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  1. You are correct. That is a New York state shield. Interesting idea (that may be stereotyping a little, but is also likely true?): The people in the city take public transit (the subway), and people on Long Island drive everywhere.
  2. This has to be what, late 80s, early 90s? How vintage this photo looks!
  3. Exactly! Why? May as well use the normal-width set of numbers if they're not going to have the longer should hoops.
  4. I understand what you're getting at with blue/blue/white. But (personal opinion) I also really think it's slick when a team wears their two colors on their tops, but then white on the bottoms. I have no explanation for my liking this, other than I just like it. For WVU, if it's not blue/blue/gold at home, then i'll take blue/blue/white. (Though I prefer the original iteration with the stripes, like VT vs. WVU, 2002. Ah, those stripes.) Also, I was not able to find blue/gold/white. There was lots of blue/gold/blue. But no white bottoms. One combination I really do like that incorporates white heavily is the white/gold/white which they wore against Mizzou last year:
  5. The all white look almost has a "stand-in" quality to it. It's like that helmet is just something thrown together quickly for promo purposes (like the Texans' white helmets). The ones with blue masks and three stripes looks more "complete" for lack of a better term.
  6. Great point. I was thinking primary/secondary color-tops as alternates. I forgot they had the cream St. Louis alternates. (They even wore them last night against the Pirates!)
  7. The Cardinals and Dodgers, I think?
  8. One thing I really appreciate about the way you've presented your concepts is the use of action templates. Being able to see what it looks like on an actual player makes evaluating and appreciating concept work so much easier and enjoyable. Nicely done.
  9. That Predators jersey is a great idea. Very 90s and very clever, generally. Nicely done.
  10. What helps here is the white stroke on everything. That provides excellent contrast between the blue and grey (which wouldn't contrast well at all otherwise).
  11. Agreed! I was thinking that the Pirates would look good in all black on occasion. (Imagine how hot that uniform could be though, depending on the conditions.)
  12. Really unpopular opinion: This is the best the Patriots have ever looked. I would change the pants stripe (as I think the stripes within the stripe which mimic the logo are a little too busy) to something simpler. Otherwise, that's it. The contrasting numbers and grey facemask MAKE this uniform for me. I mocked it up on a modern template just to get a better feel for it if it existed today:
  13. I was thinking the same thing: there's something cat-like about the dog's face. I realize that perception of the image is influenced by the ears too (as they stick up like a cat's), but you've illustrated what a Boston Terrier's ears look like. So it must be something to do with the mouth; fixing that to make it look less feline will then make the ears not appear so feline either. Closing the mouth and/or extending the upper lips down a bit might help de-cat the terrier's face a bit?
  14. The new one is eh.... OK, but the "old" one is far more readable.