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  1. MDesign

    Charlotte Stone Crabs

    Playing in Charlotte County Stadium next summer will be the Charlotte Stone Crabs. That?s the name of the Florida State League A team that is moving here from Palm Beach County. There?s no logo yet and though they have some ideas of what it could look like, it won?t be unveiled until Major League Baseball approves it, Hart said. The team?s colors will be the same as the Tampa Bay Rays ? blue and white. Any concepts perhaps?
  2. MDesign

    Vero Beach D-Rays Sold and Relocated

    As a very happy resident of Charlotte County at the moment, because baseball will be back. In the tradition of most of the teams that have been here and the two teams Ripken Baseball owns, I will have to lean more toward Charlotte _____ or Charlotte County _______ and, imo, Charlotte ________ will be it. Ripken Baseball Teams
  3. MDesign

    Tyree's Catch

    OR...The Giant Snatch. The Giant Snatch
  4. MDesign

    Tyree's Catch

    What about "David's Stone"? Playing on the whole David v. Goliath and the receiver's name.
  5. MDesign

    Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    They've signed a 10 year deal here in Port Charlotte for Spring Training starting in 2009. I doubt our county would let them out of the deal without quite a big financial hit. We're rennovating our Stadium for them.
  6. MDesign

    NFL QB Helmets

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the green dot on the back of QB helmets. I'm not sure if this is new, I don't remember it from last season. Just curious as to what it's there for. Thanks.
  7. MDesign

    Colts Superbowl Ring

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- It was enough to make even the toughest NFL players giddy. The blue horseshoe. The Lombardi Trophy in the middle of the Colts' logo. Even a red ruby to represent the figurative blood shed by the Colts over the course of the season. And, of course, the Super Bowl rings were all handed out Wednesday night on, what else, a silver platter. "I know they normally say that diamonds are a woman's best friend, but tonight, they're a man's best friend, too," Pro Bowl receiver Reggie Wayne said, barely containing his exuberance as he put his arm around former Colts linebacker Cato June. The response to the shiny, new $5,000 rings was unanimous. Three-time Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney said the design, courtesy of team owner Jim Irsay and his wife, was precisely what he envisioned. But it was the private ceremony that brought out emotions. All the Colts players and coaches from the Super Bowl team, except defensive tackle Montae Reagor who is expected to practice with Philadelphia on Thursday, attended the ceremony. When they left the downtown theater's ballroom, players were so excited they didn't know what to do. "I might sleep with it tonight," said Freeney, one of the NFL's most-feared pass rushers. "I think today is the first day it really hits. Now it hits home and tomorrow is a new day. So it's time to get another one." Players names are etched on one side of the ring, with last season's motto "Our Time" and the word "faith" etched into the other side. Irsay said he wanted the word "faith" because it represented the religious feelings of the team and the tragedies the Colts overcame, such as the suicide of Tony Dungy's son and the traffic accident that killed Reggie Wayne's older brother. Missing from the ring were the diamonds that teams typically use to symbolize the number of championships won by the franchise. In the Colts case that would be two, counting their 1970 victory when the team was still in Baltimore. Irsay opted against that for two reasons. "We look at it as being the first one for the Indianapolis Colts," Irsay said. "And there was no need to bring up any friction." It was Irsay's father, Robert, who moved the team from Baltimore to Indianapolis in the middle of the night in 1984 and some Baltimore fans still haven't forgiven the Colts for leaving. The team's quest for a Super Bowl repeat has already begun. The Colts are wrapping up their fourth week of mini-camp Thursday, and veterans don't have to report again until training camp opens July 29. Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning kept a low profile after picking up the one trophy that eluded him through his first eight seasons in the NFL. "It only gives you about a month and a half to wear it because then next season starts," Manning said last week. "I think you really can't wear it after that or you're just sort of hanging onto last season. What will be special will be having all those guys back." For Manning, the victory laps have been nonstop since his MVP performance in February. He's been to the White House twice, met England's Queen Elizabeth II, was the host of "Saturday Night Live," dropped the green flag for last month's Indianapolis 500 and golfed in an event that included Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Most players, including Manning, said the ring ceremony was more special because it included everybody else from the team. "It's a special moment because it doesn't happen every day," Dungy said last week. "It's been almost 30 years between mine. To me, it's really more symbolic of the guys starting in March and saying 'This is our goal' and then accomplishing it. Not everyone does that." Dungy won his only other Super Bowl ring with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1978. What they'll do next is up to the individual. Dungy, like Manning, said he'd probably stow his away soon. June asked Wayne on Wednesday for advice about what to do now that he's playing in Tampa Bay. "Scratch your head, like this," Wayne said, raising his right hand with the three-ounce ring. "You show them that's a nice ring you've got." Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
  8. MDesign

    MLB 07 The Show

    which system are you playing? why does every XBOX owner always push that machine? Because it truly is the greatness. I don't have a 360 but a buddy of mine does and whenever we get time I go on over there and play Gears of War and Crackdown. IMO those are 2 of the most fun and creative games I've played in a while.
  9. MDesign

    Indoor Football Player Killed on Field

    He played for 1 of the 3 High Schools in my county, Port Charlotte, FL. He played for Charlotte High School the Fighting Tarpons. Sad indeed.
  10. MDesign

    NFC playoff duelling helmet tee

    If the Saints go into Chicago and it does actually snow and the Saints somehow squeek out a win. You know the season has been "fixed" by the NFL to make money.
  11. MDesign

    Broncos Helmet

    Isn't 1966 part of the mid-60s?
  12. MDesign

    Weird Football Jersey

    I don't know if I want to rent a car or eat subway.
  13. MDesign

    Florida Rays?

    Not to go too O.T. but the Rays Spring Training, starting in 2009 and going for 20 years, will be in my town Port Charlotte. It's not exactly a great trade off from the Rangers and I'm not sure if they're going to bring us their Minor League team but it's nice to have Professional Baseball back. We also have the South Coast League coming to our Stadium.
  14. MDesign

    Early 2006 Big Ten Football Predictions

    Gotta agree here...Michigan had the worst recruiting year out of the Big Ten Teams. And as long as Lloyd Carr is there, Michigan fans can expect anything BUT greatness. 1. OSU 2. Penn State 3. Michigan 4. Iowa 5. Michigan State 6. Purdue 7. Wisconsin 8. Northwestern 9. Minnesota 10. Indiana 11. Illinois
  15. MDesign

    Working on a website

    Thanx...not good with coding though. And how would that work with a Sitebuilder?