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  1. NFL, but Australian rules

    Up next, from Pittsburgh is the Steel City Football Club, nicknamed the Steelers by fans. The league would not expand again until 1952.
  2. NFL, but Australian rules

    Up next we have one of 2 teams that joined the league in 1943. The Chicagoland FC, nicknamed the Bears, started off playing in venues around the Chicago region, which is known locally as Chicagoland, before settling into their home stadium.
  3. NFL, but Australian rules

    Up next is the last of the original 4, the Brooklyn Braves.
  4. NFL, but Australian rules

    These are their 2018 uniforms. I'm just presenting them in order of franchise age.
  5. NFL, but Australian rules

    Up next is the Philadelphia Quaker FC with their very traditionalist look. The Quakers prefer to wear their white jumpers whenever possible.
  6. NFL, but Australian rules

    Unless otherwise credited, I make all of my own templates. Thanks!
  7. NFL, but Australian rules

    Just fixed it.
  8. NFL, but Australian rules

    Up next is the Boston Football Club. Due to their All-American branding, they are nicknamed the Patriots.
  9. NFL, but Australian rules

    The league started in 1940. These are today's uniforms. I'm starting with the original clubs first.
  10. NFL, but Australian rules

    This concept takes a look at what the NFL would look like if Australian football were the popular sport back in the day. The league starts in 1940... Our first club is the New York Titans FC. They have a very similar history to the real-world Giants, and wear a very classic look.
  11. The Battle of Seattle

    Just gorgeous. I'm sure the NHL will disappoint us compared to these.
  12. Minnesota Vikings Concept: Playoff Beard Edition

    I'm really disappointed that I didn't think of this first. You really created something outstanding here. Well done!
  13. New Jersey Devils Remix

  14. The Krewe is delightful. You really managed to fit a hell of a lot into a really nice brand. Well done.
  15. New Jersey Devils Remix

    I'm getting some things together for HJC's next competition, and I figured I'd get a little feedback here before posting. I decided to bring back green and promote the black to the main color for a devilish look. I can't decide whether I should use the red or black for the home jersey. Thoughts?