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  1. Not sure if it's the Jackets' identity, or your design sense, but I'd love to see them in any of these! The last one's my favourite.
  2. Honestly the best Caps concept I've ever seen!
  3. Love the colour switch and small details, though I'd keep the white jersey's piping filled in black.
  4. Hands down, favourite Panthers concept ever. You've done a great job on this series as a whole. aesthetic wise, and the fact that it's all hand drawn is mind-boggling. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this, and your design sense as well.
  5. Some proposed logos for the 2006 rebrand... https://static1.squarespace.com/static/513e03a1e4b00efcff5aa03d/t/555d0f45e4b0c1834b58a8b4/1432162118557/?format=750w
  6. The simple logos and numbers compliment the complex striping perfectly. Great job!
  7. For Boston I'd just use an outline of their bear. The rest look great!
  8. Best one so far. The panels look great, colour balancing is on par and doesn't copy Arizona.
  9. Those would be great, but I wish there was a thin red outline inside the logo.
  10. Copy the post link after pressing the Share button, then press the Link button while editing the post. Series looks great so far!
  11. dt concepts

    Nice work! IMO, there's too much black on both primary jerseys; it almost overpowers the green. I'd swap the gold and black on the striping. The secondary logo works well.
  12. Another idea that took a while to fully figure out, here's Buffalo taking after their AHL affiliate, the Rochester Americans! C&C Appreciated!
  13. Got away from this series, but found new inspiration for one of my first ideas... swapping the Ducks and their AHL affiliate, the San Diego Gulls. I played around with a bunch of unused Duck logos to replace the gull, but I ended up rotating and fitting the Mighty mask to the head. The rest of the logo is straightforward, replacing the San Diego with Anaheim, Gulls with Ducks, and the blue with gold, which continues onto the jerseys. For the shoulder patch, I replaced the SD with a recoloured version of the Ducks' OC patch, then put it on the other shoulder. C&C Appreciated!
  14. Very impressed with what you've put together in this thread! PIT- You completely fixed the small problems in their current set. I'm not too sure about the thickness of the stripes, but it doesn't worsen the look. PHI- I like what they wear now, but your set gives them a more modern look that fits perfectly with the brand. MIN- While I'm a fan of current away jersey, I love your many approaches! Your most recent one is the best of them, IMO. TOR- Nothing new, but your first set especially destroys their current one. OTT- While I'm in the camp favouring the newer side profile Roman look, this logo and jersey set just looks incredible! Both logos are simple, yet more complex than their current Heritage look, and represent this side of the Senator brand perfectly. The jersey tweaks also look great.
  15. Keep the original white jersey, but use the updated green jersey. Great job!