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  1. 2018 MLB Season

    I think the saddest part of the mess that is the 2016-2018 Reds is the fact that Joey Votto is stuck in the middle of it. I'm a Cardinals fan, so I've seen a lot of him over the years and spent a lot of time cussing him too. He is legitimately one of the greatest hitters to have ever played and he goes largely unnoticed since he plays on butt teams in Cincinnati. It's too bad the Reds can't/won't? put a better team around him.
  2. I love it, simple and clean. The Kelly green is awesome and the Jets should be using it yesterday. The only change I would suggest would be to add a helmet stripe that matches the pants, but it's definitely not lacking without it.
  3. I think the Eagles have a great logo and I'm a big fan of their midnight green color, but I think they just have too much going on with black, charcoal gray and silver accompanying the green. In my opinion, the Eagles look best when they are wearing only green, silver and white, so this concept is more of a clean-up than a full on rebrand. I was also inspired by what the Detroit Lions did with their logo an uniforms this past season. Those are not perfect, but I really like the idea of what the Lions did. Here's my take on the logo: nothing too exciting, the green is a touch more green and the black is gone. The new wordmark is my take on a simpler, less "XTREME" version of the current wordmark and is more in line with the contemporary branding in the NFL: bold, single color lettering with some serifs and a bridge shape to give it some character. Here are the new home and road uniforms. Less is more as the uniforms are reminiscent of the current duds but are without the needless clutter of superfluous colors and embellishment. The Color Rush uniform is gray in the same style of the primary uniforms and the regular alternate uniform is a midnight green version of the classic throwback uniforms thanks to the one-helmet rule. So, thats it. Thanks for taking a look and I'm definitely open to any and all C&C and feedback.
  4. NBA Redesign Concepts (Thunder 4/25)

    I like this. The font is very Western and to me, tour dark purple looks more like navy blue, which I think works better anyway. I do think I would use the note logo on the shorts instead of the snowflake and I think the front number needs to match the back. If you do that, you can make the wordmark the opposite color if that makes sense? You have a good start, but I think there are some tweaks that need to be made.
  5. Wideright imagines the AAF

    I'll second the San Antonio Garrison, with some sort of Alamo motif. If you do decide to go this direction, I'd suggest a brick red, navy blue and, white/cream color scheme. If you want to stay away from red/white/blue, maybe gunmetal gray instead of blue.
  6. Well I kept the silver pants because the Panthers have always worn silver pants and the teeth/eyes are still silver in the logo, so I kept the silver pants as the primary home pants. To be honest, they don't look good with the blue or white jersey, but I'm still hesitant to get rid of silver entirely.
  7. The number font is based on the wordmark, a sans serif italic font. I actually thought it worked really well. What would you have in mind to change it to? The idea behind the black helmet was kinda for it to get "lost". All you see is the highlights of the black fur flashing in the light, or maybe I'm over thinking that. I want to avoid outlines on the numbers, so here is a white jersey with black numbers and blue pants as the primary. And here it is with black pants:
  8. I really wanted to like the single color numbers. I have a real soft spot for them because they can feel both old school and modern at the same time, but I don't like them here. They make the jersey look incomplete without contrasting outlines, so that's kinda disappointing. Overall, I still think the new uniforms are good, not great, but good. I love the glossy helmet. That's how the Jaguars' helmet should look. The number font is cool as hell. I like the accent stripes around the collar and I think the diagonal sock stripes are a unique touch that isn't kitschy. I don't like: the black numbers on the white jersey, they should be teal for the sake of color balance. Speaking of color balance, I could stand to see some gold incorporated into the uniforms beyond the logos, but it's not a deal breaker here. The pants need something more of a stripe. They are a little too plain for my taste, but I get what they were going for. I really dislike the empty sleeves. Put the jaguar logo or TV numbers there, but the need something. If they wear sensible combinations (not monochrome) most of the time, I think these uniforms will Iook great on the field.
  9. With teal socks and you've got a deal
  10. I know it would be a bit redundant but putting the jaguar logo on the sleeves would improve the new look, might be the perfect splash of gold? I'll never understand why so many teams are content to have empty sleeves. Teal numbers would be nice on the white jersey, as would a pair of teal socks. Looking forward to seeing better images of the uniforms tomorrow.
  11. It would be too bad if the new pants don't have stripes. That's a very amateurish look IMO. Not crazy about the lack of gold, but I don't think it will be a deal breaker. Also I would be really surprised if the numbers turn out to simply be a straight-up varsity block font, that being said, you can't really go wrong with a nice block font, especially in one- color.
  12. A while back someone on the boards pointed out some of the flaws with the current Panthers logo and ever since then, the wonkey left eye and slightly out of perspective lower jaw/teeth has driven me nuts. So, I have made some tweaks, I think i fixed the perspective issue and made the shape of the left eye more similar to the right one. The uniforms feature black helmets, which I am picturing with a high gloss finish. The new striping pattern is based on "speed lines", the Panther's whiskers, and the detailing on the wordmark. The pants stripe wraps around the front of the pants onto the knee and the collar striping would be a detail unique to the Panthers in the NFL. The Panthers' bold electric blue is strong enough, IMO to be used for sleek, modern single-color numbers on the jerseys. The primary home pants remain silver and the primary home pants are now black. The alternate jersey remains blue and is an inverse of the black jersey. I introduced blue pants into the rotation and thy are shown here with the blue jersey, but wouldn't necessarily be worn with the blue jersey. The Color Rush uniform is the "Black Panther" uniform, paired with all-blue socks to balance out all of the black. Here are some of the uniform combos paired with alternate pant options: So, please feel free to let me know what you think, I always appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  13. You did. Accidental double post on my end. I see what you're saying about the stripes now. I hadn't thought of that, I was just using an old helmet design that I thought was cool.
  14. Not sure what you mean by C stripe?
  15. Not sure what you mean by C stripe?
  16. Here's a new one for the day, DA BEARS!!!!!! I mad a tweak to the outline of the classic Wishbone C. Now it always has only one outline, contrasting the background color. I also updated the wordmark, keeping the same feel but using a more contemporary font. Now, the Bears don't have bad uniforms by any means, but I think they could use some updating. Originally, I was thinking of something a little more out there, similar to @Brave-Bird 08's Bears concept, but ultimately I decided to go more conservative. The most significant change is a change to the striping, now the striping on the blue jersey is the inverse of the white jersey striping. I also flipped the striping on the blue pants to "match" the striping on the white jersey, the same way the white pants "match the blue jersey. The GSH memorial is now on the front helmet bumper, instead of taking up real estate on the sleeve. These combos would be the primary uni combinations, but the white pants could be worn occasionally with the white jerseys. The alternate uniform is a throwback to the Bronko Nagurski era uniforms. I thought the helmet design and wild stripes would be a fun way to change it up once or twice a year. Since the NFL relaxed the Color Rush program the orange Color Rush jersey is paired with white pants. The jersey is a fauxback based on the orange jerseys the Bears have worn historically. I love the Bear logo, but I couldn't find a good place for it on the primary uniforms, so I am using it as a helmet logo on the Color Rush fauxback. Well, that's it for the Bears. Thanks for taking a look and please feel free to offer any C&C. I'm looking forward to what everyone thinks.
  17. Here's an update to the Lions secondary logo, per some suggestions by @JViking5 and @LogoMark. I made the ears a little bigger and defined the forehead a little more. I also fixed the bottom point of the mane and I think it's a big improvement after seeing the change. I also tweaked the nose just a little bit because the more I looked at it, the less I liked it. I've also got some new logos and uniforms for the New Orleans Saints. My two biggest gripes with the Saints are the dull khaki gold they use and the logo with a dozen outlines, so I fixed those problems. I simplified the outlining on the logo to one bold outline and changed the gold back to the original, rich old-gold the Saints used to sport. I also designed a new wordmark with some wrought iron inspired detailing. As for the uniforms themselves, the current jerseys are good enough, but kind of boring, and the black pants are dumb, especially with no stripes, and there's no reason for the striping on the gold pants not to match the striping on the gold helmet. My goal was to give the uniforms a little more life and use a more consistent striping system. The most iconic piece of the Saints' uniforms has to be the gold helmet with the fleur-de-lis and traditional stripe. I based by whole uniform design on that idea. The helmet logo is a little bigger and I decided to keep the logo on the sleeves because I think it looks good there. The collar an cuffs have a new three stripe pattern that I think compliments the helmet and pants well and gives the jersey a little more flair. I have always loved the gold numbers on the Saints vintage uniforms and the Color Rush jersey, so I used gold numbers in my design. I decided to stay away from black pants an go with a pair of white alternate pants instead, which could be a nice change of pace and could be worn with any of the three jerseys every once in a while. So, since the news broke that Color Rush may not necessarily mean head-to-toe monochrome, I decided to pair the alternate/Color Rush gold jersey with some white pants, which is a look that is more befitting of an NFL franchise, and the Saints would still have a mono-gold uniform is they really 'needed' to wear it. Well that's it for today. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to let me know what you think.
  18. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I don't really like the way the stripes terminate on the back of the VaTech jerseys. I think they would look better if they just filled the space between the collar and nameplate like a yoke, if that makes sense. Also I wish they would quit messing around with those stripes on the helmet. I suppose they make more sense with these uniforms, but I think I the helmets look so much better without them. I still like this new look for the Hokies though.
  19. Yeah definitely a secondary logo, the Lions logo is about as good as it gets if you ask me. Those are all good suggestions, especially the furrowed brow. Since you mentioned it, the forehead does look a little empty. I actually already did the uniforms, they're on page 3 if you wanna take a look: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/113795-8bw14s-nfl-concept-thread-j-e-t-s-lions-logo-411/?page=3 I did try using just the Jet and I thought it made the helmet feel a little empty. Maybe I'll enlarge it so it wraps around the back line of like the Seahawks? I think that could look cool. I also think you're right about the Lions forehead. The way the lines terminate make his forehead look huge, a little more definition would help. Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it.
  20. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I really like those Va Tech uniforms. I've always though they looked better with a more modern uniform. Some sleeve numbers would be nice and those things the Titans call pant stripes would work well with these uniforms. I can't tell if there are stripes on the pants, I'm assuming not?
  21. Got another new one today, starting with a new logo. My new jets logo is sort of inspired by the 80's logo with the jet flying above a Jets script. Kelly green is just creaming to be scooped up again by an NFL team. I know lots of people would love to see the Eagles make the return to kelly, but I think, at this point, the Jets are a better candidate to return to the color. The new jet is larger, and the silhouette is heavily based on the U.S. military's F-35 fighter jet. Underneath the jet is an italic stylized NY monogram. It is a pretty simple logo, but is dynamic and modern, but doesn't feel trendy. I also designed a custom number font based on the ID numbers on the tail stabilizers of military jets. it is a modified block font that is unique to the NFL, but doesn't sacrifice function for the sake of being different. I think the one defining feature of the Jets uniforms throughout the team's history has been the double stripe, which has been present on the uniform in some form or another for years. I wanted the uniforms to feel like an evolution of the classic Namath era uniforms and the current fauxback uniforms. Contrasting sleeves remain and the stripes move to the chest as real estate for proper stripes on the shoulders and sleeves of football uniforms shrink. The alternate uniform is a throwback to the Super Bowl III winning uniforms where Broadway Joe Namath guaranteed a win and the Jets shocked the Baltimore Colts. The Color Rush uniform is a uniform I try to have some fun with so I decided to go with a sublimated geometric camo pattern that is used on some fighter jets. As always, let me know what you think about the Jets and the Lions logo and thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  22. No new uniforms yet today, but I do have a new secondary logo for the Detroit Lions to be used on the helmet nose bumper and/or apparel. The idea was inspired by automotive badges like the Dodge Ram logo. I'm pretty happy with it but I know it's not quite a finished product so any C&C is definitely appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and please let me know what you think.
  23. Tennessee Titans: Tradition Re-Evolved

    I like what you did with the logo. It makes the blue helmet work much better. The number font is worlds better too. I'm not crazy about the red uniform but I can live with it. I think the pants stripe should be flipped 180 degrees and made a little more substantial, feels a little wimpy right now. Adding the contrasting trim to the yokes makes the color balance work better too. You pretty much improved upon all of the bad parts of the new unis for me. If this is what the Titans actually unveiled, I would be a lot happier with them.
  24. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    This says to me, that the whole number font was designed around the 8, which is the best looking numeral of the bunch. They know they would be selling lots of number 8 jerseys and it looks okay, so let's make the rest of the font "match" it.
  25. So here's another one for your viewing pleasure: Now, I don't think the Falcons need a total overhaul and their current logo is worlds better than the old one, minus the silver outline. I actually like the Falcons uniforms and I loved the change from black to red primary jerseys. What I don't like, though, is the piping on the sleeves, collars and down the sides of the jerseys and pants. It really dates the uniforms in my opinion. So basically my Falcons concept is more like a tweak than a redesign. I got rid of the piping and the underarm panels, keeping the sleeve design. I also changed the number font to something more similar to the wordmark. I tweaked the pants stripe to tapered two-color design as well. I brought back the black alternate jersey and a black and red Color Rush uniform. So so as always let me know what you think. There aren't any big changes but I think the changes are improvements over the current set. Thanks for having a look.