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  1. Great work! I agree with @NoE38 's points, the forum blue being too blue is especially distracting.
  2. I think you're trying to many ideas at once for the Sharks. Interesting though!
  3. The Wild look good! I'd just swap the shooting star and red swoop's positions to avoid colour clashing.
  4. Nothing? Well, on to the next. OTTAWA SENATORS I created a simple, matching look based off the laurel pattern found in the Sens' logo, and replaced that with their superior secondary logo. C&C Appreciated!
  5. NEW YORK RANGERS I tweaked a couple things to perfect, IMO, their near-perfect set.
  6. I LOVE all your hockey to football logo tweaks, especially your Avs one!
  7. My Calgary concept left a bad taste in my mouth, so here's an update: C&C Appreciated!
  8. I mean that is a very common pattern...
  9. Yes, it does work! I once had an idea rebranding the Sharks to something resembling the Raptors using a tooth pattern like you used, but I scrapped it. This is really looks nice!
  10. NEW YORK ISLANDERS The New York Islanders currently have one of the nicest sets in the league. Their logo is timeless, and manages to cram a ton of significance inside a circle without looking too busy. Their jerseys have a great color scheme, and throw back to their original season. They've definitely had their share of mishaps, however, namely the Fisherman set, Edge redesign, and their awful string of alternate jerseys. Their most recent one is plain, boring, and has nothing to do with their color scheme. But the striping and logo do have potential, so I decided to modernize the Islanders' look for a new era. I used the simplified NY logo currently found on their black jerseys. Their biggest accomplishment as a franchise is the string of four back-to-back Cup wins, which are seen in their logo's stick tape and alternate jersey striping. I decided to thicken those stripes, and make them orange on both the home and away jerseys. I added a white shoulder yoke on the home jersey, and a blue full length yoke on the away jersey. C&C Appreciated!
  11. Anything on the ASG?
  12. The funny thing is that it resembles most Flyers concepts, but is so far from anything I've seen before.
  13. I don't know what I was expecting, but I like it! Nice work.
  14. But you haven't seen this All Star concept! NHL ALL STAR I gave Edmonton the hosting duties, with the Olympics being ruled out. The design for each team is simple: modern versions of the jerseys the Oilers will be wearing next year, with extra outlines and more curves. For the logos, each team's primary mark will be on the shoulders, three letter division names inside an NHL shield-style oil drop. These marks resemble the ones from LA that didn't appear on the uniforms. Like in LA, an NHL crest takes center stage in each jersey, though recoloured and with stars. I chose an Oilers scheme for the Western Conference's divisions, with the Oilers' Pacific wearing orange, and gave a simple black-grey-white scheme to teams in the Eastern. C&C Appreciated!