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Bucs Concept


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Hello everyone,

I had been working on a Bucs concept after the helmet and logos were revealed and had hoped to have it finished before we saw the uniforms. I got a little busy over the weekend and obviously wasn't able to finish in time but wanted to share my concept anyway. The NOB and number font is Bradley University's from Conrad's Number/Font concept thread. Credit to him for my use of it here. I modified the 4 a bit to fit what I had in mind for this concept. I was going for a modern Nike look, while trying to maintain the simplicity and brand from the last uniforms. C&C always welcome. Thanks!


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I'd have been cool with this...much more cohesive and straightforward. I'd thin out the numbers some, or at the very least reincorporate the super-thick black borders.

Off-topic: I've not yet seen a back view of this particular photo template...anyone know where I can find a full-res version of either or both of those?

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