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JNetoo0's Soccer Concepts


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Hey guys, I'm José Neto, I'm 17 years old and live in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I take the sporty design as a hobby and work at Aktion Sports, a sports supplier that works with teams below. Well, I do not know what else to say, I apologize for my english, not my, Google Translator lol.
Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and to begin the topic, I present these ideas to the team that I cheer the Marília Atlético Clube!


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Shouldn't the home shirt be white with blue vertical stripes, just like the logo? I like your designs and hope that the team will adopt your ideas!

ingmar66, the team uses a standard on all blue home shirt, the stripes have been used before, but it happened a few times, the darker blue I used was only used once, in 2007 when the team wore Wilson and disputed the Second Division Brazilian. I was glad you like it, I hope you follow my drawings! (Google Translator)

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I think you deserve some feedback for the work you have done...

Marilia - I like these and do not think a striped shirt is necessary as ingmar66 says and you have rightfully responded. I like the colours you have chosen for the 3rd shirt. There are only 2 things I do not like. 1) The shirt sponsor is a little low and will probably be lost when the shirt is tucked in. I know what you are trying to do but I am not sure it is executed correctly. 2) The adidas stripes on the away shirt are not as visible as I think Adidas would make them in real life.

Palmeiras - I think these are some really classy kits. I love the throwback blue shirt. I know they have done this before with the retro badge but yours is as good as that and as any concepts I have seen, although maybe a V-neck would be more realistic to the true retro shirt than a collar. Once again, the sponsor on the blue shirt isn't too easy to see but I know this is probably your choice and the reasons for doing this are understandable to make it look as retro as possible as sponsors did not exist in those days.

Juventus - This shirt reminds me of this Newcastle shirt - Which is a shirt I liked. However, I thought it had too much black compared to white and you seemed to have fixed this problem but for Juventus. Using gold trim helps identify this as Juventus though. I think it is an important inclusion.

Galaxy - No complaints here from me. I know some people would like to see Galaxy go back to yellow and green, however you have done a great job using the current colours. The use of a sash effect across the chest, with the diamond shapes is definitely something LA Galaxy would do. Interesting to see put on a Kappa template. Despite all of the patterns, you have also managed to create a realistic Kappa style shirt, with the tight fitting shirt.

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Great designs. My only issue is that the kit manufacturers are not the same as they are in real life. By that I mean Juve have Nike kits, but you have Juve in Adidas kits. That being said, having the real world kit sponsors is just something I like to do personally!

The designs themselves are very nice. My favourites are Argentina and LA Galaxy. I look forward to seeing some more!

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