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  1. Great job. Just a little nitpick, I'd add a white outline to the logo.
  2. I'd use the same collar on the away, but colouring the pentagon white. The striping and little details look amazing!
  3. I'm pretty sure Andrew and Avi just guessed the collar treatment (and in some cases the designs) from the home jerseys already shown, and will make adjustments once the aways are unveiled.
  4. That's how you take advantage of the Adidas collar. Don't fill in the pentagonon the away, but colour in the other parts to match the jersey. The black and maroon on the collar interact like they do on the sleeves.
  5. Anything?
  6. Looks great! Colours are balanced perfectly, and you still managed to show elements of both identities.
  7. Sometimes I see a random object and base a concept off of it. That was the case for this all-blue Blues concept. C&C Appreciated!
  8. Another era mix, this time for the Penguins. I used their colour scheme and striping from the early '70s, yoke from the '90s, and 2017 Stadium Series logo. C&C Appreciated!
  9. The Canucks are rich in logos and designs they could use for primaries and alternates. I darkened their blue, and applied the V logo with a new idea. C&C Appreciated!
  10. That's the nicest Quakers-inspired white jersey I've ever seen.
  11. Also, one thing that's bugging me is the knockoff-looking adidas logo in your banners.
  12. I'd hate to nitpick such genius, but something about the way Pucky meets the waves is off... But , it's the 90s
  13. IMO, in the past fews years the Oilers haven't unveiled any bad jersey. I like their new colour scheme, you make it work perfectly and both of your concepts are beautiful. However, I think one of them has to be sacrificed for the sake of consistency, and although the Oilers chose the white jersey to model, I'd choose the orange. For the concept itself, maybe stick with the single number outlines and experiment with filling in the white spaces between stripes on the white jersey. Also, I've always admired your template, and I guess it was bound to be traced at one point. Concepts using it are looking great!
  14. Once again, perfect. The logos look great in the colour scheme, and are complemented well by the jerseys. I also think you've mastered how to use these collars.
  15. Looks amazing! I'd also add a recoloured shoulder patch.