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Strike Three Challenge I


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Welcome to the first S3 Challenge. Here's what the "challenge" is - pick a TV show, any current or past, and cross it over into a football uniform.

The only rule - the team has to be in the city/state that the show takes place in.

The deadline - Monday, June 21, 2004 at noon

The prize - some cool medal image, that I've yet to make.

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Is it okay if I enter with Madden screen shots? I did a TV show one I rather like--and I'm not talking about the Star Trek ones I did...

I can do it on a regular template as well, but if I could enter it with screen shots I already have--well that saves some time... but I will abide by your ruling as it is your challenge...

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Let me tell you guys one thing... that helmet looks EXACTLY like it should. I had NO probelms doing the graphics the exact way i wanted. So, no, it isnt a poorly rendered charlie brown stripe. (but good guess) B)

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