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  1. We have a grading scale?!?! I thought I was escaping school being on the boards
  2. No, that looks weird, especially on that jersey. I really hope Adidas doesn't do this.
  3. I like this mock-up, but my only thing is make "Cleveland" smaller. Other than that, I want the Browns to go to this.
  4. Yes they did. Here's a pic from 1948. The Browns helmet is one of the most recognizable helmets in the NFL and they shouldn't change it. At first, I wasn't big on them widening the stripe on the helmet, but I'm fine with it now.
  5. Agree with what @NoE38 said.
  6. They better do that. Keep the helmet, but change the uniforms. The uniforms are atrocious and they need to go back to their classic uniforms. I don't care if "Cleveland" is on the chest, just make it small. I find out a waste of money if they redesign their logos. The logo sets are fine with me. The uniforms need to go.
  7. Raiders will never change, or they'll make minor changes that the fans won't notice.
  8. I can't tell if that's suppose to be the nose or the mouth...
  9. For me 1. Way too crowed, the wolf shouldn't hide in the background 2. The green stands out way too much, green needs to be used as an outline 3. The wolf needs work. I'm not a big fan of half grey, half black and it looks weird. 4. It's very cartoon-ish. Their secondary logo, the wolf howling, is far superior to this logo. Those are my problems with it. Anything else??
  10. Does anyone call it 'Sota??? Just curious.
  11. Also, a lot of secondary logos are used in broadcasting. Take the Cavs for example, it's either the Sword C or the 3D C, the primary is used little, even in merchandising. I work in their team store. There are items with the primary on it, but a majority of the stock is with secondary logos. I agree with you. The team uses different logos and you just have to show your professor that most teams now use secondary logos.
  12. I just find it ironic. I think it'll change soon too.
  13. I know they are two different bodies, but you see Oregon play with at least 5 different helmets a year and no one in the NFL can have 2. It makes no sense to me. I love seeing the throwback helmets and I'm still upset the NFL has the rule. They need to change it.
  14. The pun... God the pun....
  15. Good start, but I find it wired the the R and S are very big in relation to the rest of the letters. I understand what you were doing, but maybe try to reconfigure the logo so the letters aren't so big.