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  1. I don't think even the most stringent detractors of the Golden Knights would argue that point. Whichever uniform they win in is going to look great with the Stanley Cup. Come on now, The Blackhawk's last championship was only 3 short seasons ago.
  2. I bought an authentic jersey for my collection back in November, simply because I thought it looked great. I never would have dreamed this team would be playing for the cup and subsequently reducing the NHL to a laughingstock. Now I can't even look at the damn thing.
  3. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    The rainbow skyline is an abomination regardless of how they re-colour it. Just awful. As for the recent colour change, I really don't get this team. The powder-blue, gold and navy was unique and looked spectacular. As many have already pointed out, the new scheme looks like the bastard child of the Cleveland Cavaliers and their abysmal 1993-2003 palette. This team makes the Vancouver Canucks visual history look restrained.
  4. They aren't going to lose though. They will either face a flukey Lightning team or the Washington-freaking-choke-artist-Capitals. The only question is if it goes to 5 games or if it's a clean sweep.
  5. I'm glad they won. Saves me from watching the finals or giving a damn about this joke of a league ever again.
  6. Dallas Maverick's blue jersey recolor

    I think they need new jerseys all-together, though your update is certainly an improvement.
  7. Logos that really need to be updated.

    This is exactly what they should be using. Just make the bottom portion of the globe the lighter blue and it's perfect.
  8. Thanks for being here Washington, at least you were able to defeat your hated rival. Too bad it will amount to absolutely nothing.
  9. The conference Finals started so well. Now we're riding a 5 game streak of the undesired result and it looks like Ovechkin and Capitals are the only thing that can save this season. Perhaps tonight will the shift back into the light. GO CAPITALS.
  10. I can see it now... Tampa flukes their way to the finals only to be swept the Vegas Golden Bettman's because
  11. So it's going to be a Lightning/Golden Knights final... *puke*