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  1. Next team! Washington Capitals I've always thought Washinton's 'screaming-eagle' was far and away the best primary they've ever had and my goal was to recast it in more patriotic light. I kept the bronze and blue from the 90's set and replaced all instances of black with red. The multicoloured stars on the stripes tip the hat to the inaugural look while the winter classic logo makes for a simple yet effective shoulder patch. C & C welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  2. And there goes any reason to care about this season.
  3. Thank you to everyone who commented. Next we have the upcoming expansion team... Vegas Golden Knights No matter how many times I tell my brain my otherwise, I can't help seeing the Knight's grey as a teal green. Since I think their scheme is as dull as dishwater anyways, I decided to ditch the grey for a green-heavy shade of teal. I think this change results in a far more colourful identity that better reflects Las Vegas. I kept the hem and sleeve stripes simple and for the first time in the series, implemented a piping design to compliment the angular feel of the primary logo. Lastly, I added a gold 'V' to the pants to compliment the primary logo. C & C welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  4. Give the stripes the colour distribution of the current set, wrap the hem stripe all the way around and you've got the perfect Ducks identity. The horizontal 'swoosh' was so much more effective than the wacky side panels and it tipped the hat to the Mighty Ducks years.
  5. Continuing with the red theme, I bring you the... Florida Panthers For the record, there is nothing I would change about the Panthers inaugural set but that wouldn't make for a very interesting concept. Instead I sought to merge elements of those uniforms with the stripped back look of the recent re-design. I ditched the West Point inspired crest, went with the original logo and brought back the angular shoulder yokes. The shoulder patch is simply the Florida flag with the sun in the center, as I thought having panthers on all three logos would be redundant. Navy has been added the cuffs to make the colour scheme a little more balanced and a diagonal word-mark was created for the helmets and pants. C & C welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  6. I'm hoping posting a Canadian team in red will give the Senators some luck tonight . Calgary Flames While this team definitely needs a look based off traditional hockey aesthetics, I don't think ditching black is the way to go. Yellow and red are very bright colours and they need a bit of black for things to contrast properly. The home jersey is based off the cup winning set with minimal black highlights and consistent hem & sleeve stripes. Since it's impossible to do a reverse version with the colour hierarchy intact, I gave the road jersey a slightly different striping pattern. The alternate is based of 2004 home jersey. this time with straight hem stripes and an Albertan shield in place of the horse. C & C welcome and appreciated, thanks for dropping by!
  7. Next team Arizona Coyotes The Coyotes current set has really grown on me so my goal was to take its basic essence and make it bolder. The most important change was to implement real hem-stripes and fix the weird inconsistencies with the cuff stripes. 'Sand' is now a prominent part of the striping configuration to make things more cohesive with the primary crest and I added a sublimated flag-pattern to the upper sleeves for some added personality. I replaced the shoulder patches with a logo that hints at the inaugural look to honor the teams history and demoted the 'paw print' to the helmets. For the alternate, I drew inspiration from the alternate class of 1996 but opted against tacky gradients and asymmetries. The sublimated flag-design takes center-stage on a dual-colored jersey, reigned in with traditional striping on the hem and sleeves. C & C is very much appreciated, thanks for looking!
  8. I have this funny feeling they will do exactly that. Senators in 7.
  9. Exactly what I was planning on unveiling next Minnesota Wild With Dallas rightfully adopting the North Stars identity, I wanted to create an alternate look that gave a subtle nod to Minnesota's original team without infringement. Since it wouldn't work on Dallas, an altered version of the 'N-Star' appears on the main crest of their alternate as a tribute. A solitary 'north-star also appears on the helmets to solidify this connection. The main set is based off current road jersey, with red and wheat being worked into the traditional striping for a more cohesive look. The scenery bear is one of the best logo's in NHL history so it only made sense to put it on both jerseys. C & C appreciated as always, thanks for looking and commenting!
  10. Next! Dallas Stars Since the North Stars and Stars are the same franchise with shared record books and history, I've always advocated they adapt elements of their original identity. The main set is modeled after their 1988-1991 look which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest uniform sets of all time. To further the "classic" feel, I added tri-coloured lace ups, vintage white to the home iteration, and made the logo as direct as possible; a simple, italicized star. The pants retain the three stars but I decided to go with green to make sure the road look wasn't too black-heavy. The alternate is there to evoke the 1993/94 set with some minor changes. I took the current 'Texas' patch, replaced silver with gold and applied the original italic star. Green is a little more prominent and I nixed the shoulder to sleeve yokes that interrupted the sleeve stripes. The 'Dallas' script returns to the pants and is now framed with thicker, green stripes. C & C welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  11. Appreciate it! I didn't think the overlapping logo would be a big deal since the numbers would overlap on the back anyways. Teams like Pittsburgh are tough. You don't really want to change what they currently have but if you didn't, it wouldn't really be a concept. The safe thing to do would have been to just change the hem stripe on the road but I wanted to push myself and come up with something new. Maybe its a little on the busy side but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's likely I will update a few teams after all 31 are posted so maybe I will go back to the drawing board. At any rate, I appreciate the constructive criticism. I didn't think the diagonal sleeve stripes were necessary. The main focal point of the uniform is the diagonal hem stripe so I straightened the sleeve stripes to make it more prominent. Appreciate you taking the time to critique all the concepts posted thus far. You're making me feel bad about ripping on the Ducks so much . I knew the OC patch wasn't going to be liked by all but I think it compliments the Duck Foot better than the current roundel. I see what you mean about the empty space but it would be there with the diagonal stripe reversed as well. Maybe it will see an update in the future. A lot is depending on the Adidas reveals at the draft.
  12. Last of the 2017 final four... Anaheim Ducks The one thing this team got right with their 2006 re-brand was the decision to carry over the diagonal stripes, albeit reversed and 'swooshed.' I decided to take that decision further by bringing back the original striping intact. The recent alternate inspired me to make orange the primary colour and I decided to go with orange helmets (a league first?) to set them apart from the Flyers. I thought the 'OC' patch looked really good on their stadium series uniform so I put it on both shoulders. The alternate is straight-up throwback to the mighty years and the helmet retains the original word-mark with "mighty" removed. C & C welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  13. When does a Ducks win NOT end with a fluke goal. this, I've got better things to do with my time... Enjoy your cup ya bunch of d-bags
  14. Ducks are going to win the cup aren't they.... I hate this team.