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Corporate Logos That Contain Subluminal Messages


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I knew about a couple of these, but there were a few that I didn't realize. The FedEx and the Toblerone one surprised me the most.


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Ahh, the old "there's an arrow in the FedEx logo?!" thread.



But in all seriousness I thought most of those in the link have made the internet rounds a few times. And it's just creative logo design. Subliminal messaging isn't a thing.

Not only do none of these particular methods work, as far as we know, no methods for subliminal messaging work. No, your brain can't pick up backward messages when played forward, and even when you intentionally play a track backwards, most of what you think you hear is a product of your own imagination.

The one study that claimed subliminal "flash frame" advertising worked (saying that rapidly flashing "Drink Coca-Cola" and "Hungry? Eat Popcorn" on a movie theater screen lead to massive increases in the sales of both products) is now believed to have been based on falsified data, if it ever actually happened at all. As for neuro-linguistic programming, well, there's a reason why the main guy known for using it is a magician.

But this is common sense. If there really was a reliable method for distributing invisible and unheard messages that could turn the masses into robots, whoever mastered it first would utterly rule the world.

They wouldn't need a military to invade another country, they'd just have to get their broadcast heard by the population there, and they would be helpless to resist. The fact that every single government in the history of the planet has failed to invent a method for this, no matter how badly they wanted it, makes us pretty comfortable in calling it BS.


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Don't feel bad. The other night the NBC affiliate here in Atlanta had graphics under Obama saying he gave a "speach" here. Later in the same broadcast they talked about a fundraiser at a business called Monkey Joe's and spelled it "Money Joe's" in the bottom graphic. This is a regular (at least once a week) occurrence for that station, which astounds me since they're one of the major networks in one of the biggest TV markets. Their most epic one so far is misspelling "school" in a story about the Atlanta school cheating scandal. A classic for the ages.


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