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Fictional Football Team


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Here is a concept for a team in a town that started as a railroad town: Cary, North Carolina. The team is called the Locos after locomotives, which helped build Cary to what it is today:




The helmets are a matte gray and a matte green, and the striping is supposed to represent a railroad.

Comments? Suggestions?

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Phenomenal work. One of the few ways I have seen grey as a secondary color executed greatly.

Thanks a lot! I figured that the grey could work for the mettle or something from the trains.

I would use more of a charcoal grey

Great idea! I tried it, though, and I don't think that it provides enough contrast between the grey and the green that way. If you can think of a way to make that work, tell me, and I'll try it! Thanks! :D

Interesting concept. Very unique!


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