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  1. Miles better than the owl logo. Good point. GFW Impact anyone?
  2. I did like the use of black in their current uniform as well. I think it could be either another Buffalo/Minnesota that ends being acclaimed, another Miami where its just meh or even Seattle which ended up being radically different, but still ok.
  3. Well I'm working on a Falcons concept among others and decided to do this using all their colors and bringing back their old Tech gold.
  4. Any chance for an all-Texas LI?
  5. Pretty cool concept uniting the city colors. if you ever do Houston, navy, red and orange? Or our flag's blue?
  6. According to the mothership, its Red endzone vs. Blue. With a very nice touch of the secondary colors.
  7. I know were not gonna take AP. McNair does not do off-the-field drama. Hometown boy or not.
  8. Same feeling when our original team moved to Tennesee and kept the old named. They were dead to me, Mom and my brother. Dad's loyalties, however stayed with them after the move and the rebranding. As said I before, Super Bowl in 2000, I was giddy over the Titans losing to the Rams. They are many people that are pissed that there's a hall of fame for the Titans that feature names that never played for the that city. Hell, Earl Campbell refused to go to his induction and pretty much became to the Texans what Johnny Unitas has become to the Ravens. I guess @Lights Out will feel the same if the Chargers somehow make it to the Super Bowl. I hope y'all get your ownership change and move back home because this and the logo deal is a load of BS.
  9. George Godsey's gone as OC in Houston.
  10. nfl

    I wish we wore red too, but I can deal navy over white.
  11. Every Rockets retrospective is either in the current Red and Silver or the old Ketchup and Mustard. Very rarely you'll see the Snaggletooth and stripes.
  12. nfl

    I really hope we wear the white pants in our game with the Raiders. At least don't wear monoblue if not for the aesthetics than for the fact the last two times we did we lost and got shut out.
  13. I'm utterly shocked that Minneapolis didn't get it. Newfangled stadium and you don't want to kick off its tenure as a sports entertainment venue? Shame.
  14. nfl

    And bring back the Texans proper road combo. Or heck, maybe use the red pants with both the navy and the white jerseys.
  15. We were robbed. Right now I'm just thinking about watching my team and that's it.