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    2018 NFL Season

    The PI. It's the last call. We only care about the last call.
  2. Now that we are close to having LA teams, I am surprised there is no thread in this forum on what they may look like. Is there any way we are looking at an identity overhaul? I'd say it's unlikely, particularly given the three teams we are talking about.. Both the Rams and Raiders have history in LA (so do the Chargers, but not as memorable). It would be really odd to see the Rams, who've been the Rams since, what the 30s (?), change names. I don't think whatever sympathy there is for St. Louis will cause much momentum for a Cleveland Deal, thanks to the history in LA, the lacking certainty that St. Louis will have a team again, and the lack of "lunchpail/blue collar fan" reputation. The Raiders also have LA history and while they've had a rough decade plus, their brand has historical importance. I think their brand would stay the same not only if they moved to LA but to San Antonio or London. Also, like St. Louis, there will be nothing near a guarantee that Oakland will ever get another team. San Diego is the most likely to overhaul, but probably still unlikely. Given the proximity of San Diego to LA, they may even retain some fans. Plus it's a brand that's been around for 50 years or so and, once again, no Cleveland Deal is likely for San Diego. Truth is, I don't like the identity (curved lightning bolts?) but I certainly don't want to see it change, diminishing those 50 years and resulting in something likely to be worse. I have no horse in the race, so as a neutral fan, I'd like to see the names remain the same, and the identities essentially the same. Predictions: If Raiders move: No identity change save for "Oakland" to "Los Angeles." If Rams move: No name change. The horns stay. Move to the old blue/yellow scheme (60%). Otherwise, stay with current look (35%) or move to old blue/white scheme (5%) If Chargers move: No name change. The bolts stay on the helmet. Stay with current look (80%). Otherwise go to some old look (15%) or a new variation of the "bolts" (5%) Any thoughts?
  3. I don't think there's any doubt that the Bucs had the NFL's most-mocked look in the 1980s. I loved 'em...they are legitimately in my top-5 NFL uniforms of all time. I Just think the colors worked really well together, particularly on the white jersey and helmet. That said, even I don't think they should bring them back. I think even players hated them. They were more viewed as "soft"...like the opposite of aggressive/tough black uniforms. Wimpy. If I really believed their fanbase would love them back and the rest of us would not mock them, I'd be all for it. But I think they're pretty much good for retro merchandise sales, given what we thought of them when they were around.
  4. OnWis97

    2019 MLB Changes

    I can deal with that as the Phillies primary (if it is the primary). No roundel and that infield footprint on the current primary is not necessary.
  5. I haven't really had identities I hate for my teams. They've disappointed me with downgrades at times. The worst thing is the "Wild" name. I don't think it's a key reason in why I have yet to embrace them like I did the North Stars...but I really do hate that name. I don't like any T-Wolves looks between the inaugural look and the current look. And I don't really have much T-Wolves gear, but I did buy a t-shirt with the current look because I like it. Also have a throwback T. So like some of the others, when I don't like an element of my team's look, I probably don't buy merch. But it does not impact my following of the team. It does kind of impact my affinity for other teams. I used to kinda like the creamsicle Bucs, 1980s/90s Bengals, Christmas Devils, and others. When they downgrade (in my opinion) they sort of just become other teams, but they're not really "my team," anyway, so it's neither here nor there. This also comes with age, as I really stopped having second-favorite teams, etc.
  6. OnWis97

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    https://www.si.com/nhl/2018/12/04/seattle-team-name-totems-metropolitans-evergreens-sockeyes-rainiers So there are 13 possible names. My two cents: Great: N/A Good 1 Emeralds. Unique; not gaudy. Green is inevitable. 2 Evergreens. 3 Seals. The only negative is that another team once used it. 4 Sea Lions. Unique...a little clunkier than Seals 5 Totems. 6 Whales. I don't love it but it works better than, say, Wild. I rank it as "good" because it's hard not to with a plural animal name. Not sure how to think about that when it comes to the former Whalers. 7 Sockeyes Acceptable 8 Raniers. Regionally appropriate...I suppose on par with Emeralds or Evergreens but I don't like it as much 9 Kraken. Don't like the singular-ness of it, but it otherwise has some potential. 10 Eagles. Very common name...that's OK by me. 11 Cougars. See Eagles. Awful 12 Firebirds. Just to generic for my taste 13 Renegades: The ultimate arena football, fantasy sports, or bar league name.
  7. I'm with you. As much as I loved the creamsicles, I know a lot of people did not and in hindsight, I should feel glad that they lasted as long as they did. But when they came out with their overhaul, I had to admit that they were pretty damn great. And, I agree that 1) there are very few modern classics and 2) this was one of them. The change they made is kind of akin to what the Oilers did way back with the original Reebok Edge change. They kept the same color scheme and identity but downgraded their uniforms to a head-scratching degree. Seems like change just to change. And the result is a cheap look that seems like it should have been one of the early rejects from the original overhaul.
  8. I LOVED them in my earliest memories dating back to the 1980s. But I tend to agree that they were usually mocked and we remember them better than we actually liked them at the time.
  9. OnWis97

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    With Buffalo going to blue, I thought maybe the NHL's love affair with red and black might stay put at New Jersey, Calgary, Chicago, Ottawa, and Carolina. Wow. This is almost like an expansion MLB team going with Navy and Red.
  10. OnWis97

    Cleveland Indians Unveil New Uniform, Cap for 2019

    I've never once thought that the Braves and Indians scripts were similar.
  11. OnWis97

    Unique Team Names?

    How about the Bunnies: http://fisherk12.com/senior-high-athletics/the-story-of-the-bunnies-mascot
  12. OnWis97

    Instant Classic (Uniform Disaster)

    I think the most obvious are the Cavs and Cubs winning it all in their alts. I happen to love the Cavs primaries from that year, but either way, a black sleeved jersey with a giant logo in place of a wordmark is sad to see in that moment. And sure, the Cubs don't have all-time classic road uniforms, but seeing the blue pajama top celebrate a title seems off for any team and a historic team like the Cubs should be doing that in gray. The other one is Oregon in the national title game in "Look at Nike" uniforms that did not display school colors. This would be more tragic* had they won that game. I don't think a lot of the other examples (Patriots and other teams who have primaries that are not exactly their best look) really hold a candle to these. Sure, I wish the Eagles had won a Super Bowl in kelly and silver, but their primaries are what they are...the Cubs, Cavs, and Oregon chose to look less like themselves on a given (huge) day.
  13. OnWis97

    Unpopular Opinions

    I am guessing this is unpopular... I don't like the throwback Saints jersey worn yesterday. The "gold" is too close to copper. I prefer the current primary. (or is this the primary, now?)
  14. OnWis97

    Old school --lower case, non-caps in branding

    I never thought of the Phillies "P" as lower-case, but clearly in the wordmark, it is.
  15. OnWis97

    Cleveland Indians Unveil New Uniform, Cap for 2019

    I know this flirts with prohibited topics...but when you say "can't" (based on your later use of "problematic") am I correct that you mean this in a sense of "they would not get away with it" as opposed to something more binding?
  16. OnWis97

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I wonder whether I can think of another uniform set where this post applies. Oh yeah, the set the Marlins just ditched. I was pretty well warmed up to the previous look and felt like all they really needed to do was de-emphasize black and it would have been solid. It took me a while to get there and now I have to start all over. I am not a fan of this "Miami" color scheme that seems to be trending (as seen in one of the Heat's alts). My gut reaction is "downgrade" but maybe I'll warm up to these, too. But the point of this post remains, either way; more blue and less black!
  17. OnWis97

    2018 NFL Season

    As a Vikings fan, I am with jmoe. We’ve seen the Packers fall behind and win the division before. With Rodgers, winning out is always on the table. Does 10-5-1 get them in? Probably. I don’t believe they are out until the math proves it.
  18. OnWis97

    College Basketball 2018-19

    The Big Ten is off to a pretty good start with that win, Indiana beating Marquette, and a handful of other quality wins over teams like Cincinnati, Xavier, Utah, etc.
  19. OnWis97

    College Basketball 2018-19

    From D-III: Maybe the dirtiest thing I've ever seen in college basketball. https://deadspin.com/d-iii-basketball-player-hits-opponent-with-brutal-elbow-1830438865
  20. OnWis97

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    I actually like going to a game and seeing older jerseys of non-star players. I think my Jeff George Vikings jersey fits in at a game (which is why I've worn it in public twice). Jerseys of good, not great, older players are great to spot at games. That said, no freakin' way anyone in their right mind should bust this one out in public.
  21. OnWis97

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    In the mid 2000s, I had a bit of a habit of going on ebay buying really attractive jerseys with lesser players so I could have the garment at a more affordable price. OK, maybe not a habit, but I did it at least twice. I have: Authentic white Vikings jersey with the UCLA stripes and logo on sleeve. Wanted Cris Carter or Robert Smith but they remained very expensive. I have Jeff George. Also have a purple Randall Cunningham...his time is obviously better-remembered, but brief and a long time ago. One of my all - time favorite jerseys is the slate-colored Seahawks jersey. So I bought Shawn Springs after he left. I have a game-worn Twins jersey I purchased at their tent sale last year. Want a Joe Mauer? Better stop eating for a while. So I bought Josmil Pinto. However, I purchased the throwback jersey specifically because they don't have last names on the back.
  22. OnWis97

    Introducing the Cedar Rapids River Blecch

    Cedar Rapids River Chargers
  23. OnWis97

    2018-19 NBA Season

    As I watched Derrick Rose play the game of his post-knee-blowout life, this occurred to me. I had the luxury of not really remembering anything other than "he was accused." It soured it for me a bit. And now that Deadspin, et. al have re-hashed the history that I either missed or repressed, it does taint last night's events. After all, how am I supposed to stick to my guns with my "everyone gives Kobe a pass" frustration and cheer that guy on. So when I look back at myself cheering (and flimsily clinging to the fact that my awareness of the story was vague), I feel a bit gross. In hindsight, I can appreciate what I saw, an aging athlete coming out and play great...but it is hard to be happy for him. Yes, this is one way we put sports ahead of decency. Just like everyone loving Kobe. And the national media's preference for Penn State becoming a national power again vs. setting a precedent for other schools and cleaning up their culture. It is a bit tricky when you're talking about guys not convicted of anything...it's hard to say they should not play, but we're within our rights to not feel good for them.
  24. OnWis97

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    This is probably old hat around here but I had to download the Timberwolves app to accept free tickets for last night. So I was poking around the app and to purchase tickets, you can filter opponent, day-of-week, month, and...uniform. Even I would not choose a game based on that. It makes me wonder whether more fans care about that than I’d have ever guessed or if it’s just the way teams market post-home/road.
  25. OnWis97

    2018-19 NBA Season

    I was actually disappointed that they wore throwbacks at all. The new ones are starting to grow on me. But it was 90s night so the music was fun...not to mention the halftime performance from Tone Loc.