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  1. The Battle of Seattle

    Just gorgeous. I'm sure the NHL will disappoint us compared to these.
  2. Minnesota Vikings Concept: Playoff Beard Edition

    I'm really disappointed that I didn't think of this first. You really created something outstanding here. Well done!
  3. New Jersey Devils Remix

  4. The Krewe is delightful. You really managed to fit a hell of a lot into a really nice brand. Well done.
  5. New Jersey Devils Remix

    I'm getting some things together for HJC's next competition, and I figured I'd get a little feedback here before posting. I decided to bring back green and promote the black to the main color for a devilish look. I can't decide whether I should use the red or black for the home jersey. Thoughts?
  6. Stadium Series 2019

    I think it's absolutely asinine that the Penguins and Flyers are meeting again. It really shows the massive *censored* that Gary Bettman has for his *censored* *censored* *censored* Sidney Crosby. Anyway, I decided to come up with uniforms for this entirely unnecessary matchup, but instead of going with the goofy futuristic designs the NHL has been defecating out, I decided to go retro. What do you think?
  7. NCAA Football Super Series

    I've been meaning to get back to it. I've been crazy busy with my new job. I had a very short stint with the Kalamazoo Wings in the front office before I found a much better opportunity in real estate. It's a good time to get into the game! I have a few days off though, so maybe can get back into this.
  8. New York Isles Update

    So my LA Kings redesign won the last competition over at HJC, so now I'm sending in another solid entry for the New York Islanders redesign competition. For this design, I modernized their main mark, and created a secondary patch that brings back their 4 stripe motif they've used to represent their 4 Stanley Cups. I fixed up their home and road uniforms a bit to look more bold, added a third "Brooklyn-ized" uniform, and a fourth uniform inspired by the city's former name of New Amsterdam. It's a fairly European look that wouldn't be out of place in Amsterdam. What are your thoughts?
  9. NCAA Football Super Series

    That was my inspiration when looking at color schemes and whatnot. Up next are the New Jersey State Nighthawks...
  10. Love the Bombers look. It's disappointing that the sash isn't used more in North American sports.
  11. NCAA Football Super Series

    And we're back! Up next are the New Jersey Mallards. The Mallards wear all blue for their in-state rivals NJ State and Rutgers.
  12. NCAA Football Super Series

    Yes, I've been really busy with My new job (front office with the Kalamazoo Wings), so I haven't had much time.
  13. LA Kings Redesign

    I worked up a design for the competition over at HJC. I brought back "forum blue" and gold for a modern design. They also alternates based loosely on times in the club's history. What do you think?
  14. NCAA Football Super Series

    Up next are the Maryland State Retrievers. They have a very classic look wearing gold at home and white on the road with green uniforms rolled out for special occasions. Players receive a dog bone sticker on their helmet for big plays.
  15. NCAA Football Super Series

    Up next we have the Brooklyn Bulldogs. The Bulldogs take part in an inter-conference four-way rivalry for the Empire Trophy with Bronx, Manhattan State, and Staten Island. The four teams play each other every year despite being split among two conferences. The Bulldogs save their special blackout uniforms for these games. They also use their gold uniforms for their minor rivals, Boston State.