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  1. Michael Bolton

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    How is this relevant?
  2. Michael Bolton

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    Or "Baby Cakes" (I will really miss their identity, I actually love it and bought a couple hats which I hope will last a long time after the team is relocated.)
  3. "Greetings from Atlanta, South Carolina!"
  4. Michael Bolton

    2019 MLB Changes

    Do those shows not air anymore? I could swear I remember watching Prime 9 highlights from 2017 last offseason.
  5. "At a glance" that uniform looks nothing like the falcons. Red jerseys and white pants, sure, but literally every single remotely advanced detail screams otherwise. I'm not buying this argument.
  6. Michael Bolton

    Another spring attempt: Freedom Football League

    "Florida Strong." Hard pass, thanks.
  7. Michael Bolton

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Sadly those are just fashion caps.
  8. Michael Bolton

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    Those shots are incredible, Brand. Thanks for posting them.
  9. Pack it up, folks, we're done here. That is perfection.
  10. Or never. I can't stand that look. Black pants with blue jersey is fine, but the standard blue jersey combo should be used the maximum times it can. Black over silver or white the rest of the time at home, except when they wear white of course.
  11. I've actually warmed up to the uniforms the last couple years. The pewter-red-pewter at home honestly looks sharp, as does the pewter-white-pewter and pewter-white-white whether on the road or home (both can happen often.) I would love to see more red-pewter-white at home when it's not too cold out, I feel like that would be a nice nod back to the '97 team which wore white pants at home frequently. I may be in the minority, but I love the current Tampa look, I just think its been marred in mediocrity long enough that unless they make it a Super Bowl contender times 3 the next few years this'll never happen. Forward now! (Or sometime in 2019 when TB can officially rebrand once again.)
  12. Michael Bolton

    Seahawks at Panthers x2 today

    Jets vs Sharks in the NHL and
  13. Michael Bolton

    2019 MLB Changes

    They still bust these out a few times a year if I’m not mistaken.
  14. Michael Bolton

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Well that’s disappointing. I desperately want that to not be the logo. It’s 2011 all over again for me. Also can you post the mural in question? I couldn’t find it between all the posts of people insulting Larry’s virginity.
  15. Michael Bolton

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I thought one of the MB folks drove over there and said the logo wasn’t actually on the mural. I can’t keep up with you people.