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  1. Updated 3/21: Round of 32 Complete : First Four On First Four Off Here's the Sweet 16: Remaining Teams in East: Wisconsin, Florida, Baylor, South Carolina Remaining Teams in West: Gonzaga, West Virginia, Xavier, Arizona Remaining Teams in Midwest: Kansas, Purdue, Michigan, Oregon Remaining Teams in South: North Carolina, Butler, UCLA, Kentucky
  2. Updated 3/17: Round of 64 Complete. think I got the scores correct, but if you see any errors let me know - was hard to follow all the games and update the bracket at the same time . Adjustments: - Changed Miami's logo to green for end cap color consistency. - Changed UCLA's logo to their blue for end cap color consistency. So how's your bracket doing? Im still doing fairly decent in my two brackets. Onto the Round of 32: So many seemingly good matchups for tomorrow. Gators and Virginia should be a dandy. Gonzaga/Northwestern, Notre Dame/W. Virginia, Iowa State/Purdue.
  3. Yeah I pre-ordered the MVP Edition-Digital, so I could get the 11K stubs for '16. Still deciding what mode to use the 11K stubs on. I've been playing '16 quite a bit the last couple of weeks, trying to get some refresher courses on Showtime, regular controls and practice for '17. I've heard mixed reviews on The Show's dev team live streams, but I think there kind of fun. There mega stream and dev tournament is Thursday 3/16. May have to check it out while watching some NCAA Basketball.
  4. Thanks Dakotapalm. I really struggled trying to fit the team, records and logos, and also have a good amount of space for the regional sites. I wanted the Round of 64 logos to be a lot bigger, and be that size for the remainder of the bracket, but I think I would of had to sacrifice text space, size and/or team records, not to mention the little math I had to do to get this bracket template figured out took me a while, which reminds me: I would like to apologize to all my grad school and high school math teachers who told me I would use math in everyday life and/or job, and I used go "yeah ok, sure." 3/15: First Four Complete. - Scores replace team records. Winning team's score with gold stroke. - Two versions of bracket. One with First Four and scores. The other with First Four pods off, and correct teams in their proper location on the Round of 64 bracket. A few changes: - New Look Center of the bracket with a four mini pods added. - Removed Final Four Logo from the large pods and placed it front and center. - Bracket connectors adjust for all elite eight and final four pods - Fixed issue with Rhode Island's logo spacing. - Increased opacity on Disclaimer and watermarks. That's about it. Here's to a good day four days of great basketball!!
  5. Bracket has been released!! I did a lot of prep work, so it didn't take me too long to drag and drop and adjust things as needed. I've scanned and skimmed the bracket for all kinds of errors, and think it's good to go. However, if you do see something incorrect or missing, let me know - either via post or pm.
  6. Those colorful court designs from last year are back. Looks very similar to last year, just updated a bit by trying to match the floor color of the team with the "primary" tenant of the arena. Sacramento (or SLC) - purple for Kings/Jazz , San Jose - Teal for Sharks, New York - Orange for Knicks, Milwaukee - Green for Bucks, etc. It's hard to make them out. I take it the full reveal will happen probably on or around Selection Sunday.
  7. Updated 3/21: Round of 32 Complete. Round of 32 Complete : First Four On First Four Off Round of 64 Complete: First Four On First Four Off First Four Round of 64 with First Four off Release (3840x2160) A new year, a new theme and look. Info after the photo. - A clean look, optimized for larger, hopefully easier to read school/team name and overall record text. - Tournament Title in white and black trim, with an orange shadow - Round of 64 teams will have smaller logos than in last years first round. In addition, Round of 64 team records will be replaced with that Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight features a slightly smaller pod, but a more vertical logo. Above the divider will be the school name, and below will be the Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight orange end caps will be changed to the team's color once they advance. - The Final Four, black team pod with orange gradient trim. - National Championship matchup features black team pods with gold gradient trim. Note: The "First Games" are at the bottom center of the bracket, but may be covered by a app dock or other apps. I've turned on dock hiding and that fixes the issue. But once the First Four is complete, I'll remove the first four pods for a cleaner bracket. C&C: I thought about lightening the background, as it's a little darker here than I anticipated, then again it might just be the perfectionist in me.
  8. Warriors drop 50 in the 3rd Quarter. Inlcuding a 28ft Curry buzzer-beater - still not sure how he made that shot, and it's Steph Curry.
  9. I don't know how popular the Sharks new secondary logos are with all Sharks fans, however, from some quick internet surfing, sounds like most, including myself like 'em. In my opinion it's a fresh update to the current logo. I'd say it's almost a certainty that the Sharks will use the new logos on the jerseys at some point in the near future. Here was what the Sharks said when they were released: via PHT on NBC Sports: That's a lot of 'not this season' there has been no mention of after the 2017 season. So I'd be a bit surprised to not see them as the primary set in 2017-18 when Adidas' jersey contract kicks in. My guess: The Heritage jerseys with the new Sharks logo. Notice the Gray added back in and the orange being relegated even more.
  10. So, had to work so I've yet to watch the Sharks-Jets game. Will watch it later tonight on DVR. However for those that have not seen the latest "Sharks For Life" commercial, here it be: Outtakes
  11. Surprised Marleau hadn't had a four-goal game before. Congrats Patty!! In addition to Marleau's "Top Hat"(That's what I'm calling it! ) , Burns scored his 20th goal of the season tonight. He had a total of 27 goals last season.
  12. Semi-Rhetorical Question: I know it's the CW but do any of the Arrowverse shows and/or writers know that there are more ways to generate tension and/or build drama other than secret-keeping? I get keeping your superhero identity a secret to the public and to loved ones if it it makes sense. However the need to and constant nature of it makes the payoff of the secret reveal feel boring and forced, dare I say it, a tiresome tv trope.
  13. So I at first thought about continuing my LV NHL concept thread, but then decided I wanted to inject some backstories to the expansion and team rebrands. Here it goes: The NBA is awarded a franchise in Las Vegas, the NHL sets their sights on Quebec City (or Seattle...). Through a name the team contest the fans chose Spartans. Black, Vegas Gold and Steel Grey are chosen team colors, and a greek/Sparta motif is used for the logos. - The Warriors on the move to San Francisco, keep the Golden State Warriors moniker, but with their stadium along the bay, adopt a tritons motif for logo. First up the Las Vegas Spartans: Primary Logo: A two-tone gold and black Spartan helmet in front of a rounded shield centered with a steel gray basketball and two spears protruding out. Las Vegas in black and gold, and Spartans in gold and white with black trim, font I believe is bombardier Army style. Secondary Logo: Rounded shield with gold basketball and black accent and gold outline, with a left-facing spear in black and gold trim. Wacky custom-created fish-eye lettering for the LV. I had an idea for a tertiary logo with spartan helmet and crossing spears like in my OP, however I'm not sure I'm completely set on any font. The gold is dark because of the lighting in 2K17 can be a bit overpowered at points, and also trying to match Vegas Gold. Contemplating adding an accent color, maybe red? I like all the colors in the logos, but not attached to them by any means. C&C welcome Uniforms on their way. Then the Warriors rebrand.
  14. So how will the team play defense? Not pass their offensive blue line? Could be a lot of breakaways for the opposition.
  15. If Vegas does go with black home primary jerseys, then the Pacific Division will have 3 of the 8 teams wearing black as primary home, unless of course Anaheim decides to go to an Orange home primary...