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  1. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    I would actually be okay with blue and white, even if they look like the Colts. There's nothing really wrong with it, although blue and yellow is a bit livelier, I suppose. Perhaps the best of both worlds would be blue and yellow for home jerseys, and blue and white for alternate/throwback jerseys.
  2. MLB Changes 2017

    I don't know what the "proper" road hat is for the A's, but I do prefer their two-tone cap to their mono-colored one.
  3. Unpopular Opinions

    I never minded the Mets in black, either. But I think the reason it wasn't all that popular was due to mind share, so to speak. They were blue and orange from their inception (and was a nod to the former NL teams), and they won their championships in those colors and uniforms. So while I think black was integrated well into their identity, it really seemed just like trend riding. On the other hand, never liked the Royals in black and I never thought they pulled it off well. Their uniforms the past few years have been nearly perfect, I think. I'm glad they won the '15 World Series looking the way they do. Granted, it bothers me they still have a black drop shadow on their primary logo. Have they forgotten to update it?
  4. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    If the gold shoulder strip and logo were white, it wouldn't look too bad. But I guess those elements can't be changed due to the NFL's odd rules about uniform changes.
  5. Winston-Salem State Univ. NEW LOGOS

    Both remind me of the Fordham Rams logos.
  6. Atlanta Hawks Nike Jerseys

    I don't really think colors can become outdated. And if anything, here's a great chance for the Hawks to "own" a color no one else in the league uses. Teal was fashionable in the 90s, but several teams stuck with it and it became part of their identity. The Rockies have maintained purple since their existence and now own that color in baseball. Perhaps the Hawks can do something similar. We'll see.
  7. Atlanta Hawks Nike Jerseys

    I like the uniforms. They are an improvement over last season's. On the other hand, not a fan of them now being associated with "Doctor" Oz.
  8. Hardee's and Carl Jr's new logos

    I think at this point, the smiling star is too ingrained for a logo without to work in the public eye. Given the fact the faceless star lasted all of a few months likely demonstrates that point.
  9. Hardee's and Carl Jr's new logos

    An upgrade. Having the star without the face just felt incomplete.
  10. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    To be fair, is preseason football a big draw? I honestly don't know. If most teams can fill up their stadium, then I guess that is bad.
  11. Iowa License Plate Design Options Cause A Stir

    I think of Kevin Costner.
  12. MLB Changes 2017

    I agree, I love the Royals' numbers and wish the Dodgers used them (especially since the Dodgers don't have the white outline anymore). Other teams that use the same block font, like the Cardinals, at least have a visible outline around the numbers, so they don't seem as thin.
  13. Tennessee Titans Redesign (Uni Watch Challenge)

    The problem I have it's literally just... there. Other than the logo, there doesn't seem to be any connection to the Oilers in any other way: template, colors, etc. It feels out of place. Might as well be a proper throwback uniform, it would work a lot better with the logo. Beyond that, this concept looks pretty good.
  14. Tennessee Titans Redesign (Uni Watch Challenge)

    The oil derrick logo makes zero sense on the Titans. I get its a throwback, but in a vacuum, it shouldn't there.
  15. My first political sign

    That looks better, I think. I wouldn't worry too much about "balance," since most Americans are reading left-to-right, and this isn't really intended to be a logo that requires balance. It's more like a visual sentence, if that makes sense.
  16. My first political sign

    Why are "ELECT" and "MAYOR" right aligned? It just looks off to me, and if anything, makes the sign distracting to read.
  17. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    I'd assume these would get updated when the Yanks win another World Series? Problem is that eventually, the stripes would become so thin to have a muddled appearance. I don't mind when teams incorporate the number of championships on their uniforms somehow, but I dunno if I'm a fan of doing it via sock stripes.
  18. My first political sign

    I'd drop the first name, and just have "ELECT" on the first line. And maybe reword the third line to just "ST. FRANCIS MAYOR" or "FOR MAYOR." The former if the sign is intended outside of St. Francis, and the latter if inside.
  19. Los Angeles Clippers New Uniforms

    Was a white jersey shown off, or just the light blue and dark blue? Be interesting if the Clippers don't have a white jersey. I was actually okay with the secondary logo, and glad it's being retained. I do think, overall, the uniforms have been cleaned up a lot, much better than the initial effort. The Clippers dropping black was good, as well as bringing back the nautical flags (sort of) that they had during the San Diego days.
  20. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    I don't mind beveling, for the most part. It's actually not that bad for either the Cavs or Suns. But it just screams "template" to me, and thus I have a suspicion many Nike redesigns will see it.
  21. MLB Changes 2017

    Because for every person you personally know who wouldn't buy this merchandise, there are probably 100 people who would. Caps, especially, have to be a major money maker. I see so many variations of the Dodgers cap around here, and I'd imagine every other team sells a similar amount.
  22. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    So, beveling is the new trend? First the Cavs picked it up, now the Suns? I remember that being a trend back in the 90s.
  23. MLB Changes 2017

    Offhand, the Yanks, Braves, Padres, and Tigers use it. Angels used to use it back in the day. So the block font matches all of four teams, and none of the others.
  24. MLB Changes 2017

    I pointed this out, as well. It's the only thing that really bothers me. Why aren't the various block fonts being used with the appropriate teams? Would it really have been that hard to pull off?
  25. NFL 2017 changes?

    And yet at the same time, I find it hard to believe they couldn't merely just flip the logo on the wordmark and have a left-facing version. Really, how hard could that be?