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  1. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Wow! Those maybe the best looking jersey that the Revs ever had. Now if only they can ditch that badge...
  2. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Dynamo teasing their new black jersey as well. Next Wednesday.            
  3. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

      That's what I said. Throwback Home, current white and Color Rush alternate.     EDIT: I find it weird that we're all coming to a consensus of the Rams being the Gold/Yellow version of Dallas. 
  4. New Premier League logo

    Love the Lion. Mixed on the wordmark. The PL version may work better for it. 
  5. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    1. TENNESSEE TITANS: This team's very existence is an abomination to me as a Houstonian. Bud Adams robbed me of the chance to fall in love with the same team my dad and brother did. I detest them over any team on earth today. "One Yard Short" was one the best moments I've had as a sports fan.                                                       2. Any and all Dallas teams: State rivalry yo. Dallas is our overrated, overexposed brother. Idiot Jerry Jones, D-bag Mark Cuban, crappy Hoops and the disgusting fact that Nolan Ryan is in the HOF as a Ranger instead of an Astro.        3. Texas A&M Aggies: Screw Kevin Sumlin for walking out on the Cougars before the 2011 C-USA championship game.       4. Texas Longhorns: Screw you UT for infringing on our turf with your dedicated state money and your ego.  5. Golden State Warriors: CURRY.  6. L.A. Galaxy: BECKHAM. 7. PACHUCA: The Dynamo's international rival. 8. Arsenal: Go Spurs. 9. New England Patriots: Like everybody else. 10. Mexico National Team 11. Any team Albert Puhols is playing for right now.  Honorable. ESPN. St. Louis Cardinals.
  6. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    I think orange pants Broncos might grow on me.
  7. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

      As a Rockets fan, let me say I hate our court. I miss paint on the sides. 
  8. MLS Gridiron - ORL, PHI 13/20

    Orlando City Lions (Orlando City SC) I went with simplicity for the only purple team in the league. Their light yellow provided a very good accent color to work with. The alternate jersey brings back their old red.  
  9. MLS Gridiron - ORL, PHI 13/20

    Philadelphia Union For the Zolos, I went with a gold shell and matching gold pants. Since Philly also use the Northwestern stripe to some extent, I made it a vertical stripe simular to the Panthers. Their alternate jersey is in signal blue.  
  10. My First Freebie, a Sports Jersey Texture PSD Logo Mockup

    Thanks for the freebie. I'm having a lot of fun with it. 
  11. New TNT Logo

    If they ditched the yellow oval, the TNT mark would still hold up.     The new one? Retro, but boring. Lateral.
  12. Are there any white helmets that are better than the color?

    It's their original look, as well made it easier to wear alternate jerseys under the one sheel rule.
  13. MLS Gridiron - ORL, PHI 13/20

    New York Red Bulls And now for the other New York team. The Red Bulls have a very iconic logo and this jersey has it as it's main focus.   
  14. Hand Drawn Stadiums (Taking requests)

    1. Sport(s): Hockey, WNBA 2. Location: Houston 3. Team Name(s): Houston Aeros, Houston Comets 4. Favorite word: Froinlaven 5. Team Colors (optional): Green, Navy, Light Blue, Red (Aeros), Red, Silver, Navy (Comets) 6. Architectural Style (optional): Barclays Center minus the rust. 7. Anything else (optional): As for the name, _______ Landing.
  15. Super Bowl LI Logo Concept

    Unfortunately so man. NFL wants thing to be standard and pristine!   Yours however is a beaut.