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  1. Something I picked up on in the 1980s on baseball cards, the Cubs using a path, rather than a decal, on their batting helmets. It’s not quite as big of a thing now tha most teams have raised logos but I think it remains unique.
  2. OnWis97

    2018 MLB Season

    The Twins are an absolute dumpster fire and are in...second? Wow. Four AA teams have basically stepped aside and said “Go ‘head Cleveland.”
  3. For the Vikings, it's a no-brainer: the Lions. I've always hated the Packers and have not really liked the Bears. But the Lions have not been a frequent threat, have awesome uniforms and my favorite football player that never played for my team, Barry Sanders, was a Lion. For the Twins Probably KC. Small market solidarity. For the Wild, the Blues. They've been around my whole life and I've never had a beef with them. For the T-Wolves, I'm pretty neutral on them (except OKC because I wish they'd never moved)
  4. OnWis97

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    Good one! I loved that one.
  5. OnWis97

    Logo/Uniform Soft Spot

    I like silhouettes on football helmets: Detroit Lions, Iowa, Texas, etc. I am also a sucker for state outlines on football fields and basketball courts.
  6. OnWis97

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    To me, the Eastern Michigan field looks black-and-white with everything else in color.
  7. As cheesy as this sounds...it's amazing how much these hand-drawn colors "pop." Everything's so vivid. Comments on a couple...(and acknowledging upfront that I am anti-laces, so I won't bring that into the individual teams) Dallas: Beautiful, particularly the primaries. One could argue that they should use the "Stars" logo they've had since before the move. But a simple logo goes well with a simple name like "Stars." (And of course I love the nod to the Minnesota era). The only beef I have is that you introduce TWO new logos (ignoring the helmets) to the alt. What about one of the alts as shoulder patches to both primaries (though that would break pattern on the green)? Either that or dump the Texas logo from the alt, use the "Stars" logo on the front and the plain star on the shoulders. Regardless, these primaries are so nice you can sign me right up for the whole look. Wild: With new uniforms coming out, I'd take those primaries if offered. (I'm guessing this was your plan...) You've taken their best current jersey (white), better integrated the colors (as opposed to the stripes being only green) and then made home and road match. Any complaints I have would be mere nitpicks. I'll come up with one...I'd love to see the traditional rounded yoke on these. The alt is interesting. Two beefs. First, it may need more stripe treatment on the hem. Second (and I am pretty alone in this one) it has the green sleeves from their first version of the red jersey and I did not like those...I actually preferred the faux yoke, which made the green seem less "plopped on" (which I know makes no sense...I just did not like it) to me. Now the logo...that's pretty cool. Obvious nod to the North Stars; OK with me. I know there have been other similar concepts and the thing I'm struggling with is it kinda looks like the animal head is just pushed down partly off-screen. Not sure how that would be remedied. Flames: Full disclosure; I love the 1980s flames and feel the addition of black takes them from the top-5 to, at best, middle of the pack. The Ducks (version with green) is really, really nice and a reminder of how disappointing and uninspired their look is. But it's time to let the Islanders fisherman die
  8. First off, the art is fantastic. I love the player drawings. Second, lots of upgrades here. Denver looks awesome. I'd take the Eagles (the recent green/grey; not the one with blue) over what they have now in a heartbeat. You've done a great job at capturing the theme of what the Browns and Vikings just went for while removing the worst elements. (And, BTW, the Vikings have a lot of history of not matching templates, so I am always OK with that). I don't think this works for the Raiders, though. They're pretty much a national brand at this point and it doesn't matter where they play.
  9. I know I'm quoting a very old post, but I absolutely LOVE this. The minimalist logo is great, particularly the hat. And the nod to the 1980s logo (i.e., the spherical hand) is brilliant. The only thing that bugs me is that that I see a "V," particularly the IL outline version.
  10. OnWis97

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    That's a good question. In a sense, if a uniform is "classic" it's probably not going to be forgotten. So my interpretation is more "classically-inspired" designs; uniforms that looked like sturdy traditional uniforms but never really gained much traction for various reasons. Two "classic designs" I really liked in the 1990s were the Brewers "Germanic" look after they replaced the "MB" hat with the "M" hat and the Angels final "California" look before they went Disney. Neither of those uniforms lasted long, saw much success, or are remember well by their own fan-bases, so what I mean is that these are more "classically-inspired" designs. But few really remember these uniforms at all. You could maybe say the same thing about the late 1980s White Sox with the "C" hat. It was a traditional design that replaced a very "out there" design. But it really did not fit the White Sox. And because it was a classic design sandwiched between a uniform memorable for its, uh, uniqueness and what became a classic in a more accurate sense of the word, it's forgotten. To me this is more prevalent in baseball than other sports because things like pinstripes and piping go a long way toward looking traditional. But I tried to think of one in basketball, hockey, and football. Oddly, I think that the same fate (i.e., to be "forgotten") will come of the very basic second-Lebron-era Cavs. Lebron played in three finals in that era but because of the plethora of jerseys he wore and the over-use of alternates (including winning the titles in those ridiculous black sleeved jerseys) the primaries (a very classically-inspired design) will probably be largely forgotten and our memories of Lebron in Cleveland will be uniforms from his first stint. In hockey, maybe the 1980s Flyers uniforms with the wider stripes going down the sleeves (post cooperalls). Given that these followed the 1970s uniforms and now the 1970s uniforms are essentially back, those uniforms are probably fairly forgotten. In football...I really can't think of anything.
  11. OnWis97

    Unpopular Opinions

    I can't deal with the white hats. I don't generally like sleeveless, but I agree that (neck-down) this is a pretty sharp look. That look with sleeved jerseys would be fantastic.
  12. OnWis97

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    No pants stripes is a trend I hope stops soon.
  13. OnWis97

    Unpopular Opinions

    I used to really like the idea of no name at home and a name on the road. That's what the Twins did when I was growing up. I am sure it's rooted in the idea that the home fans know who the players are by number whereas they don't know the other players. In this day of TV the functionality of this practice probably no longer holds up. But I still kinda like it. Generally, I like names on back but I would certainly grandfather any jersey (i.e. Red Sox at home; both Yankee jerseys) that does not use it.
  14. I don't know that I'd call that a "tweak" but I like it i general. Not sure whether the white and gold on the plane is inspired by old spear logo, but my guess is a name change overall would probably not include nods to the old name. Also, the little serifs on the propeller might have to be removed. It almost comes off like a swastika.
  15. OnWis97

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    I wouldn't go that far. I grew up going to County Stadium once a year because the Twins had a terrible ballpark. And I'll always like County Stadium better (nostalgia and all) but it's probably better in many ways. The one thing you did not mention about why I don't like Miller Park is it's off-ramp location but given the draw that the tailgaiting is, it's hard to imagine the Brewers ever ending up in a downtown setting. I actually feel that I've had good luck with the sight lines. Superior-in-all-other-ways Target Field struggles with that as you get down the lines (the seats aim toward shallow center). However, after that, I am with you. It is soulless and the view toward the outfield is tacky at best: parking lot, highway, beer factories (or something) behind a tacky facade. I grew up going to the Metrodome, so I know sterile. It's not Metrodome-bad, but it's not good. I've only been to one other retractable roof park - Seattle. The roof was open. And in Seattle, I was immediately struck by how much less obvious the existence of the roof was versus on a day when it's open at Miller Park. I am pretty sure it was the first place I ever went to with open concourses, which means, to that point, the newest place I'd been was "New Comiskey." So it had a lot of comforts I was not used to. Again, I think the sight lines are quite good and I love brat from a Brewers game. But it looks like the Death Star from the outside, it's located in a giant parking lot that takes longer to drive out of than it takes me to wait for a LRT train and get home from a Twins game, and is a bit sterile on the inside.
  16. OnWis97

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Without that narrative, we probably don’t get the Cleveland Deal that opened the door for the NBA’s Charlotte/NOLA mess. Nobody is more lunch-pail than the Dawg Pound.
  17. OnWis97

    2018 NFL Season

    Don't forget about the Lean Hay Snackers.
  18. OnWis97

    Seemed Like A Good Idea On Paper

    That's a good one. The question is, will we eventually get used to it. The new hat is really jarring to me and the jersey is somewhat as well. But maybe I'll become desensitized. Right now, though, I am with you. Something that makes total sense isn't working out as well as assumed.
  19. OnWis97

    Seemed Like A Good Idea On Paper

    The first thing I thought of is Washington's (NFL) yellow pants. I like the maroon and gold/yellow scheme. and the idea of yellow pants sounded awesome. But I really don't like it. I prefer white pants with the maroon tops and vice versa. The other one is that we lament to mismatched blues and silvers in the Cowboys uniform but every concept that fixes that looks kinda boring. I think I am content with where the Cowboys are at. I don't think syncing the blues and slivers would work as well as most people think. These are probably both unpopular opinions.
  20. OnWis97

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    So did I. I almost always hate "just add black" (Mets, Royals, Flames, Lions, etc.) but for some reason I really liked this change.
  21. That would be a great change since it's hard to even read the pattern correctly given the lack of yellow/white/yellow contrast. It's kinda senseless that the pants stripes are that way, given the helmet and shoulder stripes. I guess I never really realized this. This would also have been a great example in the "small details that really bother you" thread.
  22. OnWis97

    On the subject of the Lakers’ Giraffe

    Did the Lakers ever truly use this logo? I thought it was just something included on basketball cards for a couple of years. Of course, I am sure they had to agree to it, but I'm still not sure there's enough history with the team for this to make any sense.
  23. I doubt it's even on the radar for Kobe. But I could kinda see him saying "LeBron, you can up your ring count, but not without upping mine!"
  24. OnWis97

    Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    ^^ The biggest improvement in that Patriots example is outlining the TV numbers. I did not like that mismatched look.
  25. OnWis97

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    There are obviously tons of counterfeits out there and enforcement does not seem too stringent. However, sometimes you'll see stories about large shipments from China getting stopped somewhere and people actually getting in trouble. Is it possible that the logo being on the jersey makes this more likely to be punished. I think I read on this board (years and years ago...and who know whether it was correct) that copyright was a key reason logos started showing up on the shoulders of jerseys.