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  1. Probably Burns' cat. It escaped his beard.
  2. Nashville is a strong team that played really good defense tonight. They also won the season series against the Sharks 2-1. Excluding empty netters and Shootout goals Nashville outscored the Sharks 9-5. Jones was 0-2 as Reimer got the start and only win in the final meeting in Nashville, which need a shootout goal by Couture. Obviously, the regular season stats don't usually mean much, but Nashville is no slouch. Sharks ousted the Kings and Nashville beat Anaheim both top contenders for the Stanley Cup so neither team should be taken lightly. The Sharks will be forced to win at home if they are going to win the series. Hopefully the Shark Tank will be the intimidating building it was once known for. Hoping for a great series and Sharks win.
  3. 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Wallpaper (Round 2 - Day 3)

    Updated Bracket to reflect the Game 7 result where Nashville survives against Anaheim, and in Round 2 the Islanders take Game 1 in Tampa.
  4. NHL just released Round 2 Schedule Scenarios. TB/NYI and WAS/PIT schedules are set along with DAL/STL. It’s just a matter of who plays the Sharks. Game 1 will be Friday regardless of the team to advance, either in Anaheim or San Jose.
  5. 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Wallpaper (Round 2 - Day 3)

    Updated Day 8 results. Sharks hold on to defeat Kings 3-2. Stars take Game 4 in Minnesota. Florida ties up series in Brooklyn and the Flyers send it back to DC with a 2-1 Game 4 victory.
  6. League Logo Concepts (WIP)

    The blocks were actually supposed to be shadows of the ribbon. The red for AL and blue for NL. However,I have a hard time differentiating angles. I made the shadows into triangles and kept the red and blue - kind of for AL/NL but mostly because I couldn’t get a shade of blue I liked for the shadows. As always,suggestions welcome (it’s kind of all running together now :)) Here’s the update:
  7. League Logo Concepts (WIP)

    Thanks, Actually tried a home plate earlier but didn’t work - Wish I knew whatI did to fix it andmake it work. I alsocleaned up the stars. Here it is:
  8. League Logo Concepts (WIP)

    Okay, here's what I came up with. Couldn't get the stars on the mound/home plate so I took a look at other baseball leagues and decided to go with a ribbon banner to divide the negative space. The banner is the same navy blue used as an outline, with the accented shadows in Deep red and Deep Blue. Six Stars for the six divisions -red only to give it a bit of contrast. Established 1903 text below the banner ribbon and a red diamond for filler. I think the stars are not aligned along the bottom. Is this true or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Anyway here it be
  9. League Logo Concepts (WIP)

    Thanks, I've been trying to add stars to balance out the negative space, but nothing looks right. I have one other idea in mind and see if that works.
  10. 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Wallpaper (Round 2 - Day 3)

    Thanks, I just reused my template from last year, and changed out the Stanley Cup Playoffs logo and got rid of the text on each side of the faceoff circle to make it easier to see. Yeah, I think the pucks representing wins in the series came as a suggestion from the boards here in one of the previous years and I thought it was an awesome idea.
  11. League Logo Concepts (WIP)

    Had a couple ideas to update the NHL and MLB logos. Looking for a bit more neutral colors, I decided to makethe interior and outer stroke is a cream color while the inner stroke and NHL letters are in a deep ice blue. The shield itself is close to the it’s current shape, with the center more pointed at top and bottom. This started a while back looking at the MLB logo and thought it was time for an update. The rounded rectangle is replaced with a diamond. The interior of theDiamond is a familiar blue and red, with an added white and navy blue outline. Adjusted the bat of the batter so the top is rounded. The batter complete blends with the white stroke andMLB Font now in navy blue. Still feel like the MLB one isn’t done.I mean I like it, but you know how you feel like somethings off? Just not sure what it is.
  12. That was a great playoff hockey game. Good road win by the Sharks to take 1-0 Series lead. I think I almost passed out in that mayhem that was the last 45 seconds.
  13. 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Wallpaper (Round 2 - Day 3)

    Updated Bracket to reflect results for Day 2.
  14. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Wow, Miami had a 62-38 halftime lead over Celtics. Well talk about tale of two halves: Boston now leads 75-69. The Heat have gone ice cold in second half.
  15. 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Wallpaper (Round 2 - Day 3)

    Yeah that is the goal and would be awesome!If the Sharksare going to win the cup with this core group, this year, I believe is their best chance as they have more depth than I think they’ve ever had. The Kings, though, are still a tough and physical team that can wear you down, not to mention they have some scary scoring threats. Hopefully it will be a good series and the Sharks can prevail.