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  1. Up next are the St. Louis Eagles. They had a pretty good look, so I based this one off of it:
  2. Up next are the Detroit Falcons with a retro 1970's look that would play well in Motown:
  3. Next up are the Philadelphia Quakers with a fairly modern look:
  4. Up next are the Detroit Cougars. They have a classic look, but with a more appropriate color scheme for a Michigan team.
  5. On second thought, I decided to do one now. The number generator gave me: 32, 4, 12, 1975, and the random logo was this one http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/zj7eqoh45gw4ula6qghqfqy4g/_Osasuna//Primary_Logo So, here are the Rochester Serpents named after the mythical Great Serpent of Lake Ontario:
  6. I tried it and I didn't like the look. It was a little too crowded. Up next are the Pittsburgh Pirates. I went with a different color scheme than their original one.
  7. Once I finish my NHL Defunct series, I'll pick this back up. It was loads of fun!
  8. I updated the Bulldogs uniform with the logo raised a bit on the white uniform, and next we have the Toronto St. Pats with two of my favorite uniform design elements: double green, and the sash:
  9. Now that you mention it, I can't unsee it. I'll update it shortly, but for now, we have the Hamilton Tigers:
  10. Finally for tonight, we have the Quebec Bulldogs with their very French-Canadian look based on their original uniform (specifically the socks):
  11. The Montreal Wanderers had the look first, and the Maroons will make an appearance. Also, I'm going a different direction for the Cougars and falcons. Up next is a bold traditional look for the Toronto Arenas:
  12. I'm back! Also, I've dropped the x from all official stuff, so I'm also doing it in my concept art. I've decided to try modern concepts for the defunct teams of the NHL. As always, I'm using goalie names and numbers from the team's history. Up first are the Montreal Wanderers:
  13. This update is significantly better, although there is still something a little off about the tail. In the original 2013 version, there was a clear delineation between the back and tail, and I was wondering if there was a way you could do that without throwing off the flow or color balance.
  14. Up next we have the Ljubljana Gams.
  15. Up next is our first team from Bulgaria. I'm pretty happy with this logo. The shape of the shield comes from the city's coat of arms. It features the Cyrillic spelling of the city's name and an anchor with a letter V in the negative space, all in the colors of the Bulgarian flag.