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  1. FC Atlantes Cote Basque In the region of the Iparralde, or the French part of the Basque Country, football has never been able to develop to reach the highest professional level. The teams from the various cities crawled into the smaller series until they decided to join the forces. On 10 May 2010 FC Biarritz, Olympique Bayonnais and Racing Anglet fused to form a new team. The FC Atlantes Cote Basque was born. The club departed from the fourth division and within three years came to second division. On May 10, 2015, exactly 5 years after its birth the club won the first ever promotion in Première Ligue. This exponential growth is mainly due to the club's proper investment. A youth academy with the very highest level of equipment and above all a new stadium inaugurated in the first season in Première Ligue. The crest of Atlantes features all the elements that distinguish this young club. Inside a modern form on a light blue background there is a dark blue band with inside the name of the team. Above a ship that represents the sea. Below is the Lauburu, a historical symbol of the culture and Basque people. The crest is enclosed in a frame representing the Ikurrina, the flag of Euskal Herria. Map Kits At first, to represent the club, the main colors of the three founding clubs, red, yellow and blue were chosen. But the choice did not convince enough and so it chose a new color that expressed everything. The light blue, the color of the sea was chosen. The Italian brand Kappa dressed the club since 2014 instead Suez sponsored it since 2012.
  2. None of the 2... The solution is in another blank point on the map, to the west ...
  3. Tomorrow I'll post the last team of the Première Ligue. Continue to follow me!
  4. SC Nice Cote d'Azur The Sporting Club de Nice Cote d'Azur or simply SC Nice is one of the oldest and most famous clubs in France. Founded in 1900, it has been one of the founding clubs and has participated in almost all of the Première Ligue editions. In the early 30's, he was at the top of French football and picked up most of his achievements at this time respectivly in 1933 and 1936. After the Second World War, the club experienced a period of ups and downs without being able to return at the vertices. In 1974 the club relegated for the first time in its history. It remained in the second division until 1979. Back in Première Ligue, SC Nice did not leave his place in the top division. In 1988, the club achieved its third and final national title, a result that was no longer achieved. Today, the club has a downward trend, is unable to compete with the powers of the Première Ligue. In 2007 it reached fourth place and since then has never gone beyond the ninth place. The crest of Nice is one of the most appreciated in the French football landscape. At the beginning of his story as well as in most of his life the club coat of arms was different. The first coat of arms was circular and in it was depicted the eagle symbol of the city of Nice. In the seventies the eagle was replaced by the name of the team and a ball with the colors of the team. In 2000, the new crest was set up, which immediately came into the hearts of the fans. Map Kits Club uniforms have always been the same. The white and blue stripes have always been on the uniforms of the Nice club. When the club was founded, one had to choose colors that would make the club unique and recognizable. White was chosen for its purity and blue for the color of the sea embracing the city. Puma sponsors the club since 2008 instead Natixis is the main sponsor since 2014.
  5. Thanks Rey! I use that yellow for the third kit for first, but it was too "yellow" and I dont like it so much. So I choose a fluo yellow similar to the colour used by nike in this year. Next club very soon...
  6. Yes I think so, I've much more idea for England Clubs at the moment.
  7. Avant Lyonnais On December 13, 1909, in a well-known local in the city of Lyon, a group of students from the university, founded a club where they could carry different sports including football. That day Avant Lyonnais was born. The name "Avant" derives from the motto of the city and best represents the soul of the club. Over the course of its history, it has won 10 Première Ligue, the last in 2003. With these 10 winning championships, Avant Lyonnais is one of the three clubs, along with Stade de Paris and CA Marseille, who can boast of a star on the crest. The club is one of the most famous and important in France and Europe, also thanks to the victories obtained at the continental level. In 1969, however, the club also got the relegation, finishing in second division for the first time in its history. It remained there until 1972 when it finally returned to the Première Ligue. Today, the club is at the top of French football, struggling every year to win the title. Another thing that makes this club very recognized and renowned is definitely its football academy, able to sprout through history several champions that have made the history of the club and world football. The crest of Lyon is very simple and recognizable. During its history it has undergone few but significant changes. The club's crest was a rampant lion symbol of the city. During the 1980s the round shape was introduced, and finally the name and foundation year were added to a restyling in 1996. Map Kits The colors of the club derive from the colors of the city. Red and blue have been in the club since its birth in 1909. There were little changes in the history of the kits, such as the use of white shorts in the 1950s and blue socks in the 1990's. Today, the club Is sponsored by Nike who got this sponsorization in 2008, instead the Renault giant appears on the jersey since 2004.
  8. Thanks! Yeah, i've also in my mind to do other "small" nations, bit first i wanna to finish the "Big 5" of Europe.
  9. Thank you so much! Yes, after i finish that I start another league. I don't know what I do first. England, Spain or Italy.
  10. I will post next teams really soon!
  11. Monaco FC Founded in 1928, the Monaco Football Club is the most important and unique club in the Principat de Monaco. Coming from the ashes of the Sport Club de Monte Carlo, Monaco FC is one of the most successful teams of France. The club participated right from the start to the Première Ligue, The club is one of those who participated in the first season of the Première Ligue. However, in the postwar period, the club fell into disrepair due to the loss of many key players during the conflict. Retrocedged in 1949 and remained in the second division until 1963, when its returned to Première Ligue, and since then he has no more relegated. In its history, it won four times the national title, all in the 1990s, exactly in 1989, 1991, 1992 and 1996. In 1992 the club was able to conquer the famous "Treble", the championship, national cup and the most important European cup. Since then, only two national cups have arrived in the Monegasque clubs trophy board. Today, the club is back to the top for winning the national title, returning to being one of the most important teams. The club crest is inspired by the crest of the little nation of the "Principat de Monaco". The outline comes from the national coat of arms, as well as the crown above it. Inside, we find the famous rhomboid symbol of the Monegasque culture, and above it stands the name of the club. Map Kits From its inception the kits of Monaco was always skyblue. The choice fell on the skyblue, as the color of the sea and the Cote d'Azur, where Monaco is located. Adidas is the sponsor of the club since 2010, instead the russian bank VTB appears on the club's jersey since it was detected by one of the major Russian tycoon.
  12. It all depends if I can get time to devote to this project. first work on crest, to have all the necessary material. Then I start working on the uniforms. First work on the home kit, found the various sponsors (although in some cases I have already in mind) .After that up the rest. In the amount of time I do not know exactly quantify it.
  13. Yes, I want a club similar to Lorient (for the choice of colour) Thanks Xenon!! Thanks my friend, thank you so much. So, I already have some ideas and some concepts in mind for Spain and for England and even Italy ... But I'm undecided on what to begin with. I think England.
  14. Now I realized that simple I try inspiration from Airness kits