancer" jerseys


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The NLL's Minnesota Swarm had their annual "Black Out Cancer" game last night, and of course unveiled a black alternate uni for the occasion.

Unlike their two previous cancer-awareness night jerseys, which were merely recolors of their regular jerseys, this one features a different jersey design - and a completely new logo and wordmark. Though the Swarm organization have not said anything about a rebrand being in the works for next season, I find it hard to believe they'd go to all the trouble of making a whole new logo just for a one-off event like this. So, to me this move screams "sneak preview of new look for 2013" (albeit, presumably, in the usual blue and yellow next time).

Here are the jerseys:


And here is a close-up of the redesigned Swarm logo:


For comparison, here are the current regular Swarm unis:


Aside from the redesigned logo, the biggest change is that they (wisely) ditched the sleeve stripes so that the TV numbers on the sleeves can be seen more easily. The shorts don't have stripes either, but they don't have any other features either, which may mean they simply wore their black practice/warm-up shorts in game last night to complete the look.

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That logo's a solid downgrade from their usual stuff.

Looks to me like they're trying to combine their two current "bug" logos (the bumblebee wordmark and the lax-stick dragonfly) into a single mutant bug. That said, I'd need to see it in blue and yellow before passing judgment myself.

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I can see that fusion of the 2 logos being the inspiration for sure.

I really like the "lax-stick dragonfly" logo and I think they should stick to that logo.

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I'd consider the new chest logo a downgrade...

For what it's worth, the Swarm really could have a great look. The combination of honeycomb and sleeve stripes just looks way to overdone in my opinion. I few solid tweaks to make those elements more subtle could do wonders...

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