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  1. No, you're not wrong. One for throwbacks. The other for color rush.
  2. Dallas vs. Washington is beautiful. A good red/blue color balance. The Mustard vs. Mayo matchup looked ok. And the Raven purple pants are the best thing ever. Especially with contrasting socks.
  3. I'm kinda split on the idea of the Texans in a white but wouldn't mind it if the facemask was red. That would be a minor callback to our original team. If they kept the navy helmets I would also like a red facemask as well. As for the Ravens. I'm thinking they go all white for the game vs. the Steelers, though I wouldn't mind them in purple pants again. Glad they won last week in them. For the other matchups: Giants/Falcons and Wash/Cowboys looking clean, Rams/Niners will be one of the better looking mustard and mayo matchups.
  4. Ashes of Astroworld

    2018 NFL Season

    Is weird that on one hand, I don't the Jags to lose in the black/teal combo and consider it "unlucky" and on the other hand want the Jags to lose so we tie for first place in the South?
  5. Ashes of Astroworld

    Philosophical question - Monochromatic Design

    It would be alright if it was brighter. The socks help break up the look and tie it in to the helmet.
  6. It really should be. Especially since they won in them.
  7. Ashes of Astroworld

    San Diego Padres focus-grouping new uniforms for 2020

    It's a nice chocolate brown. I think it would go with something in-between athletic gold and orange.
  8. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL 2018 changes

    I see a new word~mark! As for the caps, I would say the navy one for the Texans is the better design for my team. Though factoring in my growing hatred of navy as a primary color. I'll pass.
  9. They should use the color rush ones. Did that that in Madden one time and it looked pretty good.
  10. Dang it! Watching Texans at Titans right now and never more have I HATED us in navy primaries then I do today.
  11. @canzman Do the Texans still have there red pants?
  12. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL 2018 changes

    I hope not. I like the purple pants! The color rush moreso but still, sorely needed.
  13. Well. After that loss, they ain't wearing it again.
  14. It's serious business. Especially with the myriad of ways that the socks are worn these days. Are they a one piece sock with colored and white, a player wearing the stocking only, wearing both with the whites scrunched low, whites socks over colored compression gear, colored bands over white compression gear, stocking with white apathetic tape... At least with the contrast, it looks like a pro football uniform even with the different ways of wearing socks amongst team members. I miss when we did that. The only reason the Texans switched was because of a road losing streak ten years ago. That one battle red game two years ago where they wore red on blue with red socks made me miss it more. Especially now since the Titans decided to jack our look! Navy pants with red socks at least makes us a navy and red team. But the Navy pants and socks, that just makes us the Chargers, and moreso the Rams, :censored:, and Hawks, with red numbers.
  15. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL 2018 changes

    Its the owner. Shahid Khan prefers black. They should be a teal team. though if they did black over teal, it would be not be as bad and be a good compromise between Khan preference for black and the fans love of teal. Though if someone can Madden the current jerseys with the original pants and see how'll that look.