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  1. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    +1. A rare case where the addition of black takes a colour scheme from good to great.
  2. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    No, I definitely don't want a stealth look. Having a jersey with logos and striping that disappear into a void of black is a bad idea... The uniform looks fine up close but from a distance it doesn't look much better than Tampa's new alternate. And it's a shame because the Team and Adidas did some good things. The circuit-board striping is an inventive touch and the decision to bring back and update the original 'fin' was long overdue. Still, the contrast issue turns it into more of a lateral move than an upgrade. Definitely guilty of that, my bad. Complaint still stands.
  3. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    I'm noticing a pattern too. A pattern that has Adidas spending more time on trendy embellishments than the actual design of their jerseys. How much better would the "stealth" stealth jerseys look if they'd taken contrast into consideration, how improved would the Hurricanes alternate look if "storm grey" wasn't confined to the yoke and how much better would Tampa's alternate look with some blue and white striping. Make solid design first, then worry about the embellishments.
  4. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    It shows. Their home and roads have never looked better in spite of not matching. I just hope they aren't thinking of going the black-for-black's-sake route when they have the opportunity to make a vastly improved version of the Iron-Range Reds.
  5. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    Some blue and white stripes would go a long way. Then the new, Adidas embellishments become cool little extras instead of the focal point of the design.
  6. Morgo

    NHL 2018-19

    It looks like Adidas put a bunch of bells and whistles on a uniform they forgot to design. On the ice it looks like a continuous-grey, indiscernible mess.
  7. Morgo

    NHL 2018-19

    Yeah, and the Penguins & Bruins should really do something about their radioactive-cat-pee trim.
  8. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    Sure you would do that, but the team clearly wanted to use the classic striping with their original colours. That configuration was already the basis for their alternate that saw action in the 07 playoffs. Call it copy-and-paste all you want but thought still went into it. They didn't just decide to make a half-assed uniform because they couldn't license Johnny Canuck. Look at how many teams adopted click-and-fill templates during the Edge rollout. The Canucks pushed for traditional striping when it wasn't popular to do so.
  9. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    This simply isn't true. The Canucks spent a significant amount of time on their 2007 jerseys and, if you compare them with the rest of the inaugural Edge jerseys, it shows. If the league was limiting them, they would have used the Edge-ified West Coast Express prototypes that leaked a few years back...
  10. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    Is this speculation or have you heard definitely that these are their plans?
  11. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    If the rumor I mentioned earlier is correct the Canucks are in for a significantly improved uniform.
  12. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    This article doesn't give any new information on what's happening to the main jerseys beyond speculation. Or the new alternate for that matter.
  13. That Sharks jersey is a massive improvement over the stealth look. I also like the idea behind those jerseys but the decision not have the black and teal separated by white makes for a monochromatic dirge on the ice. You've fixed this issue with a proper colour hierarchy and some creative striping to boot. The shoulder yoke is also a tasteful touch that recalls their first Edge look. My only suggestion would be to make the primary logo a bit smaller and give it a white outline so the fin doesn't get lost against the black background. Stellar work though, I look forward to seeing what you do for the Canucks.
  14. Morgo

    NHL changes 2019-20

    Has anyone heard anything? The only info I could find was a poster on the Canucks forum who said "a little birdy" told him the script was leaving an otherwise unchanged jersey.
  15. Morgo

    NHL 2018-19

    They may have done away with striping but thank god they kept that "Bolts" word-mark