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  1. Now that we are close to having LA teams, I am surprised there is no thread in this forum on what they may look like. Is there any way we are looking at an identity overhaul? I'd say it's unlikely, particularly given the three teams we are talking about.. Both the Rams and Raiders have history in LA (so do the Chargers, but not as memorable). It would be really odd to see the Rams, who've been the Rams since, what the 30s (?), change names. I don't think whatever sympathy there is for St. Louis will cause much momentum for a Cleveland Deal, thanks to the history in LA, the lacking certainty that St. Louis will have a team again, and the lack of "lunchpail/blue collar fan" reputation. The Raiders also have LA history and while they've had a rough decade plus, their brand has historical importance. I think their brand would stay the same not only if they moved to LA but to San Antonio or London. Also, like St. Louis, there will be nothing near a guarantee that Oakland will ever get another team. San Diego is the most likely to overhaul, but probably still unlikely. Given the proximity of San Diego to LA, they may even retain some fans. Plus it's a brand that's been around for 50 years or so and, once again, no Cleveland Deal is likely for San Diego. Truth is, I don't like the identity (curved lightning bolts?) but I certainly don't want to see it change, diminishing those 50 years and resulting in something likely to be worse. I have no horse in the race, so as a neutral fan, I'd like to see the names remain the same, and the identities essentially the same. Predictions: If Raiders move: No identity change save for "Oakland" to "Los Angeles." If Rams move: No name change. The horns stay. Move to the old blue/yellow scheme (60%). Otherwise, stay with current look (35%) or move to old blue/white scheme (5%) If Chargers move: No name change. The bolts stay on the helmet. Stay with current look (80%). Otherwise go to some old look (15%) or a new variation of the "bolts" (5%) Any thoughts?
  2. 2017 MLB Season

    Byron Buxton is a single shy of the cycle. And it's just starting to look like he might become an adequate MLB hitter.
  3. NFL 2017 changes?

    https://solecollector.com/news/2017/08/custom-starbucks-nike-cleats-mache-stefon-diggs?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily all&utm_content=Daily all CID_8bbeb9f366acb9f017825fbc0d85453e&utm_source=Campaign Monitor newsletter&utm_term=Vikings Player to Wear Custom Starbucks Nike Cleats for Seattle Game Speaking of shows, Stefon Diggs wants to wear Starbucks-themed shows at the preseason game in Seattle. The article implies that he "will" but later suggests the NFL will not allow it. I have to think it'll be the latter.
  4. MLB Changes 2017

    So I imagine that this gimmick is meant to connect with Little Leaguers and kids in general. I question the ability for brighter colors, fashion-jersey designs, and nicknames to do that. However, what if they worse these for BP only? That would let the Yankees keep their dignity and then they could have team staff go an pick 25 kids to go down to the field and each would get to meet a player, who would autograph the jersey and hand over the jersey and hat. I'm not certain what to do with the road team...but actually, staff could probably find a handful of kids dressed in road team gear and the rest...well meeting a player from another team and getting his jersey is not a bad thing. I just question the ability for this to "reach" kids. I suppose that's not the goal, but it could be...
  5. Los Angeles Clippers New Uniforms

    They're almost too clean, particularly the blue jersey. Needs more red front and center. I don't really like the different colored stripes on each side of the shorts, but theClippers are at least back to their previous color scheme.
  6. Los Angeles Clippers New Uniforms

    This is perhaps the biggest combination of "huge upgrade" and "mediocre uniform" of all time.
  7. Minnesota Timberwolves

    The third jersey will probably be primarily green...which in my opinion makes it even worse. It'll make them look like a totally different team. If they want a green jersey, then they need to have some green on the primaries. The more I see these the more I like the color combo...I am OK with the limited amount of green. And I don't need the tree pattern as much as other fans do. But it still feels like they swung and missed. It still looks like a re-colored Wizards summer league jersey or something.
  8. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    Not a fan of the beveling, but otherwise, I like it. I like it a lot better than the previous set, which had two much black and a sunburst that I really, really hated. I like the purple/orange focus.
  9. MLB Changes 2017

    It'll be interesting to see how well these sell. I can't imagine a lot of people will be shelling out $199.99 for an authentic three-game jersey that looks like the fashion jerseys they sell at JC Penny and sports a silly nickname. Or even $29.99 for the t-shirt version. I suppose the "Mauer" ones will go on sale eventually and sell OK. So looking at the Twins site, it's amazing how many mediocre players they are selling authentics for. Nobody is dropping that kind of money for a Ryan Pressly or Chris Gimenez authentic. Nobody not related to them anyway. Hopefully that holds fairly true for the good players as well. I suppose they can actually not even produce any of them until the order is made and only good players will be available at the team shop. I'd anticipate a lot of Aaron Judge shirzees being sold (though I don't see them on the Yankee site right now) because people are eating up "All Rise." But otherwise, I hope this absolutely flops.
  10. Minnesota Timberwolves

    I've started to warm up to the color scheme. The shorts are OK. I really, really hate the poor-person's Wizards design of the jersey, though. But even in the couple of hours since I first saw them, I've probably gone from a D-minus to a C-minus.
  11. MLB Changes 2017

    I was thinking the same thing. He was a jackass, but from a uniform perspective, I wish MLB had 30 Steinbrenners. I really don't think he'd have said "we've never used names on the back but yeah, what the hell...let's put nicknames on the back of a gray fashion jersey for three games at the Stadium."
  12. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Kinda like the Seahawks... Though I will say this...I actually thought a silver lining was that the ad was a little less noticeable than what we've seen for many other teams.
  13. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Yeah...especially after seeing that video game screen shot. This may be as disappointed as I've ever been in a Minnesota uniform reveal...and that includes the gold-trimmed Twins and all the little regressions the Wild used to take. Not to mention past Wolves transgressions and missed opportunities.
  14. MLB Changes 2017

    I hadn't thought of it that way. But number font is the least of the problems here. I had not thought of this but, at least according to Uni Watch, the Yankees will have a name-on-back for the first time ever. That makes this more of a travesty.
  15. MLB Changes 2017

    Yep. I think the days of them opting out are over. While the teams have control over whether they have alts, throwbacks, etc., all the other funny business is set for certain dates* and seems to have full participation. My guess is that MLB is pretty much telling the Yankees that they are in. I'd have been willing to bet some money that the Yankees were spending Little League weekend on the road but I'd have lost that bet. I'm genuinely surprised that the Yankees are at home for this nonsense. Thankfully, the teams were a bit more autonomous when MLB did "Turn Ahead the Clock." If they did that now, my guess is the Yankees would be in. EDIT: Lukas (in the comments section) claims that the Mothers Day and Fathers Day uniforms are optional. *Used to be dates, now it's full weekends. I suppose a three-off jersey is worth spending big bucks on compared to a one-off .
  16. MLB Changes 2017

    The Twins have a handful of players just using their last names. Unfortunately, Colon is not "Big Sexy." For some reason he's "Morales."
  17. MLB Changes 2017

    Best: - Worst: All This is just terrible. Here's what I can say positive about any of these:. Marlins: Intriguing color scheme. I like the jersey's colors...but even with the current look; more blue, less black. Padres: Hey some color...reminds me of your blue/yellow teaser from last year. A's: I really like that hat. I don't want it on the field, but it would make a nice fashion cap. Phillies: Maybe that would be a suitable BP cap. The worst of the worse are the Reds and most of the gray ones. Some of them like the Pirates, Twins, and Blue Jays are as good as most of the fashion jerseys I see. But the grey ones and the ones that lighten the color too much are not even suitable fashion jerseys. And seeing the jersey the Yankees are going to wear on the field makes me feel like we traditionalists are pretty much on the ropes. EDIT: Have some of these hats changed. I don't recall the white "C" for Cleveland and I thought the Twins were using Minny and Paul. I also have no recollection of that red White Sox hat, which reminds me very much of Cleveland.
  18. Minnesota Timberwolves

    I didn't like the Garnett set, either. Given that the wordmark and number had two outlines, one of them should have been green. I'm also with you on the wordmark. While the next set was an improvement, I still think green was too "off to the side" and should have been incorporated into the wordmark and numbers. Also, I never liked the trees on the trim, which I know puts in the minority. This last set, sucking the green right out from the previous was Padres-like in that it seemed almost defiant. But if these images are true, the managed to create a uniform set that will run away with the title of "worst in team history." Bravo. (and I did not even mention the inaugural set...far and away my favorite)
  19. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    John Wooden almost ended up at Minnesota. http://articles.latimes.com/1997-03-24/sports/sp-41574_1_san-antonio
  20. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    I know this post is from a long time ago but I just noticied. I think your statement "...much more prestigious playing career robs him of some self-deprecating material..." leads me to the idea that he would not be a legendary broadcaster. I think his post-playing fame is based on the fact that he was a mediocre player and was willing to make fun of himself. Granted, I did not listen to a lot of his broadcasts but the little I did was kinda disappointing. I guess I don't know whether he gets the role on Mr. Belvidere but I think he becomes a well-respected player that a now-older generation remembers but with no basis for his shtick. He probably made more money, lifetime, as a mediocre player than he would have as a star (given salaries back then).
  21. MLB Changes 2017

    The Twins actually use "Big Sexy" in their social media posts.
  22. Unpopular Opinions - Anything and Everything

    Not to mention the dude that gets cut off on the left side of the photo.
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves

    So much for my optimism.
  24. 2017 NFL Season

    I think his hitting 40 is the main reason people think he's nearly done. He's beaten a lot of odds already and can probably get several extra months out of being a product of such a great system. But I think he's going to hit a wall some day and given his age, I would not be surprised if it's this year. (then again, given him and his team, I would not be surprised if it was 2020).
  25. MLB Changes 2017

    I don't even know who "Chuck Nazty" and "Mr. Smile" are.