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Topps Football cards 1961 onward

Darth Brooks

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About That Jerome Felton Card...


Jerome_Felton_1991_Topps by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

Link to Template is here: http://www.mediafire...99zcg4k1xy9a3ri

man this template takes me back. my parents bought me christmas of that year that tops card set. I probably have maybe 1/3 of that set still left. but that was the set that got me into card collecting.

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I decided to make more card replicas, this time instead of just Topps, it's the major card companies of 1991. Why 1991? It was the breakout year for companies getting into the business. Topps of course, but they had been joined by Pro Set, Fleer, Upper Deck, Pacific, Score and Topps subsidiary Bowman, along with side sets like Topps Stadium Club, Pro Set Platinum, Fleer Ultra and others. The field got very crowded and some of these companies would drop out in a few years. I'm going to make templates for the companies using draft picks & free agents. I'm using Viking players but I'll take requests.


Shariff_Floyd 1991 UD Replica by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Xavier_Rhodes 1991 ProSet Replica by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Corella_Patterson 1991 Topps Replica by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Gerald_Hodges 1991 Score Replica by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


Jeff_Baca 1991 Bowman replica by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

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I'd have to dig out my sets (or you can look at checkoutmycards ) but I suspect that each year had a certain set way of arranging front to back. From what I've seen of TOPPS it was probably the same every year. I kinda ignored that when making these which is why they may vary a little.

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Doing a couple more cards. With these two I was waiting for preseason because I could find photos I liked.

First one is Greg Jennings. Classy player on a classy looking card. Pros Set Platinum were really nice looking cards. They weren't meant as a "main set" but as an alternative with more emphasis on a more artistic design.

Platinum_Jennings by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

Fleer cards, at least in 1990 and 1991 were ugly. The '91 set were printed on a flat cardstock that looked washed out and dull. You can make your own judgements as to why Cassel is on here.

1990 Fleer Matt Cassell by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

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I'm continuing my way through 1991. Next is Wild Card. I'm convinced they designed these in Corel Draw. The text effect is not something that Photoshop does not do easily. It's a clumsy effort at a time when Photoshop made good design stunningly easy. Player is a Dolphins player who got clowned in a preseason game. Dude will probably get better when he actually has a chance to practice and play in his proper position, but for the moment it's infamy enough for this set.

91 Wild Card by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

My god were they an ugly.

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