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  1. NBA 2K16 Team Relocations

    Yeah I kind of ran out of room. Wanted "Sonics" and the logo to be centered. I guess I could take a page from the Warriors and put the logo inside the ball, but not sure if that would work. I might try resizing the wordmark and logo and put the numbers underneath and see if that looks okay. I also didn't rebrand the Warriors in MyLeague but I did change their uniforms - to something similar to the Run TMC era Warriors. I used the royal/electric blue that was in the color palette, though after seeing the road uni's in-game, the shade of blue and the last name in gold (Home) might need to be adjusted. Home Road Home and Road Backs http://imgur.com/a/4bPHG
  2. NBA 2K16 Team Relocations

    Alright, finally got time to post these. Seattle Supersonics: Arena The Arena Name: Seattle Center Pavillion Uniforms Decided against the standard previous uniform for the Sonics and went with something a bit simpler. Here's the rest of the branding for those interested. The logos and word marks are on the 2K16 servers under my PSN. I know quite a few people have the Amazon Arena since they are HQ'd in Seattle, but I wanted to do something different and couldn't pick another company that sounded good. Starbucks Arena? Safeco already has the naming rights to the Mariner's Park. So I decided that the Arena is located within the Seattle Center District.
  3. THE Video Game Thread

    Oh, yeah I’m well aware of EASports’ code. The last eight years I had been asking for what seemed like a simple thing - place the Arena logos in the correct position. For example the Sharks skate left to right when watching them on TV, the Shark logo at center ice should be facing the same way. For whatever reason, changing camera views didn’t do a thing. However in the last previous two versions did they finally did make this happen thanks to “Authentic Arenas”. Was I whining? Absolutely. Obviously the gameplay is the forefront of a game, but for me the detail is what makes a game stand out. In the previous installments of the older EA NHL series I rarely had issues with the AI, sure they did a few things that were a bit annoying but most of the time they were quite hilarious. I was always able to adjust to a certain point in my style of gameplay to outsmart the AI. I’m sure I could have turned off AI learning, but the older versions, the AI learning was challenging and made for competitive games. 2K16 and MLB the Show 16 are far from perfect but 2K16 makes me earn my baskets, and The Show lets you chose how you want to play and adjusts accordingly. I actually like the dynamic difficulty or whatever they’ve called it. Then one game was created by 2K and the other by SD Studios, so... Though here’s what their Q&A said about improved Opponent and Team AI: Yes, there have been a lot of improvements to both Offensive and Defensive AI to improve the flow of the game and the reliability of your teammates. You will see off puck defenders doing a much better job of sticking with their man and recognizing potential passing options as bigger threats. Those players will also utilize net battles to tie up players in front unchecked for long periods of time. On offense, the AI is smarter how they are moving the puck and in general has more flow during breakouts. They also mentioned that they added a 4th game style. We’ll see how it looks.
  4. NBA 2K16 Team Relocations

    Doh, figures. Guess I was just afraid to press the button. I’ll check out the app and get the logos and arena screen shots up in a little bit. Have yet to play 2K16 online - I know the game of basketball, not horribly in depth, but more than just the basics, though I would probably be considered a casual gamer. I’m more of the EASHL crew and many years ago played NCAA Football and Madden. For those interested my PSN is tealtown_mg
  5. NBA 2K16 Team Relocations

    Do you mind if we posts logos/relocations from MyLeague? I like it, no approval necessary, relocation, branding, everything is immediate which is nice. I ask because I also did the Supersonics - though I moved Orlando to Seattle. Don't want to steal your Thunder. Sorry Seattle, unintentional burn. I tried MyGM with the Suns and Brandon Knight was always unhappy and being a pain, so I traded him, that upset the fans. Suns had no cap room at all so it was hard to get good players. Yeah, I wasn't a very good Virtual GM. Just out of curiosity, how does one take in-game screenshots and where do they go on the PS4? I know some games record gameplay automatically if connected online, which usually I am, but never can find any footage.
  6. THE Video Game Thread

    I haven't had a console in over seven years so I decided to buy a PS4 about two months month ago and was able to wheel and deal on a few games. The only game I bought brand spanking new was The Witcher 3. Fantasic game!! Though I had to take a break for a couple of weeks, was seriously addicted to it. I also have NBA 2K16, MLB The Show 16, and DragonAge Inquisition. In DAI Spent like a week creating and recreating my character before actually playing a game, then when I started exploring in the first land took a wrong turn through the mountains and came up on a dragon who got cranky and well, it didn't go well... I had NHL 16, but turned it for a different game because no matter what difficultly I put it on or how much I tweaked the sliders of the AI both CPU and my AI Teammates kept pissing me off with their consistent cheesing barrage of last second goals. 1 in the last minute of the third is fine, 2 I can see happening, but not often, 3+ no, just no. EASports says they've fixed the AI issues in NHL 17, I sure hope so. I just got a three month PS+ account to try it out. MLB The Show online was horrendous. Haven't tried 2K16 online yet but hoping I get to do the NHL 17 beta and play some EASHL. Love 2K16's Create A Team, the depth is really good. At times its better than playing the game, though the game is still fun. I couldn't resist testing what happens in MyLeague when I turned off both Salary Cap and Hard Cap and disabled CPU-CPU trades. Turns out almost everyone decides to be a free agent after simming the first season. During the first off-season the Warriors resigned Steph Curry, released Draymond Green and signed LeBron James, among others. The warriors starting lineup was something to the tune of this: Steph Curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant LeBron James Steven Adams In the second season the Warriors went 74-8, the next season they went 79-3!! May have to redo it and see if the results I get are the same.
  7. I was disappointed in the result tonight, because its the end of the Sharks season and the hockey season in general. Congrats to Pittsburgh, for a heck of a series and winning the cup. I waited twenty five years, since was about 10-11 years old to see the Sharks get to their first ever Stanley Cup Finals. While the end result is disappointing the Sharks played great in many of the games this playoffs, they just ran into a more complete team. Thank you Sharks and Sharks fan. Here's to next year and to being even better and stronger!
  8. Yes, the Sharks may have been outplayed and outshot in the first two games, and had their hands full in Game 3, however, while it seems like one team is just overmatched, lets look back: Game 1: Penguins 3 Sharks 2; Game 2: Penguins 2 Sharks 1 in OT; Game 3: Sharks 3 Penguins 2 in OT. Total through three games: Penguins 7 Sharks 6. All one goal games and two games in Overtime. In my opinion, the Sharks really haven’t looked bad in any game, Pittsburgh just looked better. Both teams have good offenses, but I think the Sharks offense is a bit better and they have so many offensive weapons that looked to be getting back to the way they looked in the first three rounds of the playoffs. Of course I want the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup, but If Pittsburgh can continue to shut down those players and win it, then they will have earned it. I’m just not sure they can keep Pavelski, Thornton, Marleau, Couture and Burns (and Hertl) off the score sheet.
  9. Updated OP to reflect Stanley Cup Final - Game 3 Results.
  10. Despite the look of the series so far, the Sharks still have a chance to win this game and tie the series at 1-1. The Sharks need to quit trying the stretch pass, Pittsburgh is ready for it and their counter attack has been outstanding. Sharks can’t keep whining for or about penalties that were borderline or were missed. I feel the Sharks can play with Pittsburgh, but they need to get back to their game. Jones has been great but he can only do so much. I liked the Sharks push at the end of the 2nd, but need to bring their A+ game in third and rest of this series.
  11. Updated OP for Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 12. The San Jose Sharks advance to their first ever trip to the Stanley Cup Final!!
  12. As a San Jose Sharks fan since their entrance into the league this is awesome. A team from my hometown has made it to the Stanley Cup Final for the time in franchise history. I was going to have a longer speech and say profound words, but to be honest I can’t really think at the moment, so I’ll say Woohoo!
  13. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    What is with the mumble performances these days? Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Noffrio's we dont say his name are the biggest mumblers on the show Daredevil. Yes, Im getting older and my hearing isn't as great as it used to be but this mumble-through-your-lines is apparently a technique of the method style of acting. Where a lot of today's actors feel that raising their voice will be seen as unrealistic. Ive started using headphones whe I watch game of thrones otherwise I'd have to turn the volume on my receiver to "might scare the neighbors" range. Some of it I get is for effect, tone, and whathaveyou, but, its gone past the novelty experimental stage. I would rather have slightly less realism and clearly hear the charater's line, than the opposite. Anyone else notice the rise of mumbled lines in tv/movies. I am also a mumbler, though I try not be. I come from a family of mumblers and usually can understand it.
  14. Updated OP for Round 3 - Conference Finals Day 4 Results.
  15. I think I’ve mellowed a bit from the high of the Sharks win - thought that could also be the celebratory Quesarito from Taco Bell. I was also quite nervous most of the day. What in the world did the Sharks have for breakfast? That was quite the game, though, I was still nervous until the final horn sounded even with the Sharks up 5-0. Nashville is one helluva hockey team and the put up a huge fight in games 1-6. I didn’t expect another rout in a Game 7, but I’m glad it’s the Sharks prevailing. Step 2 complete. On to St. Louis. Hoping for a great series and Sharks series win.