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Topps Football cards 1961 onward

Darth Brooks

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I got laid off so in addition to looking for work I've started a project, recreating Topps football cards starting with 1961.


Matt Kalil_1961_TOPPS by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


HarrisonSmith_1962_TOPPS by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Blair_Walsh_1963_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

I'll update this as I continue. BTW, if you have any tips on finding work or leads, I'd appreciate it. I started with Viking players but I will take requests.

E: made a change to the layouts.

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Jasper_Brinkley_1966_Philadelphia by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Audie_Cole_1967_Philadelphia by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

This is the last of the Philadelphia Gum Company cards. They were started in 1948 and were sold in 2003. They only held the NFL License for four years and IMHO the cards were pretty simple.


Jamarca_Sanford_1968_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Mistral_Raymond_1969_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

I like that smile.

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1987_Topps_Team_Packers by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

I'm going to apologize. I missed that they put post season on there too. I was looking of of GB's 1987 card.

Just a reminder - if you go to Flickr and hit Actions > View all Sizes you can see these in their native size (1600 x 1067).

You also paired a 2010 photo with the 2011 results :P

Still... this is pretty cool regardless. When I first started collecting cards, it was always the loser column that said "PACKERS PACKERS PACKERS," I'm just glad I get to see what it looks like in the winner's column for a change. Although I would also agree with what CDixon said... if you could find a way to "age" the photos, it would put these over the top.

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Love the idea, however, the photos could really use vintage effects to really make them "feel" retro. Seeing a crystal clear HD version of them just takes away from the overall design...

I was going to suggest that also. When I made mine, I ran some of the photos through an editor to make them look less clear, fitting with era of the card. The Portis and Thomas are good examples.








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Love the idea, however, the photos could really use vintage effects to really make them "feel" retro. Seeing a crystal clear HD version of them just takes away from the overall design...

I'll think about it. It needs to be selective. Solid colors (usually black) wouldn't have the halftone effect so it's not something you could do image wide. If someone has a favorite method I'm willing to listen.

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Kevin_Williams_1970_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Joe_Webb_1971_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Christian_Ponder_1972_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Percy_Harvin_1973_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Everson_Griffen_1974_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

I'm thinking of tweaking Ponder's card, rotating the back and getting rid of the border. These continue to evolve and I'll probably go back and unify the designs when I'm done.

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Backs of the cards look great.

I don't know squat about advance editors such as Photoshop and the like, but if you want to make the front of the cards more vintage looking you could even quickly try some of the online photo editors to see if their effects are to your liking. Here's a couple:

Fotoflexer has a retro, cross process, and lomoish setting (that one too 'modern' for the era your cards are from); you could also ad a bit of film grain. Lunapic has a blur & retro setting.

A free download of digital photo filters is Opanda's Photofilter - picking the right filter color may also help to create a more vintage look.

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I've been thinking about when I'll end this. I really don't have an interest in going all the way to 2011 cards. What would be special about that? After I hit most of the starters and a few back ups I should be into the 90's (1961 + 22(starters) = 1983. Add in a few backups (and kickers) and I should run out of guys to do in the late 80's / early 90's)


Erin Henderson_1979_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Jared_Allen_1980_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

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If want to try another sport - I'd personally like to see hockey.

O-Pee-Chee and Topps were the main brands for "older" cards before everyone got into the act in the 90s. Parkhurst in the 50's and 60's were another brand.

I especially like the back of the O-Pee-Chee 1979/80 cards with the stats and info inside a skate shape.

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