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National Water Polo League


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I am trying to start a fictional water polo league . Water polo has always been a cool sport but never got much popularity in the usa. i will start from 1889 a year after the first water polo game was played in USA.

On March 20 1889 Trevor Lyman a successful business man began to develop an interest this this new sport. using some of his money he developed the National Water Polo League and founded the first team the Manhattan Water Polo Club

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Regarding the league logo. Certainly need to do something to make the letters stand out. I think I would try white letters with maybe a black outline. I would forgo the multi-color letters.

As for Manhattan I think it is good. Not much more needed, it will work.

Just a question: are you not going to give the teams a nickname? For instance you are calling the first team simply Manhattan Water Polo Club. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I think it might be fitting of the era, just curious about what might be expected going forward. Just a thought many sports clubs originally began with generic names like this and over time nicknames (Yankees, Dodgers, Orioles) were given to them via the public and/or media.


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