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    2018/19 College Hockey

    BC has a history of giving the Badgers a lot of problems (admittedly, that's particularly true in the 1990s and early 2000s, so not really relevant). It was nice to see that sweep. I do think things are looking up but I would guess it's going to be a couple of years before their back in the NCAA tourney.
  2. Don't get some people started on that.... I agree with IceCap's statement that if Anaheim teams had always been called "Los Angeles" nobody would give it a lot of thought. Little quirks sort of get our minds focused in one direction. For example, I am absolutely convinced that if New York City and New York State did not have the same name (e.g., if the city was called "Gotham") then people would be far less bent out of shape about the Gotham Giants and Gotham Jets not being called "New Jersey." They're conflating the city and state. That explains why nobody demand the Washington Redskins be called the Maryland Redskins. Last September, I took a trip to LA, stayed in Rodando Beach and rented a car. I went to, among other things, a Dodger game and an Angel game. Driving to the Angels game, I never felt like I was leaving the LA market. The ballpark's setting seemed to be very "general suburbia." I know Anaheim is bigger/different than Orchard Park or Auburn Hills; if a team wants to market specifically to that part of the region, it makes some sense. But it's not wrong to call them "LA."
  3. Now that we are close to having LA teams, I am surprised there is no thread in this forum on what they may look like. Is there any way we are looking at an identity overhaul? I'd say it's unlikely, particularly given the three teams we are talking about.. Both the Rams and Raiders have history in LA (so do the Chargers, but not as memorable). It would be really odd to see the Rams, who've been the Rams since, what the 30s (?), change names. I don't think whatever sympathy there is for St. Louis will cause much momentum for a Cleveland Deal, thanks to the history in LA, the lacking certainty that St. Louis will have a team again, and the lack of "lunchpail/blue collar fan" reputation. The Raiders also have LA history and while they've had a rough decade plus, their brand has historical importance. I think their brand would stay the same not only if they moved to LA but to San Antonio or London. Also, like St. Louis, there will be nothing near a guarantee that Oakland will ever get another team. San Diego is the most likely to overhaul, but probably still unlikely. Given the proximity of San Diego to LA, they may even retain some fans. Plus it's a brand that's been around for 50 years or so and, once again, no Cleveland Deal is likely for San Diego. Truth is, I don't like the identity (curved lightning bolts?) but I certainly don't want to see it change, diminishing those 50 years and resulting in something likely to be worse. I have no horse in the race, so as a neutral fan, I'd like to see the names remain the same, and the identities essentially the same. Predictions: If Raiders move: No identity change save for "Oakland" to "Los Angeles." If Rams move: No name change. The horns stay. Move to the old blue/yellow scheme (60%). Otherwise, stay with current look (35%) or move to old blue/white scheme (5%) If Chargers move: No name change. The bolts stay on the helmet. Stay with current look (80%). Otherwise go to some old look (15%) or a new variation of the "bolts" (5%) Any thoughts?
  4. Unless that arena is in Seattle, I'm not sure it's worth it.
  5. OnWis97

    Unpopular Opinions

    This is always an unpopular opinion.
  6. I tend to think this, too. Barry Alvarez went 1-10 in his first season at Wisconsin, followed by 5-6, and 5-6, before sharing the Big Ten title in his fourth season on the way to being a perennial bowl team and frequent Big Ten title contender. Nebraska needs to be patient, though. Two differences with Alvarez: 1) Sports fans/meida were a lot less impatient back then and 2) Wisconsin did not have the history that Nebraska does. So hopefully they don't bail on him too quickly because I have a feeling he could bring them back. And, frankly, the Big Ten West needs it.
  7. My God... I thought you were joking. I didn’t even realize George was at Pitt. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/Pitt/2018/10/13/pitt-fake-punt-jeff-george-pittsburgh-pat-narduzzi-notre-dame-brian-kelly/stories/201810130089 This story misses the 8-ish 6. It also doesn’t acknowledge whether that was legal. Seems like putting a player in a different number would not be legal.
  8. OnWis97

    Unpopular Opinions

    I wouldn't be surprised if that was the popular opinion. Particularly given the popularity of not liking double-outlines. So perhaps I have the unpopular opinion. I like it now. I think the two longer "petals" (for lack of a better term) stick out too much in the original. I also happen to like multiple-outlines more than most, so I like that part to. However, I think it's the size and shape that most leads me to prefer the smaller logo.
  9. OnWis97

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    I like those Minnesota State uniforms, too. I like that scheme, sans white.
  10. OnWis97

    Forgotten Rivalries

    In the 1980s, North Stars / Black Hawks was a pretty intense rivalry. "Secord Sucks."
  11. OnWis97

    Penguins 3rd

    It's weird that the hockey stick is yellow while it's white on the primaries. This is the one jersey that should least have a yellow stick.
  12. OnWis97

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    "Things I just noticed" I've seen the "cHargers" log with that large "H" before...but this is the first time it ever struck me as a depiction of old-school goalposts. And now that it hit me, I suspect that's what it is. I guess I never even decided to give the big, different-looking "H" any critical thought before...
  13. OnWis97

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    Per rules, we have to ignore some of the content of this article. That said, it was interesting, particularly as another example of how organically some team names came about during that time. I never knew the Spiders were unofficially dubbed "Indians" at the time, nor that the Indians name was an unofficial part of the current franchise from day 1. Another thing I'll say that maybe is common knowledge but I'd never thought of is that Wahoo was facing forward year one and they won the World Series (I knew that). So did the head turn for the next 70 years because of that championship; i.e., because he was looking at the crown? Good riddance. Even if I was not put-off by the less-than-respectful depiction, it's a silly logo, anyway. (Of course I say this as someone who hates cartoon birds and dolphins wearing helmets). For the future...I don't think the name is going anywhere. And if they're going to be called the "Indians" then there's no "PC" reason to not use the "I." That said, I like a "C" better (I default to city over nickname letters). I like the early 1980s "C." The current hats have lacking contrast and the blue and red sort of mess with my eyes. I'd suspect, they'll go with the "C" for a while and have a fairly significant update in a few years...and I doubt they'll enter into any native imagery lightly.
  14. OnWis97

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    I agree. I tend to like the absence of white. But it's not working here. Something funny about the contrast between the red and blue. The hat with the white outline was basic, but it worked.
  15. OnWis97

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I can’t keep up with this thread so maybe this has been mentioned... Nebraska has player area codes on the front of their helmets. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/area-codes-on-helmets-allow-huskers-to-represent-something-bigger/article_957a0abe-9788-56c9-9298-36815c3ec7af.html
  16. OnWis97

    Mascot Redesigns

    Herky the Hawk at Iowa changed a few years ago from a plastic head to a more conventional head. Both are pictured in the below link (plus an older version from th 1950s). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herky_the_Hawk
  17. I'm not convinced there's enough there to really matter. It's not like the Buccaneers being terrible in orange and then very good almost immediately in their new look. I wanted to base it on Tony Gwynn, but he wore Taco Bell, brown/orange, blue/orange, and blue/white in roughly equal measure.
  18. OnWis97

    2018-19 NBA Season

    Most Wolves fans hate Butler now but he’s the guy that would run through a brick wall for a win. Vintage Wolves that a bright future went to crap. But it’s the lax attitude of Wiggins and KAT that helped chase Jimmy out. Particularly Wiggins.
  19. OnWis97

    The Whalers Return! Hurricanes Announce Epic Throwback Uniforms

    It's a beautiful jersey. I don't know whether or not they should be doing this. Nor do I care. I just love seeing this. On one hand, it's kinda surprising that they'd do this given the recent trend of ignoring pre-relocation franchise history (and the more egregious trend of whiting that history out). Then again, it's not surprising because of Cha-ching! I suppose this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't really like Pucky. Too silly/campy. But the logo is brilliant.
  20. OnWis97

    Unpopular Opinions

    I like red pants with the whites as well. When they first played in a red helmet, it was essentially the opposite of their traditional helmet: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjInvKLwNTdAhVDheAKHWDSDaYQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rantsports.com%2Fncaa-football%2F2013%2F09%2F23%2Fwisconsin-badgers-rb-melvin-gordon-should-be-in-heisman-talks%2F&psig=AOvVaw1nmcZKN1cMkA0MiEU_vgno&ust=1537908034673767 I didn't mind that one as a once-a-year thing. But then they decided to go with the black stripes and trim. I'm glad it hasn't come back. Wisconsin doesn't often get too crazy and I'd rather they always have a red mask and go W/R/W and W/W/R and nothing else.
  21. I made the trip to Iowa City. First off the "wave" tradition is awesome. Hornibrook had a really solid game. Five incompletions (at least one brutal drop), no turnovers, no particularly bad decisions. They stepped up on both sides of the ball in the 4th quarter, though were outplayed for most of the first three. Two key plays turned that around: stopping them on 4th and 1 early (then the subsequent 95-yard TD drive) and the punt hitting the Iowa player's ankle.
  22. OnWis97

    Calgary Flames Go Retro For New Alternate Uniform

    Love it. This may be the best individual jersey in the NHL right now. These colors (like Honlulu blue/silver, kelly/silver, and a whole lotta other schemes) does not need black and looks better without it. I hope this stuff sells really really and they go to the 1980s look full time and have black trim on a third.
  23. OnWis97

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    There would be a lot of scoring, from the standpoint of goals.
  24. OnWis97

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    There's something kinda gross about "jersey unveils" for the addition of a corporate sponsor.
  25. OnWis97

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    As a non-follower of world football, my first thought was NCAA. The Lakers would be 1960s UCLA. Teams like the Heat and Knicks woul be like Duke and Kentucky. Milwaukee and Minnesota would be, I don’t know, Northern Illinois and Ball State. It might not be quite as bad in other sports. I think what would happen is that great players would go to top teams but there may be some opportunity for franchises to turn things around given roster size and the increased number of key contributors.