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  1. So, had to work so I've yet to watch the Sharks-Jets game. Will watch it later tonight on DVR. However for those that have not seen the latest "Sharks For Life" commercial, here it be: Outtakes
  2. Surprised Marleau hadn't had a four-goal game before. Congrats Patty!! In addition to Marleau's "Top Hat"(That's what I'm calling it! ) , Burns scored his 20th goal of the season tonight. He had a total of 27 goals last season.
  3. Semi-Rhetorical Question: I know it's the CW but do any of the Arrowverse shows and/or writers know that there are more ways to generate tension and/or build drama other than secret-keeping? I get keeping your superhero identity a secret to the public and to loved ones if it it makes sense. However the need to and constant nature of it makes the payoff of the secret reveal feel boring and forced, dare I say it, a tiresome tv trope.
  4. So I at first thought about continuing my LV NHL concept thread, but then decided I wanted to inject some backstories to the expansion and team rebrands. Here it goes: The NBA is awarded a franchise in Las Vegas, the NHL sets their sights on Quebec City (or Seattle...). Through a name the team contest the fans chose Spartans. Black, Vegas Gold and Steel Grey are chosen team colors, and a greek/Sparta motif is used for the logos. - The Warriors on the move to San Francisco, keep the Golden State Warriors moniker, but with their stadium along the bay, adopt a tritons motif for logo. First up the Las Vegas Spartans: Primary Logo: A two-tone gold and black Spartan helmet in front of a rounded shield centered with a steel gray basketball and two spears protruding out. Las Vegas in black and gold, and Spartans in gold and white with black trim, font I believe is bombardier Army style. Secondary Logo: Rounded shield with gold basketball and black accent and gold outline, with a left-facing spear in black and gold trim. Wacky custom-created fish-eye lettering for the LV. I had an idea for a tertiary logo with spartan helmet and crossing spears like in my OP, however I'm not sure I'm completely set on any font. The gold is dark because of the lighting in 2K17 can be a bit overpowered at points, and also trying to match Vegas Gold. Contemplating adding an accent color, maybe red? I like all the colors in the logos, but not attached to them by any means. C&C welcome Uniforms on their way. Then the Warriors rebrand.
  5. So how will the team play defense? Not pass their offensive blue line? Could be a lot of breakaways for the opposition.
  6. If Vegas does go with black home primary jerseys, then the Pacific Division will have 3 of the 8 teams wearing black as primary home, unless of course Anaheim decides to go to an Orange home primary...
  7. If you're a hockey fan and you live in Las Vegas are you feeling conflicted about booing "His name we do not speak" because he did just approve of your city getting a team, yet isn't it an unwritten rule every NHL city must boo him? Also I just thought #DesertSparty was funny, didn't mean to rehash hashtags... my bad.
  8. You would think, but because I'm bored, I just did a bit of research on Army's site about the rebrand, I came across this: 1"Pallas Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, just war, skill and justice. Classically, Athena is portrayed wearing armor with her Corinthian helmet raised high on the forehead. The helmet faces dexter, Latin for "right" from the viewpoint of the bearer of the shield, as opposed to sinister. The dexter side is considered the side of greater honor." Continued, "There are thirteen segments that connect the helmet and the plume. These reference the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the first states in the Union." The Spartan/Corinthian helmet is homage to a greek goddess, not necessarily attached to the Black Knights moniker nickname. I wouldn't be shocked, but definitely surprised if was something other than ____Knights. the hat logo with helmet in shield definitely gives a Spartans/Gladiators vibe and either of those names would trounce Golden/Desert Knights in my opinion. The one caveat is Ottawa, though the logo and name had to be approved by all 30 franchises and the NHL right? Not to mention the teaser trailer on LV's Twitter page definitely has a Spartan drum feel. Though you could also use them with Knights. [1]Link/Source: http://goarmywestpointrebrand.com
  9. Gladiators would be cool, and still fit with the spartan helmet and spear theme they seem to be going with. I agree any of those three are still on the table, at least speculation wise.
  10. I know Foley wanted (and it will probably be ___ Knights) but that's a Spartan helmet. Nice spear accent, wish I would have thought of that for my NBA 2K17 GSW to SF Spartans rebrand. I hold out hope for Las/Vegas Spartans. #DesertSparty
  11. 8:30 ET is when it starts, I think the unveiling is at 9ET
  12. Colorwerx said pleasantly surprised, which tells me it's not necessarily Desert Knights, but something more towards Spartans, Lancers, Outlaws, Renegades or a name so far out of the running that it's the winner. I think Las Vegas Renegades or Outlaws/Outlaw Knights with a skull wearing a spartan helmet and bandana would be cool. Outlaws was the winner in the review journal's poll. Could Mr. Foley have done an unofficial poll-masking-as-focus-group to test the waters. If LV's team colors are indeed gold, Brick red, silver and/or black and (Edit: LV) is using a spartan helmet or some kind, Ottawa must be planning a rebrand of some sort. Im very surprised there has been very little leaked about this.
  13. Partial Power Outage at the Shark Tank with 2:42 remaining in 2nd Period. So we have the "2nd Intermission" now. Will comeback after full intermission and play remainder of 2nd period before starting third period. I think I've heard of this rule, but it's the first time I've actually seen it occur.
  14. Dear San Jose Sharks, the NHL plays three twenty minute periods. Yeah some of was pittsburgh, but when you stand around and puck watch you will probably get scored on... and they did.