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  1. I would try doing whiskers instead of the paw.
  2. I would flip the wings on the falcon concept. I think it would look better.
  3. Don't like it at all.
  4. With the previous owner, it probably didn't cross his mind. Stomper is a key part to the organization and the current owner wouldn't change it. I can't wait to see the rebrand.
  5. It does work both ways, but they really want to connect it to the vineyards in the area. Our mascot is a bear named Stomper because he stomps the grapes.
  6. Yes, that's what that post is about. When they started in 2009, the previous owner explained the name "Crushers". Northeast Ohio is known for its wineries and thus the Crushers name was born. It never was told after the press conference announcing the team and the current identity doesn't reflect anything in about being connected to the wines. Our current owner kept the logo set this year (since it was his first year with the team) and he has invested into a new logo to reflect the connection with the vineyards. IMO, I liked the logo when it came out, but it's dated. I'm looking forward to the rebrand of the team. What are you doing with the league and if you want to DM me that's fine.
  7. You want to fight?!?!
  8. Totally agree. I liked those uniforms. Hopefully the Timberwolves can get it right this time around.
  9. hettinger_rl

    Send this in to OKC right now!!
  10. No, we've just have problems with people posting that they're going to do stuff and it never gets done.
  11. And here we go again....
  12. I just find it stupid that the Rams are ditching the yellow. They are known for the royal blue and yellow color scheme. I understand why they are going blue and white because of the history of the Rams, but it's still stupid. The owner wants money because he knows that people will buy the merchandise no matter what. I'm not from L.A. so I would like a thought from you about the Rams switching colors.
  13. Nice update. The different colors on the jersey work with this concept. Nice job!!
  14. Like how soon?