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World Hockey League


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I started a fantasy hockey league called the WHL, with many new fantasy teams in obscure locations such as Johannesburg and Cairo, combined with many NHL carryovers. A few jerseys are very small edits (Buffalo, LA etc.) So yes I realize that they aren't outstanding work.

Any criticism is welcome.

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Baltimore Bandits-

Combined of Flyers and Penguins players, moved in a new location. Utilizes cookie-cutter Penguins template and Raven's intimidating colors, as well as the logo of a minor league baseball team. I did this about two years ago when I first started out so not my best work, I personally believe it's a 4/10.


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Beijing Mad Pandas-

The first concept that was really out there. I wanted a Chinese team, but wanted to stay away from the typical mascots (Dragon, Ninja, etc.) and didn't want to use red and gold. I came up with the Mad Pandas, and used black and white for obvious reasons. Green is an accent color. The logo is designed by yours truly, and was inspired by the Thrasher's logo of the bird whirling around. The uniforms are fairly simple.


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The panda head is kinda obviously a clipart-y head pasted in, and the alternate is http://asklogo.com/show/detail/B/baylor-bears-244-logo#.UvQqk_ldVu4 . I know you didn't say anything about the alternate logo though. Also, I think that if you think your 1st concept was a weak 4/10 (i didn't mind it at all, but if that's your opinion), then why post it? Before showing us, revise it to make it a 9/10 in your books!

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Berlin Auto-

A team clearly inspired by the German flag, and one of Germany's leading exports, automobiles.The striping is simple and follows Germany's flag. The old Bison's 'B' was adopted because it reminded me of a car logo that would be put on the grill.


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I was busy for the past couple days so I'll catch everything up in one post.

Brasilia Aztecs-

Although the Aztecs did not inhabit Brazil for the most part, it still makes for a pretty cool name. Logos credit to San Diego State. The jerseys are simple with red and bronze.


Brooklyn Riot-

Black and white has become the colors of Brooklyn thanks to the Nets. The logos are designed by me, minus the fonts and general shape. I wanted to tie into the Brooklyn of the roaring 20's, with blockbuster gangster movies exaggerating the borough's culture. The jerseys are really classic and simple.


Boston Browns-

With Winnipeg taking the bear as its mascot in this league, I wanted Boston to not be the bruins, so I swapped a 'u' for a 'w'. I then made another small change in bringing back the brown. I just made the jerseys as simple as possible while keeping it classy.


Buffalo Sabres-

The first direct carryover team. No major changes here in the home and roads, except the blue is lighter, the shoulder piping is gone, and the b-sword logo returns. The pant striping is also different. On the alternate I wanted to keep it yellow and modern, but improve on their current jersey. The striping is modern but sensible, and it looks clean. The old word-mark is edited and altered to fit over the logo symmetrically, and a sword is put through it. The numbers also have the same stitching style that wa featured on the throwback alternates in 2010.


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8 Teams to get to in one day-

Cairo Cats:

The Georgia State logo was perfect, as the panther is laying like the Sphinx, a powerful symbol of Egypt. The colors are a little out there, the gold represents Egypt being the center of much of the Golden age, and is darkened to go better with the jade. The jerseys are borrowed from the Moncton Wildcats because why not.


Calgary Swords-

This was a concept that was started on a sheet of notebook paper in 2007, and I didn't bother to change much when I put together the fantasy league. In hindsight, there are probably a lot better monikers and logo choices I could have made with Calgary, but what is done is done and it isn't half-bad.


Chicago Indians-

Since many in my generation really are too clueless to understand the name "Blackhawks" I simplified the name to "Indians". I went with simple as a common theme for this team, and just let the jerseys match, and kept a lot of elements from the old Winter Classic jersey.


Colorado Avalanche-

Aside from not a single pro-sports team in Denver having a similar color scheme to one another (Pittsburgh Black/Yellow) and a fantastic state flag to build a brand from, I love Colorado's brand.... except the cookie cutter sweaters. I loved Everett's mountain theme jerseys and thought they'd be perfect for the Av's, which in a way they are. I added a phantom yoke because the balance on the design seemed off without it. Black is kept to a minimum, and the alternate is updated to a different, pre-existing template, that seemed like steep peaks on the sides and cuffs.


Crystal Beach Seals-

My friend is the head of this team, and dictated all the design features, and I did what I was told, despite the mess it created.


Dallas Bulls-

For some reason I associate the state of Texas with the color orange. I don't know why, but both Texan teams feature orange here. I didn't do very much here, but it looks clean, classy, and collected.


Detroit Wheels-

What if James Norris chose the other part of his old club: the Winged-Wheelers, as his new franchise's nickname, but kept the same logo? That's what I went for here. I gave them very classic, matching jerseys, and added more black, which I felt tied into the "gritty" culture of the city of Detroit.


Edmonton Eagles-

I set up the jerseys before choosing the name, but I knew I wanted the Oiler's scheme with a matching road white, and an orange alternate. The Eagle's name just kinda was imagined and a simple eagle logo was borrowed from the Caps and that was that. The patch logo is the Springfield Falcon's alternate rotated sideways to form an 'E'.


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Hamilton Beavers-

Classic striping on the jerseys here, The beaver was chosen as it is a symbolic animal of Canada. The colors just fell into place. The secondary 'H' is sharpened logs that form the


Houston HC-

A club that would have obvious ties to the soccer team, the Houston Dynamo. Really the MLS team served as the soul inspiration of this team, minus the logo. The logo is simple, the skyline of Houston topping of a pentagon with some western accents and a modern font.


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I'm a little lost. Are you just recolouring other teams/peoples logos and jerseys?


Yeah, I get your point. I started this project two years ago, and wasn't very big on doing my own logo design. I did try to phase that out towards the end of the series, and some came out good, and others not so much.

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Johannesburg Jaguars-

I wanted to heavily connect to the soccer "history" (if you will) that Johannesburg has, hence the logo placement and the all teal/ all white uniforms. Striping was simple, and the Predators numbers were used because a jaguar is a predator and the lines in the logo represent both guitar strings and claw marks.


Las Vegas Gamblers:

My third attempt at drawing my own logo. Vegas Gold was an easy choice, and the indigo complements it nicely. The logo is obvious based off the famous "Welcome to Beautiful Las Vegas!" road sign. I toned that down a bit, drew some playing cards, and added the establishment day just to fill some of the vast indigo void. The dice were simple. I wanted a classic jersey set, and the Blackhawks template, with a few tweaks on the arm, gave me just that.


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London Royalty:

Yes, England. Red, white, and blue were chosen over red, black, and gold (not yellow). The logo set is based off the Kings, with one being a former King's logo, the other is modeled off their current primary. The jerseys are simple and classy, like a typical English gentlemen.


Los Angeles Kings-

Some basic and small changes here. I added a purple collar insert and the King logo on the shoulders. The road is also now an inverse of the home. The alternate I did before the Stadium Series was announced. I put a bit more purple in that, with simple stripes.


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