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  1. I hope the Cavs use these as their throwbacks for next year. Here's my thought... 1) The past two seasons have been 70s and then 80s. 2) We're living where could get away with wearing uniforms from the 90s and 3) I work in the team store and I've seen more 90s gear than ever before. We've always sold the classic 70s logo and the 80s CAVS, but hardly anything with the 90s logo on it.
  2. As much as I like the current logo, I do feel that the Cavs do need an update. Especially, it works with the renovations coming up to the Q. I also hate that we use two different wordmarks for everything. We sell the logo wordmark in our store, but we also use the jersey wordmark on some t-shirts. I would like to see am updated version of the 2003 jerseys, but it won't happen.
  3. I work there... Trust me, it will sell 'cause people want it because it's new. We had a discussion about the merchandise and we said it came out well.
  4. Oh good... Another long team name....
  5. Well great. Thanks so much for that....
  6. That's perfect.
  7. Someone royally up.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised.
  9. Hmmm... We don't have enough color on this hat. Let's put the color on the sides, but not all the way around... Stupid hat, IMO.
  10. Even though it's a "direct" copy from the parent club, so much better than what they had.
  11. Oh my..... Just imagine trying to lift THAT cup.
  12. No wonder we haven't heard anything... It's in a steel vault in southeastern Michjigan.
  13. Looks okay but i would get rid of the flag in the state design. The C is enough. The current one looks cluttered. I'm not sold on the word mark, but I might change my mind.
  14. Uhhh... Ohio is backwards, just pointing it out.
  15. Not surprised that the Panthers didn't change. Richardson has labeled himself as a traditionalist and has stated that he won't change the uniforms in his lifetime.