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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Hell, this WVU fan likes it, even. What I don't like are the numbers on the new uniforms. Even though it provides some consistency with the sleeve stripes, double outlines or separated outlines (where the first stroke is the same color as the background; I'm going to call it "separated" for simplicity's sake) are, 99% of the time, an awful idea. Plus, the numbers themselves are just oddly shaped. They kind of remind me of Tennessee's last Adidas numbers. Curved on the insides and straight-angled on the outsides. But my biggest gripe is the the total lack of striping consistency across the uniform. White stroke on a blue stripe on the helmet, separated strokes on the sleeves and numbers on the jersey, and then no stripes (???) on the pants. It'd help immensely if the pants had stripes to match the helmet (not unlike the previous version--not an exact match, but the same idea). It looks very disjointed. All they really had to do was just put stripes on the previous set and harmonize the golds a little. Old: Proposed:
  2. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *LA Rams Revamp Posted (18/32)

    These are fun! I really like that fauxback you did for Carolina. I understand that you've completed the series already, but for future reference/suggestions: the lines on your template are a little distracting since they're so dark. Nice work, Mike.
  3. NBA Vector Art Cards!! 5/6: Kareem [1971], Magic [1987], Shaq [2006]

    1) These are a delight to look at. Very well executed. 2) Where'd you get that script you're using for the team names? Are you hand-lettering those?
  4. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    A couple other decent abbreviations that run in somewhat the same vein include BKLYN and MPLS. Pittsburgh is even abbreviated PGH sometimes. I feel like these abbreviations stem back to before there was a standardized way of abbreviating things for the Postal Service. For instance, one sees the PGH abbreviation a lot from like 1910s and 20s (when the H was added back to the end of the city's name).
  5. The sash needs to be flipped on the backs of the jerseys, unless you intend them not to be continuous from front to back. This thread is a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, this is the first thread I've ever subscribed to. Keep up the good work!
  6. New Atlanta Falcons Logo/Uni Concept

    I like the updates to the logo, but I think they're too subtle to really be noticed. I think if you were to marry the shape and line weights of the current logo with the old logo's simplicity, you'd really be on to something. As for the uniforms, they're certainly acceptable if not a little plain or underwhelming. If you're incorporating grey into the scheme, why not have grey pants for the road? The red helmet over a white jersey/white pants combination seems a little off balance. Grey pants would help that. I definitely prefer this look to what they currently wear though. All in all, solid.
  7. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    I'm not a branding expert or designer by trade, so I may be talking out of turn here: However, is it that you know it's Alabama because of the logo? Or do you know the logo because it's Alabama? I.e. Alabama can get away with having so many logos because it's such a popular entity in college sports (mostly football, I'd guess). While I agree with the general idea--baseball teams should look like baseball teams and not just buy into the college athletic program's overarching identity package--I don't necessarily think that having six different logos for just athleticswould help out with the majority of schools.
  8. LLFHockey's NFL Redesign (32/32 Falcons)

    This wordmark reads as "PAMS."
  9. Man, the better the graphics get in Madden, the deeper the uncanny valley gets. Those player models look awful.
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I'm sorry if I missed an explanation on this earlier in the thread, but can someone explain KU's facemasks? They look like they're chrome red, but that they get more faded, or scraped up, or beat up the further down the facemask. So there's more silver showing on the bottom bar than across the top. Am I seeing that right? If so, is there any explanation for that?
  11. Dominion Football League (Calgary Wranglers profile added 11/16/15)

    Regardless of the medium, seeing uniforms in action makes them so much easier to visualize. Great work here. Completely fictionalized concept leagues are always great fun.
  12. Unpopular Opinions

    You just HAD to post a pic of a knockoff, didn't you....Further, by using a knock off as the example, cubsfan2015 undermined his argument for why this jersey is superior (at least in my mind). The color the Dolphins use now for their aqua is one of the best colors used in the NFL currently, far outstripping any other shade of the color they've worn since 1966.
  13. Fixing the Big 10

    I adore this style of presentation. So much color and so simple. Not to mention that, while not all the designs are exactly what I'd outfit certain teams in, I would be happy watching all of these.
  14. Uniform Stats

    As I'd been discussing with Infrared41: I was reading through his week 8 "Best of the NFL" thread yesterday, and I saw where he was discussing perhaps looking back and doing an all-time ranking for best match up. At first, I didn't read it right, and thought he'd meant that he was going to take all the rankings he'd done so far and rank the teams themselves based on how many times they've appeared in his lists, or something similar. I eventually re-read what was proposed and understood it as the single best match up since the formation of the AFL in 1960. But that realization did not arrive before I got curious as to how Infrared's rankings would show which individual teams he tended to prefer. I really like numbers, statistics, and the idea of rankings (especially aggregate rankings based on different factors, like the BCS). So I did a little number crunching with 2015 so far. It went like this: Best matchup of the week got the two teams involved 6 points. Then matchups 2 through 5 followed with 2 getting 5 points, 3 getting 4, and so on. Honorable mentions (if there were any for a given week) got 1 point. Then I wasn't sure if there was any order to the worst of the week, so I gave the first worst a rating of -3, and then went from there. As for the "this ruined an otherwise good match up" category, I split the teams. The culprit got -1 and the other team got 1. It's not a perfect system by any means (given that one particularly strong uniform could elevate an otherwise mediocre opponent), but I found the final results interesting in that everyone at 0 and up, I wouldn't mind seeing stay in their current uniforms. The teams with negative scores could all certainly use redesigns. Here's what I came up with: KC 33 NYG 24 IND 22 SF 22 DAL 17 GB 16 PIT 16 CHI 15 MIN 15 HOU 13 NE 13 DET 12 NO 12 OAK 12 PHI 11 BUF 10 NYJ 10 CAR 9 WAS 8 BAL 3 STL 1 SEA 0 ARI -1 MIA -1 SD -1 DEN -2 JAX -3 TEN -3 ATL -4 CIN -7 CLE -9 TB -11
  15. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    The only thing I wish they'd have done with these was use this helmet instead (just because I love this UM mark): I've always appreciated that Maryland (for the most part) has incorporated all four colors into their uniforms: black, gold, red, and white. There have been times, of course, where they've been dominant on maybe two or three of those four (like the "Terps" helmet-era uniforms, for instance), but I think the scheme is one of only a few three-colors-plus-white schemes that really works. I especially like it when they've separated the colors to various elements: gold and black on the helmet and pants, red and white on the jersey (even though my previous suggestion violates that rule). That's one of those neat quirks about uniforms that I find fun.