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Tampa Bay Rays Concept


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I'm usually open to changing the Rays' color scheme, but I ultimately decided that I'll keep the navy blue/light blue color scheme. It's associated with very nice success and even a World Series birth in which they shocked the baseball world taking on the Phillies in the Fall Classic.

They're current jerseys are a little too plain for my liking. They have a job shadow on their script on the front of their uniforms but not on the numbers, just a bit of a pet peeve of mine about their uniforms. I also took their "RAYS" wordmark and fancied it up a little bit. The road includes "TAMPA BAY" on them finally. The piping on the sleeves greatly enhances their uses of light blue. A new cap with a light blue brim and button has been added. I also re-did the cap logo, it now has the "TB" match the drop-shadowed script. The sleeve patch is the current primary mark.

Hopefully, these little changes spruce up the uniforms a little bit!





Home Alternate:


Away Alternate (Version 1):


Away Alternate (Version 2):


Which away alternate looks better 1 or 2? Let me know.

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Overall, this set is pretty strong. The new scripts, especially the road script are the best one could do with them. What I mean is that the script itself is so generic looking that not much can be done about it. You scripts definitely take it to another level. However, the lack of placket piping really keeps this from excellence. As much as you tried to make a boring script pop, it still needs a little something else to accompany it. Of course, that would just mean having a single navy blue piping rather than your piping of navy-columbia blue-navy. Speaking of which, I've never thought that the outer layers of three-tier piping should differ with the outer outline/drop-shadow of the script on the chest. Things like that just stick out like a sore thumb. For example, navy is the outer layer of piping here, but your script has a columbia blue drop-shadow. I just feel that there needs to be consistency. However, you did a really good job improving what they have, but something more dramatic needs to be done to aid their brand.

Concept Itself: 7/10

Real-World Practicality: 8/10

My favorite jersey is the Away Alternate (Version 2) which also answers your second question of which away alternate I like more.

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