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  1. Ashes of Astroworld

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    I'm thinking tweak. Probably a new opening and some new intertitles but the same lower thirds.
  2. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    I am hoping that would be the Rockets.
  3. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Maybe if the players go on strike, one of their terms can be simplify the rule book.
  4. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Since I live in San Antonio now, might as well enjoy a Commanders game.
  5. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    And.... it's been snuffed out.
  6. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFC Championship Game.

    We are now saved from monochrome black!!!
  7. Ashes of Astroworld

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Because they have to be owned and unique to each team. Numbers are ok. Stripes should white.
  8. They should at least do it for primetime games with regard for color blindness.
  9. Which make me wonder what plan Brian Gaines and Cal McNair have if any. Clowney actually modeled this look in a photoshoot. (Thank you web Red vs blue game. Used the 96 silver pants which matched the helmets.
  10. Red over Navy I didn't like it much as I though I would. Now the inverse I would mind seeing. Damn straight. Columbia wouldn't be bad, not mention would link the two Houston teams together.
  11. If that was true, my Texans would still be wearing red socks on the road. Well, I hate navy over white again. This a thousand times.
  12. Ashes of Astroworld

    NFL changes 2019

    Browns with white helmets would not happen. It would be a second helmet if the league ditched the one helmet rule. But that ain't gonna happen either.
  13. Ashes of Astroworld

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Yeah, I still pissed over the Color Rush "leaks" from 2 years ago. Texans in Columbia Blue my foot.
  14. Last seen in 2010. I wish they bring them back next year with a navy stripe instead of the white, ditch our original navy pants and use the CR pants with red socks. Wish they pulled a Cowboys and used the color rush pants. Contrasting socks made the brown pants look good as they can though.
  15. Ashes of Astroworld

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 16

    I felt the same especially during last season. I think they need more red in general in their uniform scheme. Maybe bring back the red pants to wear under the navy if you don't want to switch to Battle Red as the primary (which I have begged many times for them to do). Or maybe switch the striping on their pants. I would also say white striped socks but that's too derivative of the Bears. Or hell, swap to the CR at their primary with their original navy jerseys as a throwback. I cannot imagine them with any other helmet color than navy. Maybe go with red facemasks. I wish they had the white helmet option on Madden like they did in NFL 2K5, not that I want us looking like the Cards. I'm guessing tradition as well. Teams should wear their colors at home or something like that. Or leave the WAH to the Cowboys?