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  1. Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    Is this from an Upper Deck card, perhaps? Those colors are gorgeous, but I also think they're a bit overly saturated compared to how they'd normally come out in photographs (or frankly, how they'd look in person). I ask because I always liked Upper Deck cards the best as a kid because the colors always seemed more vibrant. Then, after I learned what saturation was and how to manipulate it in programs like Photoshop, I realized that Upper Deck always appeared to bump the saturation in their images, especially when it came to uniforms. Either way, Buc is right: both of those uniforms look excellent, and that match up is great with those vivid colors.
  2. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    This is a tremendous thread. Nicely done, Jim. I appreciate both the photo-realistic template and the flat template. It gives a greater sense of both the details and how the uniforms "feel." One nit-pick with the Panthers' fauxback: I appreciate that you're sticking closely to the original Hornets helmet by going black-white-black (and then being consistent with the pants stripe), it feels a bit unbalanced without any Carolina blue included. I think that's just a function of trying to make a four-color team fit into a three-color design. You've done a good job; it's just still a bit unbalanced. Though it's hard to make out from the various photos I've seen, it appears that the 1975 iteration of the Hornets used pants stripes that went black-very thin white-gold-very thin white-black. Perhaps that approach to stripes (on both the pants and helmet) would make for a more balanced look? Just an idea! Again, excellent thread!
  3. One Year Uniforms

    Totally just a personal opinion (as the arguments against this uniform from a design perspective are pretty sound), but I really like the mismatching of the elements. It may not be coherent, but I think it's a lot of fun.
  4. Best College Football Uniform Matchups: Week 7

    It is hard to beat a good looking Braisher stripe.
  5. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Ugh. I don't mind white on white on white as a general rule. (I know some folks have a thing about teams going all white.) But for WVU, specifically, I don't like it because there's hardly any gold in the whole set. The flying WV on the collar and the small sleeve stripe. That's it! if the pants had stripes mimicking the sleeves or the numbers had a gold outline/stroke or something, that would make this look that much better.
  6. Quirky nameplates

    You are correct. That is a New York state shield. Interesting idea (that may be stereotyping a little, but is also likely true?): The people in the city take public transit (the subway), and people on Long Island drive everywhere.
  7. Vintage Getty, SI and other NFL photos

    This has to be what, late 80s, early 90s? How vintage this photo looks!
  8. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Exactly! Why? May as well use the normal-width set of numbers if they're not going to have the longer should hoops.
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I understand what you're getting at with blue/blue/white. But (personal opinion) I also really think it's slick when a team wears their two colors on their tops, but then white on the bottoms. I have no explanation for my liking this, other than I just like it. For WVU, if it's not blue/blue/gold at home, then i'll take blue/blue/white. (Though I prefer the original iteration with the stripes, like VT vs. WVU, 2002. Ah, those stripes.) Also, I was not able to find blue/gold/white. There was lots of blue/gold/blue. But no white bottoms. One combination I really do like that incorporates white heavily is the white/gold/white which they wore against Mizzou last year:
  10. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    The all white look almost has a "stand-in" quality to it. It's like that helmet is just something thrown together quickly for promo purposes (like the Texans' white helmets). The ones with blue masks and three stripes looks more "complete" for lack of a better term.
  11. Detroit Tigers alternate jersey

    Great point. I was thinking primary/secondary color-tops as alternates. I forgot they had the cream St. Louis alternates. (They even wore them last night against the Pirates!)
  12. Detroit Tigers alternate jersey

    The Cardinals and Dodgers, I think?
  13. The MLB According to FinsUp: At-Bat - San Diego

    One thing I really appreciate about the way you've presented your concepts is the use of action templates. Being able to see what it looks like on an actual player makes evaluating and appreciating concept work so much easier and enjoyable. Nicely done.
  14. NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)

    That Predators jersey is a great idea. Very 90s and very clever, generally. Nicely done.
  15. 2017 World Baseball Classic

    What helps here is the white stroke on everything. That provides excellent contrast between the blue and grey (which wouldn't contrast well at all otherwise).