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  1. Criticism is not only allowed, but greatly appreciated. Feedback is the reason for posting on here. It helps you grow as an artist. That being said, I addressed this. This is just for fun for me to work on some different techniquesand whatnot. This is not a realistic North Korean hockey league and shouldn't be viewed as such.
  2. Up next are the Kaesong Pines and the Sinuiju Lumberjacks who play each other in the Woodland Challenge. For the Pines, I went with a fairly classic look with a Rangers-esque wordmark. For the Lumberjacks, I went old-school using vintage colors and a retro-inspired logo. For the Woodland Challenge, the Pines are going all green with their logo replacing the text while the Lumberjacks wear flannel inspired uniforms.
  3. Although I would normally agree, the tiger shark stripes are meant to be almost hidden. They're not a major important detail on the logo, but more of something you catch on second glance. I really appreciate the input though!
  4. Up next are the Hamhung Sharks and the Tanchon Krakens who compete for the Coastal Cup.
  5. I might do a Korean night concept for each team with the names in hangul and very plain logos, but for now, I'm going with more western styled logos. Up next are the Pyongsong Atoms and the Wonsan Cruisers. The Pyongsong Atoms feature a modern color scheme and look. The logo is meant to represent both a letter A from Atoms, a nuclear reactor cooling tower, and the radioactive sign. The Wonsan Cruisers feature a red white and blue color scheme with light red added as a tertiary color. They will face off in the Nuclear Bowl in Pyongsong.
  6. Before starting this project (or any project) I do quite a bit of research. North Korean sports clubs such as the Pyongyang SC (soccer, basketball), 4.25 Football Club, and their IIHF teams all wear uniforms similar to the rest of the world which is why I used standard designs for this project. Although the Capitals are obviously inspired by the NHL Capitals, they feature North Korean symbols. Yes, the colors and stars are shared by both countries, but the circled star and the juche symbol (with hockey sticks) are uniquely North Korean. Furthermore, this is a fantasy design. North Korea clearly couldn't support a legit hockey league, nor would use English, but this is just a fun opportunity to create designs. You have to suspend some disbelief for this.
  7. While I was living in Seoul, I was able to be part of a program in which I was able to go on a sponsored tour of Kaesong, North Korea. The trip was eye opening to say the least. Although North Korea would never be able to support any major sport successfully for now (maybe after peaceful reunification which is my hope), I wondered what a North Korean hockey league would look like. I've decided to create a 14-team league. Just to be clear, in no way, shape or form, do I support North Korea. They have a long history of human rights violations, this is purely about hockey design, and any other comments will be ignored. The teams are as follows: I will be posting two teams at a time along with their special game. Up first are the Chongjin Steelers and the Pyongyang Capitals.
  8. Since I just finished a different project, I decided to knock out another one of these. The numbers I got were: 31,2,10,1998 and the random logo I got was: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/g5jvlza7s7ve9hgh7159w7f0l/_Arsenal_de_Sandi/1942/Primary_Logo So, that gives me Las Cruces, NM and an occupation. Since the color scheme is a bright one, and it was founded in the late 1990s at the height of wrestling's popularity, I went with the Las Cruces Luchadors. The main logo is obviously based on a luchador mask while the secondary logo is inspired by the WCW logo of the late 1990s below.
  9. Finally, we have the Atlanta Thrashers. For their design, I went with a retro basketball inspired design since Atlanta is definitely not a hockey town. I feel like this design would sell well in that market. Well, that's it for now. Let's see how poorly the Coyotes keep doing. Maybe I'll have to do them in the next few years!
  10. I like it...
  11. Up next are the Hartford Whalers. For their design, I wanted to balance their color a little better, use their historically awesome uniforms, and also add some modern touches. The stripes mimic the whale's tail in the uniform, and a sharper font is used to match the logo. Also, I created a small alternate logo based on their WHA era logo. I've included that so you can get a better look.
  12. I'm back! Up next are the Quebec Nordiques wearing a mix of their uniforms from history.
  13. I joke about North Korea, but I absolutely love the Republic of Korea. The year I lived in Seoul was wonderful. The culture and history is amazing. If I could be from any other country, I'd be Korean!
  14. For the competition going on over at HJC, I decided to design uniforms for North Korea. The home and away uniforms use striping based on the country's flag while the alternate is based on their military uniforms. The Hangul text beneath the logo reads Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I'm interested in everybody's feedback.
  15. Finally for tonight we have the Minnesota North Stars. I decided to go with their original logo (one of my favorites), with slightly altered colors. I've also unified their look a little more by making the striping similar on the home and away.