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  1. panthers_2012

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I hoping the dark blue is a throwback(or tribute) to the '90s and then the powder blue would be the Wingfoot jersey.
  2. panthers_2012

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I would have to second this. The Cavs and Goodyear have been pushing the 100th anniversary.
  3. panthers_2012

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    That's a bad cover-up.
  4. panthers_2012

    Are the Cleveland Indians a red team or a blue team?

    I've been to Jacobs Field numerous times and most people have a blue jersey on, not the red. They had their 2017 player jersey red, but I think most people would prefer the blue over the red.
  5. panthers_2012

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    You're going to need glasses to see the ad...
  6. Well fun fact, Traverse City gets a lot of tourists and that's why they were named the Beach Bums. If I were the new owners, I would keep the Beach Bums name, but get new logos.
  7. Frontier League announced their schedule today. Notably missing is the Traverse City Beach Bums and the Normal Cornbelters. The Beach Bums, along with their stadium, were sold to a group led by the Midwest League West Michigan Whitecaps and will play, under a new team name, in the Northwoods League next season. Here's the statement from the Beach Bums: According to this article, the Cornbelters might be moving to the collegiate league level, but no official statement yet from the Cornbelters organization. I'm very upset that the Cornbelters are leaving the FL. They were my second favorite team in the league.
  8. panthers_2012

    Hand painted MLS team logos

    I remember your NFL series. This is fantastic!
  9. panthers_2012

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    As long as they don't wear them against *ichigan....
  10. panthers_2012

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    My friend and I said being this logo back... But seriously, if they get a new logo in 2020, make it the primary and have the C go to secondary. I hate the C with a burning passion because it's just bland.
  11. It's not a iPhone thing. It happens in my Android too. It's getting very annoying, but I can't stay away from the boards, so I'll live with it!
  12. panthers_2012

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    I think it's a good update. Needs some shading in the logo, but a lot better than what they had.
  13. panthers_2012

    entire NFL: best ever looks & if I were commish!

    No, it just shows all the uniforms on a different webpage. You can zoom in on the pics, but I can't see the details well.
  14. panthers_2012

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    Is it sad that I live in the area and didn't even know they had athletics?!? I new Lorain County Community College did, but didn't know about Tri-C.