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  1. This update is significantly better, although there is still something a little off about the tail. In the original 2013 version, there was a clear delineation between the back and tail, and I was wondering if there was a way you could do that without throwing off the flow or color balance.
  2. Up next we have the Ljubljana Gams.
  3. Up next is our first team from Bulgaria. I'm pretty happy with this logo. The shape of the shield comes from the city's coat of arms. It features the Cyrillic spelling of the city's name and an anchor with a letter V in the negative space, all in the colors of the Bulgarian flag.
  4. Honestly, I just got burned out, and too busy with other non-concept art projects. Up next we have a team from Montenegro:
  5. Thanks for the feedback! The Blackbirds are supposed to have two very dark shades, midnight blue and black to simulate the very subtle sheen of a blackbird. Up next, we have a Serbian team and a Bosnian team:
  6. I've always had a special place in my heart for the Balkan region. I love their music, their food, and their culture, and during my recent deployment to Afghanistan, I got to work closely with some fantastic people from Bosnia-Herzegovina. I decided to create a fictional major hockey league from the region, and this is what I have so far: First up are the Chisinau Stars. They have a cool 8-pointed star logo with a monogram I originally made for a different project. Next we have the Pristina Blackbirds: The Bucharest Pelicans have a bright and interesting color scheme: And then we have a monochromatic look with the Dubrovnik Dalmatians:
  7. Up next are the Cornwall Nationals... Their originals look like a minor league alternate or one off jersey, so I went with something simpler that still gets the point across and uses their pretty cool logo.
  8. I've been going to a lot of Federal Hockey League games living here in Watertown, NY, and I've been very underwhelmed by the uniforms I've seen, so I decided to redesign some of them. Up first are the Watertown Wolves. They have a really decent team this year, but they use a ripoff of the Tampa Bay Lightning's boring uniforms, so I came up with these uniforms that use more black which is currently only used in the logo.
  9. That Wolfpack set is fantastic.
  10. I like what you did with the Devils. Very 1990s look. Also, it's not bumping if you're posting new content. Good stuff!
  11. Up next are the final 2006-07 expansion franchise, the Reykjavik Vikings. They wore these classic-styled uniforms when they began play in 2006: In 2009, a red alternate was added: In 2011, the home uniform was changed to match the others:
  12. Up next are the Anchorage Seals who use First Nations totem art for their logo. They've had one look the entire time they've been in the WHL:
  13. Up next are the Talinn Lions. They started in 2006 wearing these uniforms: In 2011, to celebrate 20 years of Estonian Independence, a flag-based alternate was adopted:
  14. It's time to check out the 2006-07 expansion teams. The St. John's Sharks used a hammerhead shark for their logo since I feel they're underused in sports. They began play wearing these uniforms (the teal alternate was added for their second season): In 2008, the Teal jersey was promoted to the primary uniform because of how many other teams wore black. The Shark logo was used on the alternate: In 2010, the Sharks redesigned their uniforms to a more traditional look with a new logo on the shoulders, a S/J fish hook (inspired by one I saw before, I'm not sure who made it): In 2012, the alternate jersey was changed: In 2013, the alternate was changed yet again: In 2015, the alternate was changed again to use the hook logo:
  15. 2005-06 * Disclaimer: I had these results written down before any comments were made... The 2005-06 season had a lot of changes with new division names and some huge trades throughout the season. The Eastern European Division was renamed the Bobrov Division for famed Russian player Vsevolod Bobrov, the Western European Division was renamed the Salming Division for Borje Salming, the Western North American was renamed the Orr Division for Bobby Orr, and the North American East was renamed the Gretzky Division. The Boston Irish returned to their original concept of trading talent for picks after some huge problems in the locker room. After only 6 games, the Irish dealt Martin Brodeur to Montreal for Marc-Andre Fleury, and the Quebecois first round draft pick. 2 games later, the Irish then dealt Niklas Lidstrom to the Stockholm Norsemen for their first round draft pick and the aging Jeremy Roenick. Then at the trade deadline, the Irish dealt Jaromir Jagr back to the last place Prague Golems for their first and second round draft picks. Despite giving up their stars, the Irish still finished third in the Gretzky division. With the new influx of talent and Steve Yzerman in his final season, the Montreal Quebecois finished very well with only the Washington Eagles having a better record in the Gretzky Division. The Brooklyn Emperors finished fourth ending a long playoff hiatus. In the Orr Division, the Minneapolis Geminis finished first after picking up Jonathan Cheechoo close to the trade deadline from the Prague Golems. The Hollywood Dragons had an excellent season finishing second in the Orr thanks to the excellent goaltending of Roberto Luongo. The Winnipeg Lakers and Saskatoon Blazers rounded out the division in third and fourth. In the Bobrov Division, the Moscow Stars were untouchable with Dominik Hasek in goal, and Alex Ovechkin led the league in scoring in his sophomore season. Kharkiv had another stellar season finishing second. Young rookie Anze Kopitar helped the Kiev Angels to a third place finish, and after cycling through a few goalies, the Niznhy Novgorod traded away injury-prone goalie Rick DiPietro to Mannheim for Manny Fernandez, and finished fourth. In the Salming Division, the Mannheim Motors finished first again thanks to a great season by Peter Budaj with backup Jonathan Quick stealing games as well. The Copenhagen Hammer ended the league's longest playoff drought finishing second in the division thanks to the goaltending of Manny Legace. Helsinki finished third with Peter Forsberg lighting the lamp. Stockholm also returned to the playoffs after missing for a few years thanks to their Swedish-born talent. The Bobrov Division Playoffs were brutal with two Russian teams and two Ukrainian teams facing off. The Moscow Stars had a hard time knocking out the Nizhny Novgorod Comets and needed all 7 hames to do so. The Kharkiv Devils dominated the Kiev Angels throughout the series, but the Angels anlso hung on for 7 games only to be eiminated by an overtime goal. Riots erupted in the streets of Kiev afterwards. The Devils had a harder time against the Stars though and were eliminated in 6 games by the Stars amazing offense. In the Salming Division, the Stockholm Norsemen surprised the Mannheim Motors eliminating them in 5 games while the Copenhagen Hammer won their first playoff series since 1993 eliminating the Helsinki Icebreakers in 7 games. The Stockholm Norsemen breezed by the Hammer in round two thanks to the goaltending of Henrik Lundqvist. The Norsemen's concept of drafting and trading for local Swedish talent seemed to be working. In the Gretzky Division, the Washington Eagles defeated the Brooklyn Emperors in 6 games despite the Emperors playing a great series. The Montreal Quebecois faced off against their rivals in Boston, and emerged victorious in 5 games. The Quebecois went on to hammer the Washington Eagles sweeping them in the next round to win the division. In the Orr Division, the Minneapolis Geminis handled the Saskatoon Blazers in 5 games without too much trouble. The Hollywood Dragons had a tougher time with the Winnipeg Lakers needing 6 games to knock the out. Mario Lemieux scored 2 goals in his final game and received a huge ovation as he skated off the ice for the final time. The Dragons went on to stun the Geminis eliminating them in 5 to win the division. In the North American Conference Finals, the Montreal Quebecois dominated the Hollywood Dragons in all aspects of the game and ended their Global Cup hopes in five games earning their third trip to the Global Cup Finals. In Europe things were tougher for both teams as they battled it oiut in an epic 7 game series. with the Moscow Stars earning their fourth trip to the Global Cup Finals. The 2006 Global Cup Finals were the beginning of a new rivalry between Moscow and Montreal, and specifically between Hasek and Brodeur and Ovechkin and Crosby. The series went to seven games, and despite Ovechkin getting a hat trick, and Crosby getting hurt in the first period, the Quebecois were too much for the Stars to handle, and Steve Yzerman scored the go-ahead goal to win the Quebecois their third Global Cup. After the game, Yzerman announced his retirement, but instead of retiring his number, he graciously gave his number to the team's new captain Joe Thornton. It was decided that the number 19 would be passed on as a badge of honor to the team's captain. The 2006 Draft took place in Boston, which was fitting since they had traded away much of their talent for draft picks. With the first pick that previously belonged to Prague, the Irish selected Jonathan Toews. They also managed to get Claude Giroux and goalie Semyon Varlamov in the first round. The Oakland Americans used their 4th and 5th overall picks to select Nicklas Backstrom and Phil Kessel and goalie Steve Mason in the second round. Regular Season Standings: Bobrov Division 1. Moscow Stars 2. Kharkiv Devils 3. Kiev Angels 4. Nizhny Novgorod Comets 5. St. Petersburg Horsemen 6. Minsk Bisons 7. Riga Griffins 8. Prague Golems Salming Division 1. Mannheim Motors 2. Copenhagen Hammer 3. Helsinki Icebreakers 4. Stockholm Norsemen 5. Belgrade Wolves 6. London Crown 7. Amsterdam Dutchmen 8. Warsaw Winged Hussars Gretzky Division 1. Washington Eagles 2. Montreal Quebecois 3. Boston Irish 4. Brooklyn Emperors 5. Toronto Bucks 6. Halifax Bombers 7. Chicago Cardinals 8. Buffalo Thunder Orr Division 1. Minneapolis Geminis 2. Hollywood Dragons 3. Winnipeg Lakers 4. Saskatoon Blazers 5. Phoenix Cougars 6. St. Louis Clydesdales 7. Oakland Americans 8. Vancouver Spirits