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  1. Ted Cunningham

    Rare team matchups

    Got it. And no kidding, those were excellent uniforms.
  2. Ted Cunningham

    Rare team matchups

    Just to be clear: Are you asserting they only wore white over white in 1998? If so, I believe that's right. Or are you saying the whole time they were known as the Tennessee Oilers? That was for two seasons, and in 1997, they wore blue twice. Once against the Dolphins, and once at the Cowboys. I just wanted to make sure I understood what you meant.
  3. Ted Cunningham

    Unpopular Opinions

    It's not an awful look, but I'd have to guess that, in today's NFL, the Colts would wear solid blue socks with those pants. And that would diminish the look.
  4. Ted Cunningham

    2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    That OU uniform is so ridiculous, but so not like other fauxback/trendy alternates (e.g. tequila sunrise). So why not, right?
  5. Ted Cunningham

    Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    With their textiles, Nike can't even get the teal right. That's totally green. Ugh.
  6. Ted Cunningham

    Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    And design a template, preferably in SVG??
  7. Ted Cunningham

    Lazy Googling in the Media

    Get the hell out. I've heard many people talk about/laugh about this, and I've been one of them. I had never noticed the four rings thing. Well spotted!
  8. Ted Cunningham

    Teams with similar colors as the Houston Oilers?

    leopard88 is exactly right re: baseball uniforms. While of course the actual color is powder blue, that's an equipment color, not a team color as we generally think of them.
  9. Ted Cunningham

    Funniest Sports Logos

    My guess would be that this is at the junior high level.
  10. Ted Cunningham

    Changes to Arizona's Numbers

    It's been my impression that Arizona's current number font is not terribly popular with the majority of members on the boards. (Am I right in thinking that?) While I don't think they're the best-designed numbers I've ever seen, I think they do have quite a bit of potential. I don't care for the pointed serifs, though they do balance out the weights of the various numbers and, along with the rounded parts of the counters, add a certain character to the set. And, as a rule, I don't like open-topped 4s. So, with a skew toward giving Arizona's numbers a "throwback" or classic look, I made changes to the set. I'm not a designer by trade, and I certainly don't claim to understand the intricacies of type design (especially intentional design to improve readability, etc.), so I am open to any and all C&C. The original Nike set is on top, and my variation is on the bottom: I think perhaps the most changed and potentially generic number in my update is the 4. I didn't know exactly what to do with it, but leaving it open wasn't an option so as to not break my rule. Ha. I realize that with Nike's original, the angle of the left side of the 4 appears to match the angle in the 7 and 9. In my version, I kept the crossbar at the same height, but closed the top. I think there are a lot of variations for the 4 though: I think of the 6 options here, no. 2 may be the one that stays closest to the original while closing the top. Anyway, thoughts?
  11. Ted Cunningham

    College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Fun fact: There still has not been a team with blue in its color scheme in the playoff. Nine teams have participated: Oregon, Ohio State, Florida State, Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Washington, and Georgia.
  12. Ted Cunningham

    What throwbacks do you want to see?

    I'll do one better.
  13. Ted Cunningham

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    Is this from an Upper Deck card, perhaps? Those colors are gorgeous, but I also think they're a bit overly saturated compared to how they'd normally come out in photographs (or frankly, how they'd look in person). I ask because I always liked Upper Deck cards the best as a kid because the colors always seemed more vibrant. Then, after I learned what saturation was and how to manipulate it in programs like Photoshop, I realized that Upper Deck always appeared to bump the saturation in their images, especially when it came to uniforms. Either way, Buc is right: both of those uniforms look excellent, and that match up is great with those vivid colors.
  14. Ted Cunningham

    NFL Throwback Thursdays

    This is a tremendous thread. Nicely done, Jim. I appreciate both the photo-realistic template and the flat template. It gives a greater sense of both the details and how the uniforms "feel." One nit-pick with the Panthers' fauxback: I appreciate that you're sticking closely to the original Hornets helmet by going black-white-black (and then being consistent with the pants stripe), it feels a bit unbalanced without any Carolina blue included. I think that's just a function of trying to make a four-color team fit into a three-color design. You've done a good job; it's just still a bit unbalanced. Though it's hard to make out from the various photos I've seen, it appears that the 1975 iteration of the Hornets used pants stripes that went black-very thin white-gold-very thin white-black. Perhaps that approach to stripes (on both the pants and helmet) would make for a more balanced look? Just an idea! Again, excellent thread!
  15. Ted Cunningham

    One Year Uniforms

    Totally just a personal opinion (as the arguments against this uniform from a design perspective are pretty sound), but I really like the mismatching of the elements. It may not be coherent, but I think it's a lot of fun.